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The Block is an Australian reality television show. The show sees four couples compete against each other to renovate a home in an apartment block and sell it at auction for the highest price.

The Block Next Episode Air Date

Next Episode is 'Master Ensuite Week [3]' (Season 19 Episode 32) and airs on 27 Sep 2023 04:30 (CDT).

List of episodes

S19E29 - Kitchen and Laundry Reveal

The judges have a hard job deciding who takes out the $10,000 for kitchen/laundry week. The results cause friction between two houses

Air Date: 24 Sep 2023 04:00 (CDT)

S19E30 - Master Ensuite Week [1]

The Blockheads start work on their master ensuites. Scotty announces a challenge which comes with the biggest cash prize ever on The Block.

Air Date: 25 Sep 2023 04:30 (CDT)

S19E31 - Master Ensuite Week [2]

The contestants are pulling out all the stops to present their houses for the listing and buyers jury challenge hoping to win $50,000. Meanwhile conspiracy theories continue to rock The Block.

Air Date: 26 Sep 2023 04:30 (CDT)

S19E32 - Master Ensuite Week [3]

Post challenge celebrations turn sour however, the Blockheads still must focus on their master ensuites.

Air Date: 27 Sep 2023 04:30 (CDT)

S19E33 - Master Ensuite Reveal

Tonight, friendships are fractured. Plus, there is fierce competition as the judges score the teams master ensuites. Who will take out the $10,000?

Air Date: 02 Oct 2023 03:30 (CDT)

S19E34 - Double Kids' Bedroom Week [1]

Steph and Gian get help from experts to help them create inspirational children's bedrooms. It's Ash's birthday, will a night out help repair fractured relationships?

Air Date: 03 Oct 2023 03:30 (CDT)

S19E35 - Double Kids' Bedroom Week [2]

Find out if the teams can put their differences aside for a worthwhile cause. Wacky ideas are beginning to take shape as the teams create the ultimate kids' bedrooms.

Air Date: 04 Oct 2023 03:30 (CDT)

S19E36 - Double Kids' Bedroom Week [3]

The contestants are desperate to impress Scotty and to win $15,000 in a creative challenge. The Blockheads continue working on some inspiring kids' bedrooms.

Air Date: 05 Oct 2023 03:30 (CDT)

S19E37 - Double Kids' Bedroom Reveal

Air Date: 08 Oct 2023 03:00 (CDT)