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Genres: Drama | Medical
Station: BBC One (UK)
Status: Running
Start: 1986-09-06

Casualty Next Episode Air Date

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Casualty Air Dates

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  • S30E01 - A Child's Heart - Part One

    It's a blast from the past as more than one of the hospital staff fight for their lives. Jacob institutes emergency protocol after gang violence takes a deadly turn.

    Air Date: 29 August 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E02 - A Child's Heart - Part Two

    Tensions rise as events spiral out of control and gang crime threatens to spill in to the hospital corridors.

    Air Date: 30 August 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E03 - Objectum Sexual

    It's a big day for Louise as an unusual romance flourishes at Holby ED.

    Air Date: 05 September 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E04 - Cradle to the Grave

    There's a new doctor in the ED as life and death hang in the balance.

    Air Date: 19 September 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E05 - Belief

    Terror comes to Holby. Extremists from both sides of the divide enter the emergency department, but it's the innocent that get caught in the crossfire.

    Air Date: 26 September 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E06 - All the Single Ladies

    . Iain and Dixie are pushed to the limit, but their rewards are many.

    Air Date: 03 October 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E07 - Rules of Attraction

    Cal's back on an even keel. Can things only get better?

    Air Date: 10 October 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E08 - Flutterby

    Love conquers all for one young couple, while Charlie helps a father and daughter deal with their grief.

    Air Date: 17 October 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E09 - One Shot
    Air Date: 24 October 2015 19:15 -
  • S30E10 - Best Served Cold
    Air Date: 31 October 2015 21:05 -
  • S30E11 - Avoidable Harm
    Air Date: 14 November 2015 20:15 -
  • S30E12 - Strangers
    Air Date: 21 November 2015 20:15 -
  • S30E13 - Estranged
    Air Date: 28 November 2015 20:15 -
  • S30E14 - Maybe This Year
    Air Date: 05 December 2015 21:05 -
  • S30E15 - Silence Speaks

    Connie tries not to bring her personal life into work but accidentally dismisses Jacob at the same time.

    Air Date: 12 December 2015 20:30 -
  • S30E16 - Home for Christmas

    Not everyone is feeling merry as Christmas Eve approaches.

    Air Date: 19 December 2015 20:00 -
  • S30E17 - A Life Less Ordinary

    Cal struggles with his recent discovery and goes well and truly off the rails. Ethan is furious with him as Charlie grows more and more concerned.

    Air Date: 02 January 2016 21:10 -
  • S30E18 - Lie to Me

    Dixie feels bittersweet after stepping up and becoming a hero.

    Air Date: 09 January 2016 21:05 -
  • S30E19 - Black Alert

    The team have to pull together in difficult circumstances.

    Air Date: 16 January 2016 21:05 -
  • S30E20 - Shame

    Jacob teaches a man off the street how to approach his crush. Ethan is disillusioned.

    Air Date: 23 January 2016 21:05 -
  • S30E21 - The Good Life

    Dixie helps a man face up to the truth, but she's unsure about a decision in her own life.

    Air Date: 30 January 2016 21:10 -
  • S30E22 - Step Right Up

    Ethan's world is about to be shaken, just as he is getting back into the swing of things. He and Lily work well together helping a autistic girl get the support she needs.

    Air Date: 06 February 2016 21:20 -
  • S30E23 - Hearts and Flowers

    Not everyone is feeling the love on Valentine's Day.

    Air Date: 13 February 2016 21:20 -
  • S30E24 - Just Do It

    Grace suffers from a panic attack. Sam convinces Connie that she isn't a good mother, but Jacob sees that she doesn't want Grace to leave again. Grace sets off to catch her flight, with Connie hoping to reach her in time. Noel discovers the truth and moves out of Big Mac's. Mercedes finds herself forced to sell drugs and ends up in hospital. Zoe and Max sleep together.

    Air Date: 20 February 2016 21:25 -
  • S30E25 - Fatal Error (Part 1)

    Lofty is asked to run the nursing team for a day and struggles with the pressure of his new position. He steps up and asks a disruptive patient to leave, but this soon backfires when the patient is brought back in as an emergency case. They soon manage to save her, but another silly mistake causes a agency nurse to receive a shock from a defibrillator. Big Mac tries making up with Noel, but he's having none of it. Louise tries getting to he bottom of what's going on, but he is soon popping painkillers again.

    Air Date: 27 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S30E26 - Fatal Error (Part 2)

    Lofty has to decide what to say in his statement in the aftermath of the Diana incident. Dylan tells him to be clear it was an accident. Will Lofty decide to confess everything to Rita, or will he carry the burden forever?

    Air Date: 05 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S30E27 - High Tide

    Lofty has a life-changing decision to make when he comes face to face with the consequences of his actions.

    Air Date: 12 March 2016 21:35 -
  • S30E28 - Sweet Child of Mine

    On a terrifying day, Connie realises how much Jacob means to her as he puts himself in danger to save her.

