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Eränkävijät is a TV series about hunting and fishing in modern Finland. The series follows the stories of the main characters in the hunting and fishing community. They are united by their love for Finnish nature, even though their backgrounds and stories are different and they come from different parts of Finland. While in the north the fells are covered in snow and the lakes are frozen, in the south people still walk on the melting ground and fish in the flowing waters. And while big game is hunted on the eastern frontier, in the north the traditional methods are used to catch chickens. The conservation of game and fish stocks is still a hobby and a way of life for the wildlife enthusiast.

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List of episodes

S7E1 - Kehrääjiä ja tiedustelua

A fishing hiker from Oulu, MehtäMikko, has set off on a ten-kilometre trek to catch Arctic char. 11-year-old Eliel Ikonen from Enontekiö starts preparing for the international dog sledding championships. In Kirkkonummi, Teemu Sirkkala and Mima Jämsä tighten nets for the ringing of the spinners. In North Karelia, arctic specialist Mikko Kettunen sets off on a lynx hunt in challenging weather. Paavo Lehtomäki goes bear hunting for the first time with his father John. Expectations are high, as the stories of the Kainuu wilderness are well remembered.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E2 - Paavon ensimmäinen karhujahti

Paavo and Johannes get down to business in the Kainuu bear hunt in the early hours of the morning, but not everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile, Teemu and Mima lure the spinners into the net for the ringing. Mikko Kettunen fights the windy weather on the second day of the turnip hunt. Also in Rostadalen, a strong wind changes MehtäMikko's plans. Eliel and his friend Kalle have gone on a kayaking trip alone. The young men's fishing skills rival even the most experienced bushwalkers.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E3 - Primitiivijahti

MehtäMikko wakes up in Rostadalen in a fog. The last day of the hike is upon him, and the fisherman's mind is filled with red-bellied rays and the stunning landscapes of northern Norway. In North Karelia, Mikko is also enjoying the morning atmosphere on a scouting trip before a beaver hunt. Marjo and Pinja are training their Weimaraners with Pablo for the upcoming hunting season, but the young dog also gets to unload his energy on the agility track. Eliel's Nova puppy also gets to overcome obstacles before the family's off-road adventure.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E4 - Jäämereltä Utsjoelle

MehtäMikko sets off on an 80 km long autumn hike in the highlands of Ifjord. In addition to admiring the shades of brown, the red-backed reindeer are in his sights, but already from the start of the journey he experiences a surprising setback. Meanwhile, in Enontekiö, Eliel and his family are preparing a cabin for the winter. In North Karelia, Mikko prepares his bow and sets out to shoot a pigeon and test the potential passport spots for beaver hunting that he has spotted on a reconnaissance trip. Teemu and Mima, on the other hand, will tighten their nets for ringing owls.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E5 - Isät vastaan pojat

MehtäMikko finally gets a taste of redfish in Finnmark. Marjo and Pinja go with their friends Paula and Ava on a hen hunt in Southern Lapland. In North Karelia, Mikko tests primitive fishing gear. In central Finland, Paavo and Johannes take part in a fathers versus sons competition, where they test their fishing and joking skills.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E6 - Pohjoista valloittamassa

MehtäMikko sets off on the final run of the Finnmark hike in the middle of a beautiful brown sky. Teemu and Mima spend the morning in a deer pass, but Teemu is more interested in winged warblers. Paavo and Johannes are guests of their friend Lauri on a moose hunt in Inari. Meanwhile, on the other side of Lapland, in Enontekiö, Eliel is just getting ready for a moose hunt with his father Pas.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E7 - Kovat kiikarissa

Paavo and Johannes move to ever wider wilderness areas in the Inari deer hunt, encouraged by a successful start. Eliel also finally gets to join his father's hunting party, even though the strong winds make it difficult for the young man to stay afloat. Teemu and Mima are in a birdwatcher's paradise, at Hanko Bird Station, monitoring the autumn migration and collecting important data on both bird populations and the state of the environment. Manu, on the other hand, has new alleys for deer hunting in his back pocket.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E8 - Kisakuume nousee

Johannes has qualified with his Karelian hound Ulpu for the young dogs' Killdeer Championship, but the dog's condition casts a shadow of doubt in the run-up to the competition. Meanwhile, Teemu is looking for his first game shot in a hare hunt in Mima's home region. MehtäMikko has set off on a mid-winter hike in the Hammastunturi wilderness. The intention would be to spot an Arctic char, but the weather conditions make it challenging even just to move forward. Eliel's race team is starting to form.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E9 - Luonnonvoimilla

MehtäMikko fights against the forces of nature in the Hammastunturi wilderness. He should be able to go fishing, but the weather conditions change very quickly and even on skis it's not completely slippery. Marjo and Pinja, on the other hand, set off on a combined winter hike with a relaxed attitude. Manu and Jaakko collect material for their dissertation using a thermal camera. In North Karelia, the gurus of traditional hunting, Mikko and Kaitsu, brave the frost to go hare coursing with rudimentary hunting and camping equipment.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E10 - Kylmissä vesissä

Mikko and Kaitsu set off after a bitter frosty night in the sky to hunt a rabbit with a bow. As there is no dog this time, the chase is also manpowered. MehtäMikko's hike in the Hammastunturi wilderness comes to an unexpected end. Teemu and Mima are adventuring with their young but experienced ringers in the choppy water to ring raccoons. Meanwhile, Eliel's racing horses begin to take shape and training goes even better than expected. In central Finland, Paavo and Johannes go fox-hunting, but will the cunning republican take the win this time?

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E11 - Tikkoja ja töyhtöhyyppiä

Eliel has an exciting day ahead of him: it's the eve of the Alta International Sled Dog Trials, and last-minute changes have to be made to the team. MehtäMikko, on the other hand, is off into the wilderness of northern Norway to hunt an otter the size of a "small kulpavolk". However, the journey to the best spots is once again full of twists and turns. In North Karelia, Mikko tries out the baited hooks he set the night before. At the same time, we get to watch the making and testing of primitive fishing gear. Teemu and Mima spend the day at home ringing birds and building duck swings. In Vesilahti, Manu's day is also spent on game management work.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)

S7E12 - Ääretön vapaus

Eliel's season culminates in the Alta Sighthound Championships, but there is no escaping the drama of the race. Marjo and Pinja's kayaking trip also has its share of misadventures, and the trip threatens to turn into a water adventure too far. MehtäMikko's fishing trip in Skibotn is not without its challenges, but in the end he gets the crowning glory for his efforts. In Kirkkonummi, Teemu and Mima try to ring the waders, but catching the strong-legged bird is not a foregone conclusion. Paavo and Johannes consider more game-friendly forest management. The future of nature is also on the minds of other bushwalkers.

Air Date: 02 Oct 2022 04:00 (CDT)