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Eränkävijät is a TV series about hunting and fishing in modern Finland. The series follows the stories of the main characters in the hunting and fishing community. They are united by their love for Finnish nature, even though their backgrounds and stories are different and they come from different parts of Finland. While in the north the fells are covered in snow and the lakes are frozen, in the south people still walk on the melting ground and fish in the flowing waters. And while big game is hunted on the eastern frontier, in the north the traditional methods are used to catch chickens. The conservation of game and fish stocks is still a hobby and a way of life for the wildlife enthusiast.

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S8E1 - Uusia uomia

In the wilderness of Käsivarre, Aki Huhtanen and Äijä-koira head across the meandering riverbed to secret ridge places. Mehtämikko, on the other hand, arrives in the rugged landscapes of Iceland in search of the country's best fishing waters. Breathtaking nature impresses a man at first sight. Milla Ristonmaa from Rovaniemi starts the fly fishing season at Sotajoki with her common-law partner Samul. However, Milla's recently operated knee poses challenges for wading in the current. In Vesilahti, Manu and Aleksi have many irons in the fire. A homemade decoy is being made for the upcoming dove hunt, and the two are also building a crab hotel.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E2 - Sähköä ilmassa

In Vesilahti, Manu and Aleksi continue testing the pigeon magnet, but Manu smells a burnt car. At Kirkkonumme, Teemu and Mima are preparing for a pigeon hunt. The two head to the passport early in the morning and the primary goal is to get training for Abby the dog. Milla and Samuli's day at Sotajoki starts out gray, but the dream of trout risotto still lives on. In the wilderness of Käsivarre, Aki and Äijä enjoy the peace of nature and the previous day's fish catch. Mikko Kettunen goes on a kayaking trip with an international club. The purpose is to try your luck with fishing also with unique equipment. Mehtämikko is happy about his first catch in Iceland.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E3 - Lähiruokaa

Milla and Samuli have gone on a traditional duck hunt to Milla's family's cottage island, but the weather has been very challenging on the starting day. Miko and Justin's kayaking trip on the Koitajoki is coming to an end. Before that, the two enjoy cooking in the bosom of nature and try their luck once more in the field of fishing. Kirkkonummi is happy about Teemu's new achievement, thanks to which the Abby dog can finally get into real action. Mehtämiko's adventure has taken a promising turn, thanks to which there are many potential fishing spots ahead. Marjo and Pinja make another territorial invasion.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E4 - Nykyaikaa ja perinteitä

Manu and Aleksi prepare for a bird hunt, and this time they build a motorized, remote-controlled goose as an aid. Also in Rovaniemi, Milla and Samuli's morning starts with a chicken hunt. Usva, an enthusiastic Finnish upright ear, is along for the trip. In northern Norway, Mehtämikko is going on a new adventure. Ahead is a rugged fell landscape, unknown fishing waters and one of Norway's largest ice glaciers, Frostinen. Aki and Äijä travel deep into the wilderness of Käsivarre. The destination is an area that evokes touching memories from years past.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E5 - Luonto opettaa

Marjo, Pinja and Antti start an overnight hunting trip. The goal is to achieve success for Pablo the dog, whose early autumn hunts have been overshadowed by the challenges brought by adolescence. In the wilderness of Käsivarre, on the other hand, Aki and Äijja wake up in picturesque landscapes. The purpose is to have revenge with the graylings, but also to relax among friends by nature. Mehtämikko continues his Northern Norway trek both on land and water. Manu and Aleksi have a deer in their sights, for which Manu already has plans. Teemu and Mima are preparing for a goose hunt in Pyhtää.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E6 - Syysretkiä

