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Geoffrey Tennant is the passionate but unstable artistic director of the New Burbage Theatre Festival. Haunted by the ghost of his predecessor, he struggles to realize his creative vision while handling touchy actors, a jittery general manager, a pretentious guest director and his own tempestuous romance with the festival's leading lady The backstage bedlam mirrors the onstage angst as Geoffrey directs three of Shakespeare's masterpieces -- Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear -- one in each season.

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S3E4 - Every Inch a King

With "East Hastings" a smashing success, Richard proposes the heretofore unthinkable‒moving the Shakespearean tragedy to the workshop stage and the musical to the main venue.

Air Date: 14 Aug 2006 10:00 (CDT)

S3E5 - All Blessed Secrets

Anna steps in to help Geoffrey with Charles. But "King Lear" loses its Regan as Ellen Fanshaw flees the festival for the promise of a big payday on TV. All the tension leads to a bar brawl.

Air Date: 21 Aug 2006 10:00 (CDT)

S3E6 - The Promised End

Lear gets cancelled and Geoffrey's future at the festival is in doubt. Ellen finally fires Barabara. It ends in typical Shakespearean fashion‒with a wedding and a song.

Air Date: 28 Aug 2006 10:00 (CDT)