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Race through the streets of Los Angeles with Adam-12, the series that defined the police drama genre. Still mourning the death of his former partner, Officer Pete Malloy is teamed with rookie Officer Jim Reed and together they serve and protect the City of Angels as "Adam-12", their unit's radio call number. Watch a these brothers in blue struggle to manage the job's demands and frustrations, as they battle drug dealers, intervene in domestic disputes and pursue suspects in high-speed chases.

Genres: Crime | Drama | Action
Station: NBC (US)
Rating: 0/10 from 0 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1968-09-21

Adam-12 Season 2 Air Dates

S02E01 - Log 15 -- Exactly One Hundred Yards Air Date: 21 September 1969 00:00 -

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Malloy and Reed are embarking on two tasks outside of their normal patrol. First, they are training for the upcoming police Olympics, where Mac hopes that ex-track star Reed will bring home at least one gold medal. And second, they are doing school outreach. With the latter, the latest school has them talking to a group of grade 5's. The students are an eager bunch, except for one boy - Tony Niccola - who they learn from Principal Wesley is generally a good boy despite his standoffishness. When Malloy and Reed find that the tires on their cruiser have been slashed just before they are about to leave, they naturally assume Tony the culprit if only because he was seen with a pocket knife, which is now conveniently missing. However, Tony vehemently denies having done the deed. The next day, Malloy and Reed are Olympics training at the local high school, where many of the grade 5's have come to watch. The surprise attendee is Tony. To show he trusts him, Reed asks Tony to get a stop watch out of Malloy's car, to which he agrees. That act, plus a visit by Tony's father, demonstrates why Tony has been so detached of late, and determines once and for all who slashed the tires the day before.

S02E02 - Log 153 -- Find Me a Needle Air Date: 28 September 1969 00:00 -

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A break in the "Mulholland Mauler" case when a victim survives provides details about the car, etc. Adam-12 is asked to patrol the area to look for suspects. They ticket a young girl for hitchhiking and warn a young couple parked in the hills to leave. A car pulled over over matches the description but there is no conclusive evidence. He is the most likely suspect of the several men picked up. They find an empty car owned by a young woman and locate her friend at a nearby service station. They persuade the suspect to show them where the missing girl was dumped and find her alive.

S02E03 - Log 52 -- Good Cop: Handle with Care Air Date: 05 October 1969 00:00 -

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Two young men are stalking Malloy and Reed while on duty taking pictures and talking to bystanders. They insinuate that the officers are frequently mistreating citizens. They attempt to interfere when the officers are asked to notify a woman that her merchant marine husband has passed away. After picking up a man on drugs and alcohol who injuries himself in the squad car, the men accuse the officers of injuring the man. The officers stop a car with three men wanted in a robbery. The two men appear and interfere with the officers resulting in one of the suspects pulling a gun and shooting an innocent bystander.

S02E04 - Log 23 -- Pig Is a Three Letter Word Air Date: 12 October 1969 00:00 -

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Reed is shaken by a child molester and learns valuable lessons on controlling his emotions. They handle a potential dead body, father-son robbery team and a pair of black men who shoot a pair of store owners and try to create a race riot.

S02E05 - Log 83 -- A Different Thing Air Date: 19 October 1969 00:00 -

An older husband complains about his wife and friend's noisy karate practice. A hit and run traffic accident looks looks like a homicide. The officers use their investigate skills to locate the suspect and arrest him.

S02E06 - Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder Air Date: 02 November 1969 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed bring an elderly man into Central Receiving for treatment. While there Malloy confirms his date with nurse Sally Fisher to join him and Reed plus Jim's pregnant wife the next morning on a visit to a remote ghost town. After arriving they hear "thunder" which Malloy recognizes as motorcycles. A gang of several men and women search Reed's car. They learn the men are police officers with women and decide to have fun. The officers and women hold up in an old saloon. They capture the leader of the gang while he is searching for them and shoot another in the leg then capture two more. The rest are scared off and Jim rides a captured cycle for help as they destroyed his car.

S02E07 - Log 63 -- Baby Air Date: 09 November 1969 01:00 -

Reed foolishly comes to work on the same day his wife is admitted to the hospital to give birth. Reed continually attempts to contact his wife but is always foiled by crime, timing or incompetence. Malloy just tries to get through the day.

S02E08 - Log 93 -- Once a Junkie Air Date: 23 November 1969 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed hear through the grapevine that their snitch Tee Jay, for who Malloy got a job as a dishwasher at Duke's, has been using drugs again. This belief is strengthened when they attend to a call at an inner city church, where Tee Jay was seen by the priest just as the priest was beaten and the church funds stolen. Malloy and Reed manage quickly to locate Tee Jay, who seemingly is on the run from them, and who has the church's money on his person. But Tee Jay tells a different story of another unknown man who he saw beat up the priest and who he caught but who managed to get away, the reason he was on the run as he was chasing that man. The evidence, however circumstantial, starts to mount against Tee Jay, including getting caught in a few lies. But when all the players start to level with Malloy and Reed, the identity of the thief and the truth if Tee Jay is indeed using again come to light.

