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Yo y Tu was a long-running Colombian sitcom centering on the funny situations of Alicita, The Lechugo Family and their relatives and friends. From March 1956 through February 1976 represented Colombian humorous idiosyncrasies to become a symbol of national television.
Directed, written and performed by the Spanish actress/scriptwriter Alicia del Carpio, the show was also the meeting place for all actors of the time representing folksy characters.
Mrs del Carpio was working as a scriptwriter when the director informed them that television producers had to be sustained through commercial sponsorship, Alicia wrote a 15-minute pilot project, originally titled "Matrimonio sobre Ruedas" Marriage on wheels, and offered it to the firm JGB from Cali. And with its sponsorship, Yo y Tú was born in 1956. The success was immediate. It was a comedy about a middle class family in Bogota, with characters of all walks of life coming from every region of Colombia. Careerism, appearances, gossip, along with positive values, pictured a society that had never been seen in the comic mirror of their own strengths and weaknesses. And compared today, the show was the forerunner of political satire programs. Even the title, with the "Me" before "you", gained a critical praise.
During its 23-year broadcasting, the program hosted a star of the era like singer Javier Solis. It repeatedly received a number of Nemqueteba awards for best family comedy series and its director, Alicia del Carpio, received the 1971 International Ondas Award for Best scriptwriter of Latin America.
Although it was off the air from 1976 to 1985, "Me and You" is still remembered and cherished by Colombians who followed the show Sunday to Sunday.

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