The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters

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The Bermuda Triangle is the most notorious stretch of ocean in history, evoking fear and endless fascination. Bounded by Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, these waters have swallowed countless ships and planes and their crews—some vanishing without a trace.

The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters Next Episode Air Date

Next Episode is 'Holes in the Ocean' (Season 1 Episode 3) and airs on 06 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT).

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List of episodes

S1E1 - A Big Find

An elite team investigates the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle aided by a secret map decades in the making. In this episode, they attempt to unravel the mystery of why 27 US Navy aviators and crew vanished without a trace on the same night in 1945. While searching for the wrecks of the lost planes they uncover a debris field unlike any they have ever seen, and one with historic implications.

Air Date: 22 Nov 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S1E2 - Rogue Waves

The team dives deep looking for the biggest vessel to ever vanish in the Bermuda Triangle - a massive ship with a monstrous name - the USS Cyclops. Was the USS Cyclops the victim of a terrifying phenomenon know as a rogue wave? While searching the deep waters, the uncover harrowing stories of other rogue waves prowling the seas and make a discovery that solves a century old mystery.

Air Date: 29 Nov 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S1E3 - Holes in the Ocean

The team searches for the remains of an entire pirate fleet of ships that vanished suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle, as if swallowed by the ocean. Could a geological anomaly be the source of these ship-sinking whirlpools? Their investigation takes them to the literal bottom of a fabled - and potentially deadly - mid ocean sinkhole, but what they find waiting in the depths may prove beyond any mystery.

Air Date: 06 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S1E4 - Spies in the Deep

Air Date: 13 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S1E5 - Alien Abyss

Air Date: 20 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Death From Below

Air Date: 27 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT)