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When will be Baywatch next episode air date? Is Baywatch renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Baywatch air dates? Is Baywatch worth watching?

This long-running series follows the adventures of a team of lifeguards on the crowded beaches of Los Angeles County. Veteran lifeguard Mitch Buchannon watches over the younger lifeguards that come and go with each passing season as they keep the beaches safe for vacationers. Frequently he must take action to save them from the raging seas and from the raging tempers that sometimes flare up between the young guards in this stressful job.

Genres: Drama | Action
Station: Syndication (US)
Rating: 0/10 from 0 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1989-04-23

Baywatch Season 9 Air Dates

S09E01 - Crash (1) Air Date: 21 September 1998 16:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

In the teaser, Mitch is approaching a tower while talking to Craig over the radio. It turns out that tower 14 has been washed very close to the shoreline. As a result of a storm, the tower's ramp has been moved from the tower. Meanwhile, a Boeing 747 jet airliner takes off as El Nino strikes. It gets struck by lightning and crashes into the ocean.

S09E02 - Crash (2) Air Date: 28 September 1998 16:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mitch receives a phone call at home about the plane crash. Later, Craig finds out that it's Cody and April's flight. When the lifeguards arrive to the scene, Mitch is relieved when he finds Cody alive in the water. Meanwhile in the first-class compartment, Francine starts having contractions. If that's not enough for April to handle, Hans freaks out and is convinced that he is going to die.

S09E03 - Sharks, Lies & Videotape Air Date: 05 October 1998 16:00 -

Mitch and Cody witness a disaster involving a parasailer and a boat. While heading for the rescue, they are again beaten to the scene by Bayguard, a new firm that specializes in privatizing lifeguards. When the rescue has been completed, Mitch is introduced to Alex Ryker, CEO of Bayguard. She tells Mitch that she plans on going up against him for the county contract as Baywatch's contract is about to expire. The next day, Alex shows the Chief a videotape of some of Bayguard's amazing rescues. She also shown the Chief a tape showcasing the Baywatch team apparently slacking off. Mitch objects, but the Chief thinks Alex's proposal warrants consideration. Later, Mitch tells his lifeguards to start acting like professionals, otherwise they will not have any jobs left by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, when April sees a man having a heart attack, she calls for backup and heads for the water. But Arnold, one of the Bayguards, detains her. This upsets Mitch who brings April to Bayguard for an apology from Alex. When Mitch and April arrive to Bayguard, they see Arnold paying off a stuntman. That stuntman turns out to be the parasailer who almost drowned. Mitch realizes the rescue was a fraud. After that, Cody fakes an argue with Mitch and starts working at Bayguard instead. Alex wants him as her new lieutenant.

Later Cody approaches the Bayguard mobile tower truck and climbs inside. From there he talks to Mitch over his cell phone, and by using Bayguard's lap top computer, he finds out that almost all of the lifeguards at Bayguard are on short-term contracts. When the summer starts, Alex will be left alone with a couple of wannabees protecting the beach. But Arnold arrives to the truck and Cody is busted. When April tells them that a diabetic boy named Teddy is missing, Baywatch and Bayguard must work together as a team. It turns out that Teddy is trapped in a storm drain. Mitch and Alex manages to get him out. Later, Mitch learns the Chief has hired Alex to be Baywatch's new administrative consultant. Bridget decides, after an opportunity presents itself, to stay at Baywatch rather than become a model.

S09E04 - Dolphin Quest Air Date: 12 October 1998 16:00 -

When Mitch and Cody have rescued a little girl, it all turns out to be just another training exercise for some kids. While doing this, they are observed by Alex's nephew Timmy, who is mildly autistic and doesn't speak. Timmy loves dolphins and his mom Valerie is taking him to Hawaii where he can visit Dolphin Quest, an organization specializing in providing young children the opportunity to swim with dolphins. When Valerie arrives to the beach and tells Alex that she can't get away from work, Mitch convinces Alex to take Timmy. Cody joins them to participate in an outrigger race. At the Dolphin Lagoon, Alex and Cody want Timmy to swim with the dolphins but he is afraid of the water. When Cody and Alex turn their back on him, he suddenly disappears. They find him with an artist named Wyland who also happens to like dolphins. Later, Cody meets Kali McKenzie, who tells him the outrigger race has been postponed due to a storm. Now Cody does not have any plans so Kali decides to give him a guided tour around the islands. When a boy falls off a cliff and ends up in a cave, Cody and Kali must work together to save him. When they return to the beach, Alex goes to help them out and forgets about Timmy for a couple of seconds.

