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As a third-generation chaebol and undoubted future heir to the Guemman Group, Ji Ho Joon was raised with the world at his feet. Now a happy-go-lucky twenty-something, Ho Joon doesn't have a care in the world. Certain he's destined to live the privileged life forever, Ho Joon is shocked when his father presents him with an unexpected and rather unpleasant ultimatum.Kicked out of the house by his well-meaning father, without a penny to his name, Ho Joon must now find a way to survive on his own for the next two years. As if floundering for survival wasn't bad enough, Ho Joon must take a position as the team leader of the Guemman Group's newest business team and deliver some impressive results. With no idea where to go or how to begin this impossible quest, Ho Joon soon finds himself the resident of Poongduck Villa and at the mercy of the villa's owner, Seo Jae Yoon.As difficult as life might presently seem for Ho Joon, it gets even more complicated when he realizes that Jae Yoon works at his family's company and has recently been assigned to his newfound team. Could this seemingly cruel twist of fate be exactly what both Ho Joon and Jae Yoon need?

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List of episodes

S1E5 - Episode 5

When Jae Yoon accidentally discovers that Ho Joon was once a top graduate from New York University, he finds himself getting even more curious about his team leader at work.

Air Date: 27 Oct 2022 07:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Episode 6

Upon noticing that Jae Yoon has been secretly helping Seung Sik with all of his problems, Ho Joon decides to confront Jae Yoon and the two find themselves in the midst of a heated argument.

Air Date: 27 Oct 2022 07:00 (CDT)

S1E7 - Episode 7

After their fair share of ups and downs, Jae Yoon and Ho Joon finally express their feelings to each other. But upon discovering the truth behind Ho Joon, Jae Yoon can't help but feel anxious and concerned.

Air Date: 03 Nov 2022 07:00 (CDT)

S1E8 - Episode 8

It is revealed that Ho Joon's real identity forced Jae Yoon to leave. Is there any way for the heartbroken Ho Joon to salvage the relationship?

Air Date: 03 Nov 2022 07:00 (CDT)