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The New Batman Adventures comes from the creators of Batman and Superman. This series was created because Fox had not lived up to the contract that they had given Batman, so the WB decided to give the show another chance. Bruce Timm then went back and decided to re-design all of the characters from Batman and ended up revamping the series all-together.

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S2E9 - Judgment Day

A mysterious new vigilante dressed as a judge appears in Gotham City, where he targets the rogues' gallery of villains with vicious fury. Batman is the only person who must discover the Judge's identity and stop him before he crosses the line.

Air Date: 31 Oct 1998 11:00 (CDT)

S2E10 - Beware the Creeper

Exposure to a weird mixture of chemicals, including the Joker's laughing gas, changes straitlaced newsman Jack Ryder into the crazed Creeper. He looks to kill the Joker, and develops a much unwanted crush on Harley.

Air Date: 07 Nov 1998 11:00 (CDT)

S2E11 - Mad Love

Harley reflects on her first meeting with the Joker as she plots to eliminate her main competition in his attentions – Batman. She captures the Dark Knight and she wants to gain Joker's favor by doing away with him. But of course, the crazy clown's massive ego would never allow anyone else the "honor" of doing away with his mortal enemy.

Air Date: 16 Jan 1999 11:00 (CDT)