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Hosted by Phil Moore, Nick Arcade is exactly what it sounds like, a game show that centers around players' abilities to play video games.

Each episode would start off with a duel between one of two members from each team. Whoever got the highest score would get to go first in the upcoming rounds.

The contestants would then navigate Mikey, a cartoon kid, around an on-screen game board one space at a time. There were various spaces he could land on, each hiding a different type of consequence. For example, the space could reveal a prize, a trivia question, or an arcade game challenge (among other things), in which one player would have to play a video game and get a predetermined score in order to successfully complete this challenge.

At the end of two rounds, the team with the highest points moved on to the final round. In this round, the two worked together to defeat one of three wizards by interacting "inside" an actual video game. (Obviously, they were just in front of a blue screen and watched themselves on monitors to see what we at home saw.) Each game had three stages; they completed the first two individually and teamed up for the final stage. If they could get through all the levels and defeat the wizard in less than sixty seconds, the contestants would win the grand prize.

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S1E1 - Episode 1

Air Date: 03 Jan 1992 11:00 (CDT)

S4E15 - Episode 80

Air Date: 19 Apr 1993 12:00 (CDT)