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Reality about mothers and daughters.
Daughter out of hand?  Does your mother disapprove and criticize your lifestyle?  Girls, don't fight!  In the new project, mothers and daughters will take a step towards each other in order to sort out mutual claims and improve relations.

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S1E5 - Выпуск 5

16-year-old Lera and her mother Natasha from Naryan-Mar had a bad relationship. Lera complains that her mother constantly controls her and forbids many things. And Natasha believes that her daughter got involved with a bad company and stopped respecting her. Whether the girls will return trust and mutual understanding to the family, we will find out from the "Offspring" program.

Air Date: 29 Nov 2023 21:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Выпуск 6

The tests of mutual understanding will be conducted by 18-year-old Lilya and her mother Yulia from Izhevsk. They will exchange jobs, try to understand each other's taste preferences and learn to respect the choice of a loved one. How communication with a psychologist will change girls, we will see in the program "Tears".

Air Date: 29 Nov 2023 22:20 (CDT)

S1E7 - Выпуск 7

14-year-old Dasha and her mother Natalia from Zhukovsky stopped understanding each other. Dasha can't trust her mom. She would like her mother to listen to her opinion. And Natalia asks her daughter for more help around the house. What else is missing for mom and daughter to build a warm family relationship, we learn from the program "Tears".

Air Date: 29 Nov 2023 23:50 (CDT)