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Station: BBC One (UK)
Status: Ended
Start: 1963-11-23

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  • S15E01 - Horror of Fang Rock, Part One

    The TARDIS lands near an isolated rocky island lighthouse just after a comet strikes the nearby sea and a sudden chilling fog rolls in. Soon after, electrical problems take hold of the generator and one of the keepers dies mysteriously. Rueben, the eldest keeper, thinks it's the return of the legendary Beast of Fang Rock, but the Doctor suspects it's something worse that a legend.

    Air Date: 03 September 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E02 - Horror of Fang Rock, Part Two

    With inexplicable electrical problems keeping the lighthouse from maintaining a steady beam, a foolhardy ship crashes against the island rocks. Four shaken and discontent survivors join the people inside where the Doctor surmises they're all being carefully scrutinized, a prelude to an attack.

    Air Date: 10 September 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E03 - Horror of Fang Rock, Part Three

    A death scream is heard, yet all are accounted for. Eventually the Doctor finds a body stashed away but hours old, with rigor mortis already settling in, which means there's a chameleon in their midst. Completely cut off from the rest of the world and with an escalating body count, the Doctor wonders just what, exactly, he's locked inside the lighthouse with them all.

    Air Date: 17 September 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E04 - Horror of Fang Rock, Part Four

    With little to fear, and its mother ship about to land and turn Earth into an alien attack base, the electrically charged Rutan scout drops its human guise and attacks openly.

    Air Date: 24 September 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E05 - The Invisible Enemy, Part One

    "Contact has been made!" A relief crew en route to Titan in 5000 AD unwarily pick up hitchhikers that change them. Shortly thereafter the Doctor, passing through the same point in space, is hitchhiked as well, but not Leela - a reject who must die.

    Air Date: 01 October 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E06 - The Invisible Enemy, Part Two

    The Doctor draws into himself, fighting the voice in his own head that's trying to take over his intelligence.

    Air Date: 08 October 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E07 - The Invisible Enemy, Part Three

    The medical center mounts a defense against alien forces trying to take the comatose Doctor while clones of Leela and the Doctor go microscopic so they can hunt down the intelligent infection that's in his head.

    Air Date: 15 October 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E08 - The Invisible Enemy, Part Four

    In trying to retrieve the clones from inside the Doctor, the alien virus is brought from the microbial world into the macro-world, and it's ready to spawn.

    Air Date: 22 October 1977 16:15 -
  • S15E09 - Image of the Fendahl, Part One

    Archeologists near a reputedly haunted woods use a time scanner to explore the history of a sinister 12 million year old skull, creating a hole in time that attracts the Doctor's attention.

    Air Date: 29 October 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E10 - Image of the Fendahl, Part Two

    Every time the archaeologists explore the ancient skull, something deadly hunts and haunts the wood while one of the researchers is particularly affected.

    Air Date: 05 November 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E11 - Image of the Fendahl, Part Three

    The Doctor endeavors to prevent the re-existence of a Fendahl, a group entity that feeds on life itself and thought only to exist in Time Lord mythology, but a witches' coven, seeking power, intervenes.

    Air Date: 12 November 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E12 - Image of the Fendahl, Part Four

    With one of the archaeologists transformed and a massive implosion threatening, the Fendahl and its Fendahleen components start coming into existence while the Doctor, Leela and the Tylers do what they can to stop it.

    Air Date: 19 November 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E13 - The Sun Makers, Part One

    The Tardis lands on Pluto in the far future. Instead of being a lifeless rock, there's scented air, massive buildings, six suns, a human population subjugated by crippling taxes from a government called "The Company," and a man about to commit suicide.

    Air Date: 26 November 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E14 - The Sun Makers, Part Two

    Captured by the authorities, the Doctor finds himself restrained in a Correction Centre where he's to be prepped for painful shock treatments, making him unable to return within a given time frame to the underground rebels holding Leela, who are prepared to kill her as promised.

    Air Date: 03 December 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E15 - The Sun Makers, Part Three

    The merciless Collector, who runs The Company, issues a bounty on the Doctor for his capture, while an already captured Leela is sentenced to public execution, via a steamer, for crimes against the company.

    Air Date: 10 December 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E16 - The Sun Makers, Part Four

    Attempting to start a successful revolution, the Doctor uses Pluto's Public Address System to announce successful revolution, all the while trying to determine the Collector's true species and why he, or it, seems set on taxing the life out of humans.

    Air Date: 17 December 1977 17:15 -
  • S15E17 - Underworld, Part One

    Materializing at the edge of the cosmos, the frontier of creation, The Doctor, Leela & K-9 encounter four ancient space travelers from Minyos, the first race ever contacted by the Time Lords. All but extinct due to their Time Lords encounter, the Minyans (rejuvenated 1000 times each) have been embarked on a long 100,000 year old quest, searching the universe for the lost race bank of their species to take to a new home world. But their equally old ship is finally failing, succumbing to the gravitational pull of a newly forming sun and taking the Doctor and his party with it.

    Air Date: 07 January 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E18 - Underworld, Part Two

    Crashing inside a newly formed planet, the Doctor and others find it inhabited by a slave labor mining society, where rocks are harvested for their radioactive energy and human life has little value. With a population controlled by deliberate cave-ins, poison gas, and periodic sacrifices to an Oracle, the miners, called Trogs, are also descendants from Minyos, and who desperately desire freedom.

    Air Date: 14 January 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E19 - Underworld, Part Three

    Capturing the Doctor and Leela, the citadel guards are quite pleased to have more subjects for their public executions, but it only fires up a Trog revolt instead.

    Air Date: 21 January 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E20 - Underworld, Part Four

    With the Trog revolt close to success, the Oracle grants the Minyos travelers what they seek (the long lost race bank) in hopes they'll depart peacefully and straight away, but the Doctor suspects it's not all going to be as amicable as that. And what to do about the Trogs?

    Air Date: 28 January 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E21 - The Invasion of Time, Part One

    The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to become the President of the High Council of Time Lords. But Leela realizes that the Doctor is acting out of character.

    Air Date: 04 February 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E22 - The Invasion of Time, Part Two

    The Doctor orders Leela exiled from the Capitol, then orders K9 to sabotage Gallifrey's defences.

    Air Date: 11 February 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E23 - The Invasion of Time, Part Three

    The Doctor allows the Vardans to occupy Gallifrey while Leela and Rodan head out into the wasteland to search for help.

    Air Date: 18 February 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E24 - The Invasion of Time, Part Four

    The Doctor convinces Andred to trust him as he works to expel the Vardans, while Leela gathers the Outsiders for an attack on the Capitol.

    Air Date: 25 February 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E25 - The Invasion of Time, Part Five

    The Doctor and his friends flee from the Sontarans and the Doctor tries to convince Borusa to abandon his sacred office in order to help defeat them.

    Air Date: 04 March 1978 17:15 -
  • S15E26 - The Invasion of Time, Part Six

    The Doctor and his friends take refuge in the TARDIS but find themselves pursued by Stor and Kelner.

    Air Date: 11 March 1978 17:15 -
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