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When his widowed mum, Maggie, sets fire to the kitchen, recently single Arthur Gbeme moves back into the family home. As he tells it, he has "put his life on hold" to care for his mum, but the truth is, there isn't much to put on hold. A former nurse, Maggie used to be a firebrand – a renegade. But since the death of her husband, Maggie has been… a little off.

Mother and Son Next Episode Air Date

Next Episode is 'Test' (Season 1 Episode 6) and airs on 27 Sep 2023 05:30 (CDT).

List of episodes

S1E3 - Tracking Maggie

Maggie keeps going missing, leaving Arthur and Robbie to get creative in their attempts to keep track of her so Arthur can go on a date. Arthur meets Maya, whose family has taken over the dance studio that Maggie frequents.

Air Date: 06 Sep 2023 05:30 (CDT)

S1E4 - The Lodger

Arthur battles with his identity when Maggie takes in a Ghanaian lodger, Ernest, who inspires Maggie to run a food stall at the local markets. Arthur helps Dee pack for her move to Canberra.

Air Date: 13 Sep 2023 05:30 (CDT)

S1E5 - Bodies

Arthur and Maggie both engage in sexual misadventures with disastrous results. Maggie is horrified to learn that Leo's restaurant has been leased. Robbie tries to convince Maggie to sign over her Power of Attorney.

Air Date: 20 Sep 2023 05:30 (CDT)

S1E6 - Test

Maggie and Arthur aren't speaking to each other after Arthur finds out Maggie's plans to take her health into her own hands.

Air Date: 27 Sep 2023 05:30 (CDT)

S1E7 - Roadtrip

Arthur is determined not to take Maggie to Canberra with him to visit his ex, Dee, but Maggie has other plans. Maggie fears she is becoming 'invisible'. Arthur comes to terms with the nature of his relationship with Dee.

Air Date: 04 Oct 2023 04:30 (CDT)

S1E8 - Bad Influence

Arthur is concerned that Maggie's friend Heather may be a bad influence. Robbie's marriage faces a crisis after Arthur unwittingly gets involved. Maggie and Heather cause chaos at Tony and Maya's new restaurant.

Air Date: 11 Oct 2023 04:30 (CDT)