Mikko and Kaitsu are preparing for a beaver hunt on a scouting trip. Teemu and Mima are ready for goose hunting. In addition to Canada geese, Teemu has more rare bird sightings in his binoculars. Also in Kuusamo, Marjo, Pinja and Antti continue bird hunting after a good night's sleep. In northern Norway, Mehtämikko wakes up to a frosty morning. The last hiking kilometers of late autumn are ahead. In Vesilahti, Manu and Aleksi process the previous day's catch. In addition to the meat, the intention is to use the leather as well, which requires the help of an old friend. Milla has arrived in the familiar archipelago scenery of Isokari. The purpose is to catch a sea trout on the line with the help of an experienced guide.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E7 - Ruuhkaa passissa

Mima and Teemu have traveled to new hunting grounds, where Teemu is looking for the first moose carcass of his life. In the wee hours of the morning, Miko and Kaitsu's beaver hunt also has a tense atmosphere. In Kuusamo, Marjo and Pinja prepare for the morning flight of the teal, after which they plan to gain new experiences for their furry friend. A new day of fishing dawns for Milla and Jan on Isokar. The conditions seem promising, but sea trout is a challenging catch even for experienced fishermen. Manu has traveled to visit his friend Tom in Haukiputaa. An alien species that has spread to the area causes problems, the solution of which requires new methods.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E8 - Jos et sä soita

Eränkävijät are preparing for the winter season. In the wilderness of Käsivarre, Aki and Äijä make the most of the last rays of light before the long shadow. Milla and Samuli have also arrived in Northern Norway to enjoy the last moments of fly fishing. Mehtämikko has to make a difficult decision right at the beginning of his new adventure, and look for an alternative destination for his ski hike. One of Manu's most legendary inventions is getting an update. The deerskin hat is also promoted with the help of Tero.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E9 - Kalaonnea

Mehtämiko's expectations for the new hiking trail are varied. Despite the frozen equipment, the food of the expedition kitchen warms the mind. Skis are also on in North Karelia. Mikko and Kaitsu head for a chicken hunt, and there are plenty of situations right from the beginning of the trip. Manu and Aleksi have gone to look for ice skaters on the coast. As usual, there are innovative ideas in the back pocket to guarantee fish luck. Marjo and Pinja have also gone on an ice skating trip, during which Pinja gets to spend the night in a snow pit for the first time.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E10 - Tuntureita ja tutkimusta

In Vesilahti, Manu and Tero have joined forces with Teemu and Mima. The purpose is to promote the breeding of kestrels and to conduct biological research in a home laboratory. Before that, Manu will be surprised with a special gift. Marjo and Pinja wake up to a new day from the shelter of a snow pit. A sunny frosty morning spoils the anglers and there is plenty of fishing luck - at least on the other side of the double sled. Mehtämikko has arrived in Finnmark to ride the "red-skinned king of the fells", the iron. The last trip of the spring and winter raises the heart rate both because of the fish supply and the terrain. Aki and Äijä have also gone after the iron. The conditions in the wilderness are unpredictable, so you have to be careful on the way.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E11 - Tein minä rysän pajupuusta

In Kontiolahti, Mikko is building a willow hut. The purpose is to find out if homemade fishing equipment works better than factory-made ones. In the wilderness of Käsivarre, Aki and Äijä wake up from the shelter of a warm hut. The return trip is already looming ahead, but before that, you should also get fresh fish to take home. Mehtämiko's journey in Finnmark continues in a sweaty atmosphere. Milla and Samuli, on the other hand, start the fly fishing season in frozen waters. Teemu and Mima harness the nearby bird tower for use and promote the Helmi habitat program in the field of small game hunting.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S8E12 - Kesän korvilla

Aki and Äijä are planning to test a new recipe for evening snacks. However, before enjoying it, you need to grab the main ingredient of the recipe. Mehtämiko's eventful adventure in Finnmark is coming to an end. However, Mother Nature challenges the hiker to the end. Mikko finds out what the homemade willow beetle has eaten during the night and which one wins - factory-made or self-made katiska. Teemu and Mima are in Porvoo ringing and examining kestrel chicks. Marjo gets to hunt a buck for the first time with her more experienced friend Tyti.

Air Date: 01 Oct 2023 16:00 (CDT)