Timmy sees a girl knocked out cold by a windsurfer. He is able to bring her to shore and perform CPR before Cody and Alex arrive. Before they leave Hawaii, Timmy receives a painting from Wyland and also gets the opportunity to see a pregnant dolphin giving birth. Before Cody leaves, he says goodbye to Kali; although attracted to each other, they decide to put their feelings aside. When they return to Los Angeles again, Timmy shows the painting Wyland gave him to his mother. Timmy utters the word "Mama" to her as he touches the painting and then his mother's heart.

S09E05 - The Natural Air Date: 19 October 1998 16:00 -

The episode starts with someone rescuing a surfer in trouble. When the rescue has been completed, the phantom lifeguard is nowhere to be seen. A minute later, JD arrives in a lifeguard truck and he is able to see tracks in the sand showing clearly that someone else made the rescue. He tells Cody, Sheryl and Bridget about the incident. Later during a roll call, Mitch is surprised to find out that Alex has hired a new maintenance person, a girl named Jessie Owens. Everyone likes her at first, especially Cody and JD. While Cody and JD are on patrol, they are surprised to see Jessie jumping off a pier. They are convinced that she is trying to commit suicide. But they soon figure out that Jessie wants to become a stuntwoman. Jumping off the pier was just one of many tricks she has been working on. It turns out that Jessie is the phantom lifeguard when she rescues a little girl named Beth and then disappears mysteriously once again. It does not take very long until everyone finds out that Jessie turns out to be a bad maintenance person. Alex has no choice but to fire her. While Alex is talking to Jessie, she notices scars on her arm. Beth, the little girl Jessie rescued, had the same kind of scars. Later Jessie rescues Sean. When two of Sean's future fraternity pals bury him up to his neck, he starts sinking into a sinkhole. Mitch, Alex, JD and Cody assist Jessie during the rescue. When everyone has seen for themselves what a great lifeguard Jessie is, she gets the opportunity to join rookie school that is supposed to start next week. One day, Alex approaches Mitch and tells him that she wants to come out from behind her desk. Mitch knows that she is a lifeguard and a certified paramedic, but still he lets her stay at headquarters.

Ed Symes returns (8.18 "Quarantine") and offers Mitch some free medical supplies if he lets him ride in the call car with him. Alex comes along and Ed bothers her all the time. When Sheryl calls them from her tower about a man with a possible heart attack, they drive to her tower. It turns out, however, the man just has cramps from a too-vigorous workout. Ed who wants to be a hero, rushes towards them with the defibrillator. Trying to save the jogger, Mitch is shocked instead. To get even with Ed, he and Alex ask him to demonstrate a sling/stretcher victim. When Ed is completely tied up and helpless, Mitch and Alex leave him on the beach.

S09E06 - Drop Zone Air Date: 26 October 1998 17:00 -

While Mitch and Newmie are walking down the beach, Mitch tells Newmie about a confrontation he has had with a gang. He tells Newmie that he talked them out of returning. Then suddenly Mitch's tower explodes. That is a warning from the gang. Meanwhile, April meets two tourists from Salt Lake City on the beach. They are named Sherri and Vic. Sherri wants to paint while Vic goes for a swim. When the swells are getting bad, April warns Vic but he assures her he is a good swimmer. A while later however, Vic gets swept under by the growing waves. April tries to rescue Vic but the waves are too big. When April resurfaces, Vic is nowhere to be seen. Many lifeguards arrive to the beach to search for Vic, but they are not able to find him anywhere. Mitch feels sorry for Sherri and promises her to continue the search the next morning. Mitch decides to escort Sherri to her hotel where she tells him that she is pregnant. Later at headquarters when April tries to comfort Sherri, she confronts April and blames her for Vic's death. When Vic's body finally is recovered, Sherri knows for sure he is dead.

