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New semester. School Girls Middle School seniors also Iyo Iyo Berone Boku Nagisa and Honoka Susugi Zyou beauty.

Meppuru and Mippuru, Porun slept, the two girls as usual, was busy with school life and study club.

At that time, "Garden of Light", the queen is divided Jaakukingu wounded in fighting with, the Tta disappeared somewhere. At the same time, the evil forces of darkness that would have been repulsed "Zakenna" hitting the beach and the faint!

Version of "Commune" and insert the card into the heart, and they turn into a Purikyu again! I'm far more power to the front too! ?

Loss of memory, to restore the queen had changed shape and appearance, calm and subtle, and Mippuru Meppuru wake-up to power, we Porun, along with the mysterious girl Hikari Kujo, to believe in the future, now stand up! !

Cure can do surprisingly revert to her original queen! ?

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