Trivial Pursuit: America Plays

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"Trivial Pursuit: America Plays" brings everyone's favorite board game to television, with an exciting and interactive format that lets YOU at home get in the game! It's America vs. the studio contestants! In an innovative twist, all of the questions used in the game show are taped on video by YOU the home viewers. If your question is asked on the show, you become part of "America's Team" for that episode, and you get to play against our studio contestants right from home!

And asking just one question could win you BIG MONEY!

When the studio contestants on the show miss the questions you send in, the money goes in "America's Bank." At the end of the show, if America's Bank is higher than our final studio contestant's bank, then all of the viewers who asked questions on the show that day split the prize money in America's Bank. Winning money has never been this fun and easy! This your chance to join the team! To enter a question, upload your video now! (Source:

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