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Ever since his bitter divorce years earlier, Henry Willows had been leading a quiet, peaceful life -- and he'd become set in his ways. But when his 17 year-old son, Matt, whom he'd not seen since the divorce, came knocking on the door, Henry found his life being turned upside-down. Matt's girl-chasing, rock-n-roll ways didn't bode well with his conservative father... leading to a lot of fights. Enid was Henry's wisecracking housekeeper.You Again? was the American version of the English sitcom Home to Roost.

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S2E11 - Good Neighbors

Henry, Matt and Enid take part in a neighborhood watch, and wind up finding a vagabond squatting in the tool shed.

Air Date: 27 Dec 1986 11:00 (CDT)

S2E12 - Henry the Kissinger

Matt brings his mother (Anita Gillette) home after she leaves her second husband, and she and Henry pick up right where they left off.

Air Date: 31 Dec 1986 11:00 (CDT)

S2E13 - Where the Sun Don't Shine

A birthmark on his posterior lands Henry (Jack Klugman) in the hospital when a biopsy reveals malignancy.

Air Date: 07 Jan 1987 11:00 (CDT)