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Set aboard a plane for the ficticious Scottish airline, Air Scotia, The High Life was a vehicle for the up-and-coming young Scottish commedians Alan Cumming (now best known for his turns in Goldeneye and X-Men II) and Forbes Masson. The show mixed very camp humour with ludicrous situations and bizarre dance routines to great effect. The series span out of a pilot made for the series "Comic Asides" (this still exists and has been made available on the Region 0 DVD distributed by Network Videos) but sadly only one series of six episodes was made before the series was cancelled. Alan Cumming started taking higher profile movie roles whilst Forbes Masson returned to the theatre where he has gained much critical acclaim as a playwright. The show never really struck a chord with a wide audience, although it does still have a cult fanbase, but it was equally praised and derided for its breakneck pace and energy and for its use of Scots.

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S1E4 - Choob

Shona beats Sebastian to be the new "Face of Air Scotia" for the promotional video being filmed on board. The lecherous film director chases Shona, Steve wants his clackers back from the armed terrorist who takes the passengers hostage whilst Sebastian does all he can to sabotage Shona's video apperance. P.S. IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!!!

Air Date: 27 Jan 1995 06:00 (CDT)

S1E5 - Dug

Steve and Sebastian decide to enter the Scottish leg of the Song for Europe. Sebastian is aiming for fame and fortune, and Steve for a girl.

Air Date: 03 Feb 1995 06:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Dunk

After a bumpy landing, that results in concussion for the crew, Steve and Sebastian become embroiled in a plot to steal a secret biscuit recipe, devised by Professor Wormit.

Air Date: 10 Feb 1995 06:00 (CDT)