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Grange Hill is one of the most successful television children's dramas of all time. The drama takes a look at teenagers and their dilemmas in a Secondary school. Grange Hill has been running for over 20 years and many of the actors have gone on to star in other well known programmes such as Brookside, ER and Eastenders. Its Powerful storyline's, brilliant characters and superb cast. It's no wonder Grange Hill is a brilliant success. Grange Hill was previously filmed in London but now the show creator Phil Redmond has moved filming up to Liverpool so a lot of Actors have not made the move from London to Liverpool.

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S31E18 - Virtual Reality

When Jake and the other Year 8's get embroiled in virtual reality historical computer simulations, Jenny falls out with Jake and makes a new friend of Patsy Clark. Patsy's home life, an anorexic sister in America, her father working in espionage, all seem a little unbelievable to Lucy. Other Year 7's support Patsy, and the issue evolves into a dispute between Year 7 and Year 8's.Alex is involved with a "second life" type game without realizing he is chatting to Patsy who is on another terminal. Alison and Sammy make their own avatar and use a magazine to create a persona to talk to him with. Then they realize the magazine contains Patsy's fictional life story. The big Civil War battle starts in the CLC, manifesting itself as a Year 7 vs Year 8 struggle. Alex, Alison and Sammy restore the peace by showing that Patsy's home life was taken from the magazine. On their own, Jenny tells off Patsy for making so much trouble, but softens when Patsy tells her that her father is in prison

Air Date: 04 Sep 2008 11:00 (CDT)

S31E19 - Zut Alors!

French student Cecile gives Tigger a new look, but a collision with a netball post gives him a weird nightmare where all his friends have colourful, and scary personae.

Air Date: 11 Sep 2008 11:00 (CDT)

S31E20 - Bang

On the last day of school, Togger reminisces with Abel and Tanya about the old days: they recall their treasure hunt in the sewer tunnel – nearby, the Year 7's overhear and decide to explore themselves. Togger's on the verge of quitting, so Tanya calls in his uncle – ex pupil Tucker Jenkins, to persuade him to stay for his final year. Meanwhile, everyone is in danger when a bomb is discovered underneath the school.

Air Date: 15 Sep 2008 11:00 (CDT)