    She's ready to say ‘yes' to love, but is reluctant to tell Grace about their relationship. Before she gets a chance to break the news, Grace catches them kissing and is furious, giving her mother an ultimatum.

    Mercedes comes in with her son Connor. She's having drug-induced fits and Connor's dad, Vince, comes in and is furious with her. Big Mac helps her see the error of her ways, while Vince agrees to come home with them.

    Ethan is distressed, but he shuts Cal and everyone out. Louise and Jack lock Big Mac and Noel in the stationery cupboard to sort out their differences once and for all. Slowly, they come to an understanding, and their friendship is cemented once more.

    Air Date: 26 March 2016 20:15 -
  • S30E29 - Buried Alive

    After a terrifying day, Connie gets some perspective when she's faced with the prospect of never seeing Grace again.

    Connie tells Jacob that they can't be together as she has to focus on Grace. Distancing himself from her, Jacob spends a day out with the paramedics and ends up in a partly-collapsed building. When Connie hears Jacob is in trouble, she races to the scene to help. As they treat the patient they both get trapped in the basement. Will the paramedics reach them in time or will they get buried alive?

    In a rage, Ethan tells Lily his devastating Huntington's news and tells her he wishes it could have been Cal. His brother overhears it all and goes AWOL.

    With trouble at home, Connor turns up at the department and begins to follow Max around. Max decides to take him under his wing and show him how to be a porter for the day. Zoe can't help swooning over the cute duo.

    Air Date: 02 April 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E30 - Hopelessly Addicted

    Jacob has reverted to being an alpha male and takes it upon himself to track down a dangerous drug dealer in Holby. With several patients suffering from the same symptoms, he skilfully persuades an unlikely person to comply.

    Big Mac is more reliant on his painkillers than ever. He tries to get Zoe to write him another prescription, but to no avail. Starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and more desperate than ever for relief, Big Mac offers to help Robyn unpack the drugs delivery, and after a brief crisis of conscience, pockets a few packs.

    Connor falls in a bin and hurts himself. He calls Max instead of Mercedes to help him. She is annoyed and suspicious, but Zoe steps up to defend him.

    Air Date: 09 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S30E31 - Survivors
    Air Date: 16 April 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E32 - A Clear Conscience

    Big Mac's secret is getting on top of him and he's not the only one who's reached their limit today.

    Painkillers are reported missing and suspected stolen. Big Mac's addiction is starting to affect his health. Mercedes threatens him to steal more drugs, but Big Mac eventually has to come clean to Noel and admit he has a problem. Noel is supportive and encourages him to go to an NA meeting, but will Big Mac bottle it last-minute?

    Rita suspects Mark's stalking her when Charlie informs her that a number of complaints have been made against her. When she looks into it, the patients don't exist. She feels safe with Iain, but when she goes home she discovers her bedroom has been trashed, and she's terrified.

    Jack has the day from hell and decides to leave to pursue his dreams in the travel industry.

    Air Date: 23 April 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E33 - Tangled Webs We Weave
    Air Date: 30 April 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E34 - Hello, I Must Be Going

    A new doctor starts at the emergency department and she's about to get a baptism of fire.

    Air Date: 07 May 2016 19:50 -
  • S30E35 - Chain Reaction

    Dylan gets a nasty surprise when a familiar face arrives in the emergency department asking for forgiveness. But is it all too little too late?

    Air Date: 21 May 2016 19:45 -
  • S30E36 - This Life

    Robyn is determined to bring David out of his shell, and Big Mac struggles to hide the toll his addiction is taking.

    Air Date: 28 May 2016 19:40 -
  • S30E37 - The Best Day of My Life
    Air Date: 04 June 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E38 - You Make Me Sick
    Air Date: 11 June 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E39 - History Repeating

    In a special 1,000th episode of Casualty, an old friend pops down from the obstetrics and gynaecology department and reveals to Charlie that they are back working as an agency nurse in Holby.

    Air Date: 25 June 2016 19:15 -
  • S30E40 - What Lies Beneath

    Connie agrees to offer a nervous Jacob moral support at a presentation. Rita turns up to work with a black eye, and when Ian assumes it was Mark's doing, she doesn't deny it. Back at the ED, a herion addict dies.

    Air Date: 03 July 2016 20:25 -
  • S30E41 - Where the Truth Lies

    Medical drama. Dylan treats his family, while David uncovers Glen's secret.

    Air Date: 09 July 2016 20:25 -
  • S30E42 - The Fear

    Rita gets a frosty reception from the ED, while Iain struggles to assert his authority.

    Air Date: 16 July 2016 20:25 -
  • S30E43 - Sticks and Stones

    Connie deals with a case too close to home; will she and Grace find a way through?

    Air Date: 30 July 2016 20:25 -
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