When Jessie and Alex walk by a group of convicts working on a chain gang, Jessie keeps staring at one of them named Deke. When Jessie and Alex have walked away, Deke's partner Garcia fakes a stomach-ache. When the security guard approaches Garcia, Deke knocks him down and the two convicts are able to escape. Deke decides to hide himself in Jessie's tower. It turns out that Deke is her ex-boyfriend and now he wants Jessie to follow him to Mexico. She makes him believe that is what she wants as well. But it all turns out to be a trap because Jessie has alerted the Coast Guard. Deke tries to escape by climbing up a cliff followed by Newmie. When Deke almost falls down, he is rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter and returned to prison. Jessie tells Mitch and Alex about her life with Deke. They let her stay in rookie school.

S09E07 - Hot Summer Night Air Date: 02 November 1998 17:00 -

When Mitch and Hobie are walking down the beach after a tough day, they notice a strange smell in a tunnel. When they have entered the tunnel, Mitch immediately recognizes the smell. Some workers have accidentally damaged a gas line. One of the workers drops his cigarette into the tunnel and Mitch and Hobie have to run out before it explodes. Later in the marina, Hobie meets his friends Brad, Josie and Randy. Because they are in no condition to drive, Hobie drives Brad's dad's boat. While they are driving, Josie pulls the throttle to full speed. Hobie loses control and it is just a matter of time before the boat turns over. Hobie manages to rescue everyone with the help of Jessie and April Josie ends up in a coma and Brad tells Josie's father that Hobie caused the accident. Hobie ends up in prison due to reckless driving. His bail is set at $ 300 000. Mitch pays his bail using the deed to his house along with April's money as collateral. When Hobie meets Josie's father at the hospital, he threatens to sue Hobie. The next day, Mitch has to give Hobie the bad news that he is temporarily off the lifeguard roster. Hobie leaves upset and feels like everyone has abandoned him. Mitch takes Hobie to the hospital to meet Josie who has come out of her coma. Josie tells her father the truth that she pulled the throttle. After finding out about the truth, Josie's father apologizes to Hobie.

Meanwhile, Jessie is a little scared about taking tower responsibility. She is afraid she is going to lose someone just like April did (9.6 "Drop Zone"). When she is in her tower, Jessie has a terrible nightmare that she is guarding the beach and then everyone starts drowning and calling to her. Later the same day when she and April are supposed to pick up a ghost net, they are forced to make a rescue instead when a diver has been caught in the net. But Jessie is frozen with fear. After the rescue has been completed, Jessie announces that she is going to quit Baywatch. But Mitch talks her out of it and she decides to stay.

S09E08 - Swept Away Air Date: 09 November 1998 17:00 -

Mitch meets a young boy who is physically abused at home. Jessie and J.D. develop feelings for each other. Alex becomes a contestant on Jeopardy!

S09E09 - The Swimmer Air Date: 16 November 1998 17:00 -

Jessie hires a medical supply instructor as her stunt instructor.

S09E10 - Friends Forever Air Date: 23 November 1998 17:00 -

Mitch takes in an orangutan, named Morton, that escapes from its abusive dwarf owner, which complicates Mitch's and Alex's plans for Baywatch's annual Special Olympics program, while Cody and Jessie deal with Morton's owner, Herbert Green. One of the Special Olympics participators, a hearing-impaired girl named Kara, takes a liking to Morton and when she tries to hide Morton from Herbert, they end up trapped in a cave with a rising tide that threatens to drown her and the orangutan.

S09E11 - The Edge Air Date: 14 December 1998 17:00 -

Cody puts his career (and life) on the line when he starts using a performance-enhancing supplement in hopes of making it to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which soon begins affecting his life guarding job as well. Meanwhile, Newman makes a play for Alex who's oblivious to his moves, while she quarrels with Mitch over running the Baywatch lifeguard program. But when Mitch spends more time with Alex, including getting stuck in a traffic jam and ending up in a lifeguard tower to spend the night, Newman becomes jealous.

S09E12 - The Big Blue Air Date: 11 January 1999 17:00 -

Mitch becomes acquainted with some old armed service friends of an Army parachutist team where he tries to reunite one sky jumper, Tracy McComb, with her estranged Naval officer father who has a terminal illness. Jessie becomes intrigued with skydiving and persuades Mitch to go along with her for a jump, which takes a turn when they are forced to rescue some people from a boat wreck off Catalina. Meanwhile, Cody helps out Mehgan Hanley-Grier, a world famous, beautiful free-diver in training for a national deep dive competition.