S02E09 - Log 123 -- Courtroom Air Date: 30 November 1969 01:00 -

Of the three outstanding warrants Adam-12 has to serve, Malloy wants to focus on the one to James Llewellyn Brown. Although it is solely for failure to appear on a traffic violation, Malloy recognizes his name as a past drug dealer. Malloy believes Brown is a potential flight risk and asks for backup. Indeed, Brown does attempt to run until he is told they are there solely on the traffic violation issue. However, Reed, in securing the house for Brown's departure, eventually finds drugs and drug paraphernalia in Brown's kitchen, which Malloy and Mac realize is a gray area as Brown was served the warrant in his living room, and whether the kitchen still constitutes in the general vicinity of the where the warrant was served or whether it was off limits as to where Reed could/should have been in the house without a search warrant is up for interpretation. Despite basking in the glory among the other officers at the station for the seizure, Reed finds that his status in court is a little different.

S02E10 - Log 143 -- Cave Air Date: 14 December 1969 01:00 -

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Adam-12 attends to a landlord/tenant dispute turned violent. Although the landlord is legally in the right, they can understand at least why the tenant is so disgruntled. Johnson, the tenant, used a stolen vehicle in the incident, that belonging to a Jay Finlay. As the car was not reported stolen, they assume rightly that Mr. Finlay has no idea that his car is gone. When they arrive in the largely family friendly neighborhood where the Finlays live, Malloy and Reed learn from a belligerent neighbor, Efiginia Grimes, that there have been a rash of robberies throughout the neighborhood, an item stolen here and there, with no major robberies from any one place. Malloy and Reed will eventually learn that there are two elements at play, one which involves a young boy who just wanted a room of his own.

S02E11 - Log 142 -- As High as You Are Air Date: 21 December 1969 01:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Malloy and Reed encounter a lion in an apartment building and investigate a break-in at a medical supply warehouse. Malloy fends off cop haters and maintains the peace.

S02E12 - Log 43 -- Hostage Air Date: 04 January 1970 01:00 -

Two armed convicts holding up a diner shoot Malloy who entered innocently, and hold him and other civilians hostage.

S02E13 - Log 34 - Astro Air Date: 11 January 1970 01:00 -

Wells is excited to be the first officer assigned to the new helicopter patrol. Wells wants this assignment to lead to a life as a helicopter pilot. Adam-12's first call of the shift doesn't use the helicopter patrol as it is an inside job. After overcoming the language barrier with the solely Cantonese speaking servants, Malloy and Reed learn that the wealthy owners of the house to which they are called are locked inside the house's full sized safe by the people who burglarized the house. Adam-12 and the safe unit have to work fast as the people inside may run out of oxygen if they can't get inside quickly enough. Their second call involves two men who robbed a jewelry store, the robbers who managed to escape on motorcycle. The jewelry store owner provides a basic description of the men, which allows Adam-12 to bring into the fold the chopper unit to follow the motorcycle through the streets of Los Angeles, Wells providing information back to Adam-12 on the motorcycle's whereabouts. Beyond the outcome of this tail, the question becomes whether all the other chopper's future duties will have the same outcome.

S02E14 - Log 14 -- S.W.A.T. Air Date: 25 January 1970 01:00 -

A sniper named Johnny Kursko is terrorizing a neighborhood in an urban section of the city. He is on top of a building that was once housed a movie theater that the sniper worked at. It is later found out that he is an escaped fugitive from New York and he is shooting up the neighborhood as a way to get back at the people in the neighborhood who he holds responsible for the theater's closing. Reed, Malloy and Detective Sgt. Gus Brown get into their SWAT gear and go after Kursko and try to get him without any further bloodshed.

S02E15 - Log 64 -- Bottom of the Bottle Air Date: 01 February 1970 01:00 -

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It's Sunday, and as usual Malloy and Reed have picked up Louie, their resident drunk. Over the next few days, they deal with another alcohol related case. They first meet the Pilafs - husband and wife Christopher and Mae - when they are called to break up an altercation at a bar. From the questioning, they learn that the core of the problem is Mae's drinking, she who believes she can handle her booze, but who turns into a different person after a few drinks. Malloy and Reed later meet the Pilafs again, the couple who are trying to make their marriage work. But Mae's life seems to be a catch-22, where her drinking causes their latest problem, which in turn makes her want to drink to relieve the stress. In between dealing with the Pilafs, Malloy and Reed pull over a speeding vehicle which ends up being a case of good Samaritans that made a poor decision in providing their help. This case causes further problems for Adam-12 in an accusation after the fact.

