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Doctors is a British medical soap opera which first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 27 March 2000. Set in the fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge, defined as being close to the city of Birmingham, the soap follows the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery.

Doctors is produced by BBC Birmingham and is screened on BBC One, with the first episode broadcast on 27 March 2000. It was created by Chris Murray, with Mal Young developing it and Carson Black the original producer. The show has been shown at lunchtime since its inception, originally at 12.30pm as a lead-in to the BBC's One O'Clock News. After it was temporarily moved to allow for extended news coverage of the September 11th 2001 attacks, its regular slot changed to 2:10 pm, following directly after Neighbours, after ratings rose to a 25% audience share. When the BBC lost Neighbours to Channel 5 in January 2008, it moved into the Australian soap's old slot of 1:45pm. For a brief trial period in Summer 2000, selected episodes from the first series were shown on Fridays at 7 pm and from 16 February 2009, the show began transmitting in high definition on BBC HD at 4:00pm the same day.

Doctors Next Episode Air Date

Next Episode is 'Blue' (Season 24 Episode 96) and airs on 25 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT).

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List of episodes

S24E93 - The Bicycle Thief of Letherbridge

The fallout from the Al situation continues at The Mill, while Bear surprises Claudia and gets more than he bargained for. Luca helps a courier when their bike gets stolen.

Air Date: 19 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E94 - Exempt

Scarlett tries to help an old school friend when she's assaulted outside The Mill.

Air Date: 20 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E95 - One Over Par

Daniel's round of golf is ruined when a climate change protester blockades the course. Emma becomes uncomfortable when Claudia asks her for advice. Daniel picks up Joe with dramatic consequences.

Air Date: 21 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E96 - Blue

Zara is shocked by the news about Daniel and Joe. Jimmi tries to break down Al's barriers but makes things worse.

Air Date: 25 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E97 - Home

Nina's latest idea puts the cat among the pigeons at The Mill. Joe visits Al, who tells him a secret. Bear puts his VPAS assessment at risk when he helps an elderly woman who is struggling with living on her own.

Air Date: 26 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E98 - Out for Delivery

Claudia has made up her mind, but Bear isn't going to be happy. After Joe puts Zara on the spot, she delivers Daniel a bombshell. Ruhma has to settle a feud between a pregnant mum, and a delivery driver that keeps blocking her driveway.

Air Date: 27 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)

S24E99 - Recalculating

Rosie takes Al home, but she is unable to help him conquer his fear. Nina has to convince a patient that his symptoms are not all physical and that he needs to take care of his mental health too.

Air Date: 28 Sep 2023 07:45 (CDT)