Tenamonya Voyagers

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Ayako, a freshly graduated high school teacher, and Wakana, a star athlete on a sports scholarship, arrive at their new school only to find that it's gone out of business. That leaves them broke and stranded on the far side of the galaxy, with nowhere to go but back to the middle of nowhere--Earth. Fortunately for them, Paraila, another "high school student" falls out of the sky (literally) and just happens to be going to the same place. Of course, in her case it's because an obscure legal loophole erases the criminal record of anybody who sets foot on Earth, but that's an unnecessary detail. That puts two clueless Earthlings and one of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy on the run from both the police (including the madwoman who commands them) and the gang that Paraila's unsuccessful coup de tat was supposed to make her the boss of. Add one more young gangster trying to show her worth, and you've got four women up against a good portion of the military might in space. (Source: animeworld.com)

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