S09E13 - Come Fly with Me Air Date: 18 January 1999 17:00 -

Mitch finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he becomes reacquainted with Tanner, the abused nine-year-old boy, whom he saves from his abusive father, Blake, and lets the boy stay at his house while Alex becomes Mitch's co-conspirator in helping Tanner. Meanwhile, Jessie has a secret admirer that turns out to be a stunt pilot who is apparently leaving her expensive gifts in her lifeguard tower, much to J.D.'s indifference. Alex has her share of trouble when several swimmers show signs of food poisoning from a bad batch of hot dogs. And Mitch and Tanner bond during a ride on the windjet but it's interrupted by Blake, the abusive father, and a fight breaks out between Mitch and Blake. In the end, Blake heads off to prison and Mitch becomes Tanner's foster dad and Tanner moves in with him.

S09E14 - Boys Will Be Boys Air Date: 01 February 1999 17:00 -

Craig returns to Baywatch after spending three weeks in Washington D.C. Both Mitch and April notice a change in him. Craig seems more depressed than usual. During a rescue, Mitch rescues the woman, while Craig is stuck with a 300-pound man. Craig is almost knocked unconscious by the man, but Mitch arrives just in time to return them to safety. Mitch is concerned about Craig's health after the rescue. He tells Craig that divorces can be tough and if he needs someone to talk to, Mitch will always be there to listen. Craig just tells him that everything is fine. Mitch and April decide that he needs to talk to Craig. Therefore he plans on taking him paddle boarding.

Just before they are about to go out on their boards, Craig tells Mitch that he has lymphoma. The doctors discovered it early and Craig might live for another ten years. When they have paddled out, they are caught in a fog. While they are waiting for the fog to disappear, Craig starts eating a candy bar that he had stored in a compartment of his wet suit. Of course Mitch wants some and they end up losing it in the ocean. Craig tells Mitch that he is going to break up with April. He does not want her to end up without a boyfriend when he dies. Mitch talks him out of it.

Later a shark arrives and knocks Craig off his board. Craig is knocked unconscious. After Mitch has scared away the shark, he rescues Craig. When Mitch hears a seagull, they know they are close to shore. They end up at San Clemente, an island the Military use for target practice. They are arrested by the military and returned home. Craig decides to give his relationship with April another chance. Meanwhile, Cody and JD get into a battle of egos. Both JD and Cody try to put up the sail in their sailboat. But both of them fail and Jessie is the one who ends up doing it. JD is working extra at a local Bally's Total Fitness club. When Cody arrives, he starts training the girls for free. This upsets JD who thinks that Cody is stealing money right out of his pocket. The two of them also decides to have a churro contest. Cody is planning on entering the Oceanside pre-Olympic triathlon. JD tells him that he can do it too. Then Jessie decides to participate as well. Cody and JD keeps ruining the race for each other all the time. And in the end, when they have injured themselves, Jessie beats them at the finish line.

Meanwhile, Manny has returned for his ten days on the beach. He goes to school at Stanford. Manny wants to talk to April but she avoids him all the time. She is afraid to tell Manny the truth about her and Craig. When Manny finally gets to talk to April, he tells her that he is engaged to someone else. He met her at Stanford. April is happy for him and confesses that she too is in love with someone else. They decide to remain good friends.

S09E15 - Baywatch Grand Prix Air Date: 08 February 1999 17:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mitch gets the need for speed when Tanner's cousin Damon Lusk, a race car driver, visits for a race car competition, and who also has a meeting of the minds with Alex. But when Damon falls ill due to an allergic reaction to shellfish, he asks Mitch to take his place for a major grand prix race, where Mitch comes up against, Mark Martin, an old rival from his own former race car days. Meanwhile, after the rescue of an obnoxious couple from the ocean that attracts a lot of media attention; Newman, Cody, April and the other lifeguards help to develop a new TV show about lifeguards, titled 'Beachside', in which Newman's brother-in-law is going to sponsor.

S09E16 - Baywatch Down Under (1) Air Date: 15 February 1999 17:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mitch, Alex, April, Jessie, Cody and Jake Barnes from Zuma Beach are participating in a big rescue. A car has ended up in Bologna Creek. When the driver has been returned to safety, Mitch notices that Jake is missing. Jake is trapped under a fallen tree.

