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The Girl from Tomorrow is an Australian children's television series created by Film Australia. The series is based around Alana (Katharine Cullen), a girl from the year 3000. At the start of the series, she is kidnapped by Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500, and brought back in time to the year 1990. While in the year 1990, she befriends Jenny (Melissa Marshall), who helps Alana adapt to life in a time unfamiliar to her, and later helps her to return to her own time. A sequel series, The Girl from Tomorrow Part II: Tomorrow's End aired in 1993.

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List of episodes

S2E10 - In the Nik of Time

Air Date: 15 Sep 1993 01:30 (CDT)

S2E11 - The Great Disaster Begins

Air Date: 22 Sep 1993 01:30 (CDT)

S2E12 - Kings of the Dinosaurs

Air Date: 29 Sep 1993 01:30 (CDT)