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Peter Christopher has a problem. He works for a company that sells baby food and his boss feels married men are better candidates for promotion. Anxious for a promotion but not marriage, he asks his friend and upstairs neighbor, Greta Patterson, to pose as his wife at company functions. Unfortunately, fellow employees drop by unexpectedly and Peter has to dash up the fire escape from his 7th floor apartment to Greta's 9th floor apartment, so their plot won't be uncovered. The mad dashes between the apartments is a source of entertainment for the man who occupies the apartment on the 8th floor.

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S1E28 - An Affair To Forget

Air Date: 18 Apr 1967 19:30 (CDT)

S1E29 - Oil Be Seeing You

Air Date: 25 Apr 1967 19:30 (CDT)

S1E30 - So Little Time

Air Date: 09 May 1967 20:30 (CDT)