S09E17 - Baywatch Down Under (2) Air Date: 22 February 1999 17:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Terry leaves the house in the morning and leaves a note for Jake. He goes to the dock where Clare's sailboat is. He takes his dog Spencer with him and sails away. Jake finds the note and tells Allie and Jessie that he needs some clues about where Terry is hiding.

S09E18 - Water Dance Air Date: 22 March 1999 17:00 -

When Mitch and Cody are out paddling on their surfboards, they see a beautiful violin-player on a yacht. She plays really good and Cody falls in love with her immediately. Suddenly a woman comes out on the deck and forces her to quit. Later on, the violin-player named Ariana tries to escape from the yacht. Later Mitch and Cody decide to return to the yacht. It´s illegal to spend the night out at sea. When they come onboard the yacht, they meet the owner of the boat, Lena Svenson. When they meet Ariana, she invites them to her recital the next day in Malibu. Wealthy industrialist Miles Clayton hosts the recital. Miles and Lena are planning on smuggling a valuable etching of a famous painting inside Ariana´s violin bow. But after the concert, Ariana runs away with the violin bow without knowing what´s in it. Cody and Mitch are surprised to find her in a lifeguard tower later on. She tells them that after her parents´ death, Lena became her guardian. Ariana believes that Lena is working for Clayton. She is tired of her restrictive life and just wants to be a normal person. Cody takes her for a walk down in Venice where he buys her one of his famous hot dogs. Then they see her bodyguards Troy and Erik, who start chasing them. Cody and Ariana run to the tower and try to figure out why they were being chased. It doesn´t take long before they find the etching in the violin bow. They find it just before Troy and Erik enter the tower with their guns. Troy and Erik tie up Mitch and Cody in the tower and takes Ariana with them in the zodiac. When they are left alone in the tower, Mitch knocks over the first aid kit and grabs the scissors to cut them free. They start chasing the zodiac with the help of the wind jet. Alex helps them to locate the zodiac from the air in her new lifeguard invention Air Sea - an airplane that can both fly and work as a boat. When they have located the boat, Mitch and Cody start chasing them on wave runners instead. Mitch and Cody splash water into the zodiac. Eventually, Troy and Erik have to give up after a fight between the four of them.

S09E19 - Double Jeopardy Air Date: 26 April 1999 16:00 -

While on her way to her grandmother's birthday party, Alex's day gets sidetracked when she tries to save a diamond runner, named Ben, whose partners, Lisa and Jason, want to silence him for good which leads to a standoff in an underwater cave with Alex and Ben trying to avoid the rising tide and the smugglers circling above in their motorboat. Meanwhile, Hobie and Mitch begin to get on each other's case over privacy in the house, which prompts Hobie to think about moving out. But when Hobie cannot get in with his friends, Neely Capshaw returns and gives Hobie an lucrative offer to move in with her for a while which makes Mitch angry knowing that Neely always has an agenda.

S09E20 - Wave Rage Air Date: 03 May 1999 16:00 -

April tries to save Manny from himself after he suffers a life-altering back injury during a rescue. April then decides to take Manny's place with Hobie in a boat race with the other lifeguards from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Neely begins a new plan of revenge against Mitch first by taunting him and then bringing assault charges against him. Then Neely meets her match when she goes after Alex who tries to intervene in the feud between Neely and Mitch. When Neely tries to drug Alex with sleeping pills, Alex is forced to take time off and she finally stands up to Neely by firing her from Baywatch, and gives her a farewell punch to the face.

S09E21 - Galaxy Girls Air Date: 10 May 1999 16:00 -

Newmie and Alex are spending a lot of time together riding Sea Doos, going scuba diving and stuff like that. Newmie is convinced that Alex has the hots for him and plans to make a move on her. He tells Mitch about it, but Mitch tells him that it can not be true.

S09E22 - Castles in the Sand Air Date: 17 May 1999 16:00 -

Alex one morning is doing her morning workout run on the beach where she finds a big beautiful sand castle on the beach in front of her tower; she gets curious and tries to find out who has been making these lovely sandcastles. A couple of days later she runs down to her tower to find a young boy building a sand castle outside her tower. He sees Alex and runs away; she chases him and discovers something personal about his appearance.

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