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Genres: Comedy | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Anime
Station: nicktoons (JP)
Status: Running
Start: 2013-09-07

Digimon Fusion Next Episode Air Date

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There is no Next Episode of Digimon Fusion planned.

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Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture Digimon Fusion episode countdown picture

Digimon Fusion Air Dates

Ratings: 4/10 from 2 users
  • S02E01 - Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland!

    Mikey and Shoutmon find the Digital World divided into seven sections, each ruled by a dark general.

    Air Date: 08 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E02 - Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!

    A rescue mission gets underway when a dark general named Dorbickmon tries to delete some Fusion Fighters.

    Air Date: 08 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E03 - Vampire Land and the Moonlight General

    A trip to Vampire Land reveals that some Digimon have been abducted by NeoMyotismon, one of the dark generals.

    Air Date: 15 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E04 - Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

    NeoMyotismon absorbs Metal Greymon, so Mikey and Shoutman seek assistance from the White Lopmon.

    Air Date: 15 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E05 - The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honeyland

    The gang go to Honeyland, where digi-honey is being made from the drained energy of Digimon. While there, they meet a possible new ally in their fight against one of the dark generals.

    Air Date: 22 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E06 - Sweet Revenge: The Horrors of Honeyland!

    The gang experience terror at Honeyland's theme park, which is run by the region's dark general.

    Air Date: 22 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E07 - Ewan and the Land of Illusion

    Nene learns troubling news about her brother: He's become one of Lord Bagra's generals.

    Air Date: 29 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E08 - Psyche-Out in Cyber Land!

    A young girl from Cyber Land wants to join the team, but Dorulumon is suspicious about her.

    Air Date: 29 March 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E09 - The Water Tiger's Slippery Trap

    A shape-shifting dark general uses tricks and traps on Mikey and his pals.

    Air Date: 05 April 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E10 - Gold Land and the Irate Pirate!

    Mikey and his pals join a pirate crew in order to save Shoutmon and some other team members.

    Air Date: 05 April 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E11 - Ballistamon's Bad News Blast From the Past!

    Baillistamon's evil side is unleashed, so Shoutmon tries to transform him back to his old self.

    Air Date: 05 April 2015 15:00 -
  • S02E12 - Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!

    Christopher wants to go on a solo mission to defeat the Dark General of Canyon Land.

    Air Date: 05 July 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E13 - Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship

    Christopher turns on the Fusion Fighters and sets out to defeat Mikey and Shoutmon.

    Air Date: 05 July 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E14 - Regeneration Frustration!

    The Fusion Fighters pour their energy into the fight against Dark General Gravimon, who in addition to his fearsome army and ability to re-constitute his body, has set his sights on taking the power of X7 for himself.

    Air Date: 12 July 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E15 - Dark Side of the Sun

    The Fusion Fighters are divided on whether or not they can trust Apollomon, the Dark General of Bright Land, who claims he is secretly on their side and needs their help to defeat Lord Bagra.

    Air Date: 12 July 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E16 - The Dark Side of Bright Land

    Falling into Bright Land's underworld, the Fusion Fighters find themselves landed on ambiguous place. Soon, they spot and enter a white castle. While they found a throne and a crystal placed in the middle of the castle, Ewan send out a two ways virtual communication through the crystal from the dark castle, informing that they have landed into Hell's Field, declaring a battle. But the battle is unique as the losing group's general would be killed upon defeat. Christopher makes the decision to accept the offer to Mikey and Nene's shock. But Christopher reveals intent to make Ewan understand that the battle is not a game. As the battles take off, AxeKnightmon and Whispered's followers battle Shoutmon ×5, Beelzemon and Mervamon while Christopher has Cyberdramon attack Whispered and Sethmon. As Ewan predicts that the battle goes according to his will, he unexpectedly encounters with Mikey who strikes the black castle directly with MetalGreymon holding off Tuwarmon. While the fights goes on, a terrified Ewan flees from Mikey before taking a sword with the intent to settle things out in a duel.

    Air Date: 19 July 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E17 - The Battle of the Young Generals

    Taiki ends up facing Yuu in a sword fight and is losing against him. By then, Whispered appears and reports of Kiriha's defeat along with DarkKnightmon and Lilithmon chasing Nene, Shoutmon ×5, Beelzebumon and Mervamon. Yuu then reveals how he got to the Digital World and his encountering with DarkKnightmon, making the boy to unfold his true nature. Realizing the truth behind the facade, Taiki picks himself up and defeats Yuu while convincing that what DarkKnightmon said was nothing but lies. But, even with Nene's attempt to further convince him, Yuu refuses to believe and instead DigiXros DeadlyAxemon, all of Whispered's minions and Hell's fields' evil energy into Tuwarmon, assuming Deadly Tuwarmon Hell Mode. However, as the Xros Heart members gathered to form Shoutmon ×7 and cause some damages on Tuwarmon, Yuu begins to self doubt his faith in DarkKnightmon. Badly injured, Tuwarmon along with Yuu is forced to withdraw from the battle, who then asks him if Taiki is telling the truth.

    Air Date: 19 July 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E18 - Beezlemon's Revenge!

    Ewan's family comes to grips with the notion that the Digital World is not a game; Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must escape the underworld.

    Air Date: 26 July 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E19 - The Darkest Dark General of All!

    As Apollomon Whispered grows stronger, Mikey must come to terms with the fact that his ally may be lost forever; the Fusion Fighters regroup.

    Air Date: 26 July 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E20 - Prison Land

    The Fusion Fighters arrive at Lord Bagra's castle; all seven of the Dark Generals have regenerated to battle the Fighters.

    Air Date: 02 August 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E21 - Rotten to the Digi-Core!

    In an attempt to save his friends, Mikey allows Axeknightmon to extract his Digi-Core and is sent to the holding cell of Prison Land.

    Air Date: 02 August 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E22 - D5 and the Brotherhood of Evil!

    After escaping Prison Land, Mikey and the Fusion Fighters come face-to-face with Lord Bagra; Lord Bagra absorbs the Dark Code Crown and becomes stronger.

    Air Date: 09 August 2015 14:00 -
  • S02E23 - The Darkness Before the Dawn

    After witnessing Axeknightmon's treachery, the Fusion Fighters fear all hope is lost; the Fighters receive some unexpected help from a pair of old friends.

    Air Date: 09 August 2015 14:30 -
  • S02E24 - Final Fusion! The Fight for Earth!

    With both the human and the Digital World invaded by MegaDarkness Bagramon, the Fusion Fighters have one last hope; Mikey sets out to save Shoutmon; good and evil Digimon clash in an epic battle.

    Air Date: 16 August 2015 14:00 -
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