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The Sooty Show is a British children's television series that aired on BBC Television from 1955 until 1967, and on ITV from 1968-1992 It features the glove puppet characters Sooty, Sweep (who first appeared in 1957) and Soo (first appeared in 1964), and follows them in their many mischievous adventures. The show was presented from the 1955 to 1975 by Harry Corbett, and from 1976 to 1992 by his son, Matthew, as he bought the rights for Sooty for £35,000 from his father, and acted as the token human being. In 1981, The Sooty Show changed from a sketch-based format with a studio audience into a more sitcom-based format set in the Sooteries cottage.

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List of episodes

S30E11 - Solid Water

Air Date: 15 Nov 1992 18:00 (CDT)

S30E12 - Time Flies

Air Date: 22 Nov 1992 18:00 (CDT)

S30E13 - Fanatical Fun

Air Date: 29 Nov 1992 18:00 (CDT)