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Storage Wars follows professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. Part gamblers, part detectives, these auction pros have found everything from coffins to the world's most valuable comic book collection, paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions.Each episode of "Storage Wars" follows a group of bidders as they get a quick peek inside the units, aided only by the beam of a flashlight. They then must assess on the spot if the unit is worth a bid and how high they will actually go to grasp the gold. The high-stakes fun begins as we see if the resulting buy is full of mostly trash... or true treasure.

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S15E22 - Every Party Needs a Pooper

Laura's on her own in Moreno Valley, and she's anything but discreet about the reasons. Brandi cooks up a nice profit. Rene's doll locker yields a couple surprises, while Ivy dabbles with a bit of the supernatural.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 20:30 (CDT)

S15E23 - Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Don't Ask Brandi

Ivy and Pops shop for bags in Fullerton but end up with containers. Darrell and Kimber go all in on a toy locker, while Brandi covers her costs in an otherwise unassuming household unit.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 21:01 (CDT)

S15E24 - Five Cards But No Stud

Rene shows up to West Covina feeling very nostalgic and ends up lifting his spirits. Kenny zeroes in a "tricycle" locker and deals with what's inside. The Calvins just try to have a fun day, while Barry can't understand the general lack of professionalism amongst his peers.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 21:32 (CDT)