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Space Rangers is a compelling story about a group of adventurers for whom no task is too great. This six part miniseries features an ongoing cast of rugged, likeable peacekeepers who must do battle against a new set of obstacles in each of six closed-end episodes. The year is 2104. Explorers have stretched civilization to the farthest reaches of the galaxy establishing remote outposts. They've discovered new worlds and learned to share them with new races. A few elite men and women have volunteered to go to the frontier, not to rule, but to uphold the law. These are the "Space Rangers", part Peacekeepers, part Marines. Much like the pioneers or cavalry before them, who tamed the Wild West, the "Space Rangers" have left behind their old, comfortable life to seek new frontiers and challenges.

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S1E1 - Fort Hope

When a pod reaches Fort Hope with only 1 passenger, the stranger talks about a transport ship that didn't survive. Boon's former Captain and former Ranger Decker and Graaka High-Priest Nazzer. It went down on Skaraab, a lifeless, sun-scorched planet that happens to be the home of a sacred Grakka burial ground. Daniel Kincaid, a new team member with a fresh perspective comes on board. Zylyn tells Boon about a legend where an ancient weapon that has been hidden for a thousand years that is protected by deadly vegetation. The Rangers race to save them. However, the mission could cost them more than they want.

Air Date: 27 Jan 1993 19:00 (CDT)

S1E2 - The Replacements

While the Rangers are trying to find out who is behind a mining ship's hijacking, the Rangers are given the assignment of taking care of an android troubleshooter called "ringer". They soon feel that the ship is being used by Isogul, a Hobbaba crime lord who has smuggled "Exjay", a powerful drug. However, before they can prove, they have to return it. They find out the plans of Colonel Weiss to replace all the Space Rangers with androids.

Air Date: 27 Jan 1993 19:00 (CDT)

S1E3 - Banshees

When the Rangers get the command to trap on of the most deadliest space predators known as "banshees", a young boy in the Blood Nebula with some of them. As per request from Colonel Weiss, they board and lose the boy. They learn the real reason why the boy has been able to live among the creatures. They fight to save their own lives against the creatures they have no idea what they are all about.

Air Date: 27 Jan 1993 19:00 (CDT)

S1E4 - Death Before Dishonor

When Captain Boon accidentally offends the Vee'Lons, a race of reptilian warriors twice, Prince Gor'Dah, the Vee'Lon's dignitary, declares war on Fort Hope and Centeral Command and sentences everyone to death. Central Command's Ambassador, Hardcastle, is assassinated and Weiss and Chennault are the ship's only defense to save the crew from execution. Boon challenges Prince Gor'Dah to a duel to the death.

Air Date: 27 Jan 1993 19:00 (CDT)