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Star Blazers follows the adventures of the crew of the Space Battleship Argo as they attempted to save Earth from successive attacks by alien enemies. Each season begins by revealing the threat to Earth as well as a solution that required a trek across space to a distant planet. The crew, known as the Star Force, fights the forces of Gamilon leader Desslok, Prince Zordar of the Comet Empire and The Bolar Federation.

The Argo's main weapon is a huge cannon known as a Wave Motion Gun, which was situated in the bow of the ship. It was known to destroy entire planets!

Star Blazers is the English-language version of Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato).

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List of episodes

S3E1 - The Solar System Faces Destruction

Air Date: 11 Oct 1980 12:00 (CDT)

S3E12 - Stellar Prison Camp

Air Date: 02 Jan 1981 11:00 (CDT)

S3E25 - Star Force, Shoot that Sun!

Air Date: 04 Apr 1981 11:00 (CDT)