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Continuing the struggle of Minster Jim Hacker to actually get something done in Whitehall politics, Yes, Prime Minister saw Jim achieve every politician's dream and slide up the greasy pole, right to the door of Number 10.

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S2E6 - The Patron of the Arts

The PM is to speak at the televised British Theatre Awards Dinner. Unfortunately, the Arts Council grant was less than generous and the Director of the National Theatre is introducing Hacker's speech.

Air Date: 01 Jan 1988 06:00 (CDT)

S2E7 - The National Education Service

The education system is a disaster. Jim could always axe the Department of Education. But what would Sir Humphrey say?

Air Date: 08 Jan 1988 06:00 (CDT)

S2E8 - The Tangled Web

Hacker has committed the ultimate political sin - lying to the House. Humphrey feels he has a moral responsibility to tell the truth, unless Hacker can employ some gentle persuasion.

Air Date: 28 Jan 1988 06:00 (CDT)