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Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? showcases spouses of liars, cheaters, and thieves, these women have unknowingly signed up for much more than a happy honeymoon and a new last name. All told in shocking first-hand accounts, each episode tells the story of an "I do" turned "You did WHAT?"

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Next Episode is 'F. B. I Do.' (Season 7 Episode 13) and airs on 01 Apr 2023 20:00 (CDT).

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List of episodes

S7E10 - The Killer Beside Me

A single mother's shining knight turns out to be a monster in disguise.

Air Date: 17 Dec 2022 21:00 (CDT)

S7E11 - Marriage of Mass Destruction

A teen marries an older man, but their age difference is the least of her problems. One day, she makes a discovery so grotesque, it poisons their union forever. Then a Marine falls for a beautiful woman but her conniving friend wants to kill the marriage.

Air Date: 18 Mar 2023 20:00 (CDT)

S7E12 - Knock-Knock, Evil's Here

A mom of four finds a letter that exposes her partner as a monster incapable of telling the truth; a woman falls for a former prom-king-turned-cop and thinks she finally has it all, but after a knock on her door, she realizes she's lost everything.

Air Date: 25 Mar 2023 20:00 (CDT)

S7E13 - F. B. I Do.

A high-powered career woman plans a dream wedding to a dashing realtor, who promptly morphs into a nightmarish husband; a man believes the fiery relationship with his ailing wife couldn't possibly get worse -- until the day the FBI arrests him.

Air Date: 01 Apr 2023 20:00 (CDT)