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Dave Coulier starred in the comedy show Out of Control. A goofy, silly, punny, and all around hilarious. The cast included the aforementioned Dave Coulier ("Cut..It..Out!"), a loudmouthed, make-up encrusted poster child of the 80s, Diz, who had a secret crush on Dave, and who could let out a scream so shrill it could break glass. There was also dumb blonde reported Angela Scoop, Hern, who had the personality of paint thinner, and finally nerdy inventor Waldo, who invented a "hurry-up machine" that could make arduous tasks (such as going to school and cleaning your room) go by at spectacular speeds. In addition to the characters, this show was packed with short skits and segments. Most notable of these included: "It's Probably True" (with oddball people and things), "Adult Education" ("Where kids are the teachers, and adults are there too learn"), "Great Moments in Inventions" (Hosted by Waldo), and "How Not To Do Things."

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