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The series traces the moves and countermoves between British and German scientists on land, sea, and in the air.

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S1E5 - The Deadly Waves

Although the magnetic mine had been invented by the British in 1917, interest had languished in Britain between the wars, and it was the Germans who were to develop the device to new levels of deadly effectiveness. This is the story of how two navel officers calmly and fearlessly dismantled the first German magnetic mine on a sand bar off Shoeburyness, and reveals how its various successors were discovered and countered by the British.

Air Date: 01 Feb 1977 18:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Still Secret

There can be no doubt that the best kept secret war was the penetration by British Intelligence of the German codes known as Enigma. To this day the whole story has yet to be told. However, this account, recounted by some of the men and woman involved and chiefly shot on location in the actual secret wartime venues, reveals just about all that is known.

Air Date: 08 Feb 1977 18:00 (CDT)

S1E7 - Battle of the Atlantic

A detailed look into history, the technical developments and tactics used by both Allied and Axis sides during this long and difficult campaign, featuring such innovations as Asdic, Type 271 radar, Wolfpacks, Cam Fighters, Hedgehog, Huff-Duff, US Blimps, ASV radar, the Leigh light, Metox, Naval H2S radar, Schnorkels and Escort carriers.

Air Date: 23 Jan 1978 18:00 (CDT)