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Eight ultimate GMMTV BL couples reprise their breakthrough roles in Our Skyy2.
In the sequel series, the viewers will be moved by the romantic story of Phupha – Tian from A Tale of Thousand Stars, feel captivated by the conclusion of the relationship between Pat – Pran from Bad Buddy Series, root for Palm – Nuengdiao from Never Let Me Go on their thorny journey, be enraptured by heart-pounding moments between Akk – Ayan from The Eclipse, feel elated by the romance of Khabkluen – Daonuea from Star In My Mind, get a burst of dopamine from the sweet moments between Gun – Cher from A Boss and A Babe, be enthralled by the loving bond between Puen – Talay from Vice Versa and be charmed by the lovey-dovey story of Tinn – Gun from My School President. 

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List of episodes

S1E14 - Episode 14

Pat and Pran need to get Phupha and Tian's signatures before they can continue work on Pran's play. However, a conflict between Phupha and Tian is delaying their efforts. Pat and Pran begin trying to understand them better and help them to make amends. 

Air Date: 01 Jun 2023 08:30 (CDT)

S1E15 - Episode 15

Air Date: 07 Jun 2023 08:30 (CDT)

S1E16 - Episode 16

Phupha and Tian travel to Bangkok to see Pat and Pran's play and celebrate Tian's birthday. 

Air Date: 08 Jun 2023 08:30 (CDT)