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After a flight from Tel Aviv to Bangkok vanishes in mid-air, with no signs of an explosion, crash or hijacking, the entire world is left mesmerized. Yonatan Georgy is a recently blind intelligence officer returning to work, tasked with investigating the plane's disappearance - with his wife and children on board. At the same time, families of the passengers start realizing they didn't know their loved ones as well as they thought.

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S1E6 - Episode 6

When Noa threatens to execute hostages , Israel decide on a rescue operation no matter the cost. Georgie, in a race against time to save his wife and children, tries to foil the operation and to obtain the name of the assassin.

Air Date: 20 Oct 2022 13:00 (CDT)

S1E7 - Episode 7

In the hangar where they are kept, the passengers-hostages realize that they are living on borrowed time and decide whether to try to seize the armed men. Will the mysterious "spear" reveal itself to stop the executions?

Air Date: 27 Oct 2022 13:00 (CDT)

S1E8 - Episode 8

The kidnapped return home. Georgi suspects that a traitor is operating from the Shin Bet, and discovers that "the spear" is not who we thought.

Air Date: 03 Nov 2022 14:00 (CDT)