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The Swamp People featured in this History series are the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th century. Cameras follow members of this fiercely independent group as they struggle to preserve their way of life in the Atchafalaya Basin during the most important time of the year for them: alligator-hunting season.

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Next Episode is 'Pirate Cursed Gators' (Season 14 Episode 6) and airs on 09 Feb 2023 19:00 (CDT).

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List of episodes

S14E3 - Pig Head

Ronnie faces a challenge in his own territory; Joey and Zak use pig heads to lure in giants; Leron and Porkchop battle a poacher who is stealing their catch; Troy places a big bet on Spearhead Lake; Jacob welcomes a new deckhand.

Air Date: 19 Jan 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S14E4 - Swamp of the Giants

Ashley and Anna try to knock Troy off his throne in his own backyard. Daniel's strategy falls to pieces. Leron and Porkchop call in reinforcements. Troy and Pickle risk their lives to hunt in Deadwood.

Air Date: 26 Jan 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S14E5 - Pickle's Secret Weapon

Anna takes aim at swamp monsters with her bow and arrow. Pickle surprises Troy with her secret weapon. Black Rambo hunts for a legendary antique rifle. Little Willie breaks news to his dad that transforms their season. Joey and Zak chase a line-shredding beast called Razorback.

Air Date: 02 Feb 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S14E6 - Pirate Cursed Gators

Jacob and Don venture into a cursed pirate swamp; Willie fishes solo after Little Willie takes a land job; Ronnie and Timmy battle poachers; Troy gambles on Pickle's new hot spot; Leron and Porkchop step up their game.

Air Date: 09 Feb 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S14E7 - Flying Gators

Daniel and Dorien call in air support. While Ronnie and Ashley compete in a battle of the sexes. Black Rambo hunts for a legendary payday. While Bruce tries to save his season.

Air Date: 16 Feb 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S14E8 - Gators From the Grave

Air Date: 23 Feb 2023 19:00 (CDT)