S02E16 - Log 54 -- Impersonation Air Date: 08 February 1970 01:00 -

In between some of their one off calls - a woman beating up on a car with a baseball bat, a suspected residential burglary in progress, and a theft at an auto mechanics shop - Malloy and Reed deal with a string of incidents which may implicate one of their own, Detective Hal Forest in Vice. Malloy and Reed attend to two separate incidents in which someone flashing a badge and having official police ID with Forest's name committed a crime. The first, "Forest" stole $350 from a boxing gym purportedly on a counterfeit money case. The second, "Forest" stole a gun from a pawn shop, threatening the owner not to report the incident or else. In both cases, the victim is able to provide a description which matches that of the real Forest. In addition, Malloy, who knows Forest well, is aware that he is facing some financial stress which may have made him get desperate. They are not to tell Forest of these incidents in the possibility that it is indeed Forest committing these crimes, while Internal investigates. But a third incident may provide the break in determining if it truly is Forest committing these crimes, and if not how the fake Forest was able to devise and carry out such a plan.

S02E17 - Log 24 -- A Rare Occasion Air Date: 15 February 1970 01:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Malloy and Reed deal with a purse snatcher focused on being jailed in time for dinner, a young boy on drugs with his dealer out to kill him, while enduring worry and concern over two policemen friends hospitalized in critical care.

S02E18 - Log 124 -- Airport Air Date: 01 March 1970 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed respond to a drunk in a stolen plane, look for a 17 year old runaway, receive a call for a 2-11 in progress where they catch two armed robbers, and track down a stolen 3-ton safe containing $10k booby-trapped by the owner.

S02E19 - Log 94 -- Vengeance Air Date: 08 March 1970 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed contend with an ambush aimed at them, search for a missing boy, track down a car thief who is being crushed by his loot, and deal with a recent parolee who has sworn revenge on Malloy.

S02E20 - Log 104 -- The Bomb Air Date: 15 March 1970 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed deal with a suspicious looking elderly man carrying a couple of bags of items that probably don't belong to him, and a couple of drag racers. But most of their shift is preoccupied with a case at Amalgamated Products. Their first visit to Amalgamated is to investigate a reported theft. The owner, Phil Watters, is charging one of employees, Elmo Constant, of stealing one of the products they manufacture, which has since been returned. There are a couple of issues concerning this visit. First, that product is top secret which Watters is unwilling to hand over, and without it as material evidence, Constant cannot be charged. And second, Amalgamated's head of security is Ed Bowler, ex-LAPD, who was fired from the force for inappropriate conduct, with Malloy being one of the material witnesses which led to the firing. That antagonism between the two still exists. Later, Bowler calls in to report a suspicious package in a store room that he believes is a bomb. He believes this implicates Constant further as he is one of the few employees who has access to the restricted room. Beyond getting the bomb squad in to determine if it truly is a bomb, Malloy and Reed, with Bowler's assistance, have to determine if it is Constant who is the culprit.

S02E21 - Log 74 -- Light Duty Air Date: 22 March 1970 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed are on front desk duty because Malloy has a busted hand. A rally at a college gets rowdy requiring Reed to assist, leaving Malloy at the desk worrying about Reed. Malloy's shift isn't all quiet as he captures two criminals.

S02E22 - Log 114 -- The Hero Air Date: 29 March 1970 01:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Malloy and Reed respond to a fire where a young man saves a man trapped inside. A concerned landlord reports suspicious in-activity from a tenant with heart trouble where Malloy and Reed arrive in time to give him CPR and save his life.

S02E23 - Log 134 -- Child Stealer Air Date: 05 April 1970 01:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Once the officers get an aggressive dog out of the car, they investigate the kidnapping of a child, contend with an elderly miser paying a bill with trading stamps, capture an escapee on a bus, and rescue a delivery man from two hijackers.

S02E24 - Log 144 -- Bank Robbery Air Date: 12 April 1970 01:00 -

Malloy and Reed take a domestic abuse call where they become the abused. They become suspicious of a man whose apartment has been robbed, help a man who found stolen parts of his VW on another car, and end the day catching bank robbers.

S02E25 - Log 44 -- Attempted Bribery Air Date: 19 April 1970 01:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Malloy and Reed prove they cannot and will not be bribed, no matter how good the offer, resulting in desperation from a young man charged with his third drunk driving offense. An elderly man admits mercy killing his wife.

S02E26 - Log 173 -- Shoplift Air Date: 10 May 1970 00:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Malloy and Reed track down a kooky female shoplifter involved in a cult-type relationship with a ego-maniacal spiritualist weirdo. Malloy gets help tracking her down from an old girlfriend.

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