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Genres: Drama | Action | Medical
Station: NBC (US)
Status: Ended
Start: 1972-01-22

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  • S02E01 - Decision a.k.a. Problem

    John and Roy rescue a man whose engine fell on him, however, when the radio in the ambulance is broken, Roy treats him without medical authorization. Later, when the patient dies from his injuries (not from Roy's actions), his doctor excoriates Roy, and the entire paramedic program, which disgusts Dr. Brackett and Dixie, especially after a doctor dies from a heart attack despite, all their efforts, and Roy considers quitting Squad 51, Dixie chokes down of Roy's decision.

    Air Date: 17 September 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E02 - Kids

    A stray dog wanders into the station; the station personnel name him Boot, but Boot promptly takes a dislike to John. Later, Roy and John rescue a boy trapped in a hole; examination of the boy leads the doctors to determine the boy has a history of child abuse. A girl runs to Dixie telling her she is giving an airplane to a boy, then Dixie also asks the girl if her best friend hurt himself falling down the hole. The girl says he did not, to which the boy says she is lying. Dr. Brackett's efforts to save the boy from his abusive life fail in the legal system–and lead to tragic results. Other rescues include a boy whose head was stuck in a basement window, Dr. Early freeing a boy's hand from his father's sport steering wheel, and the firefighters rescuing an injured hiker from a rapidly spreading brush fire with help from Boot, who "adopts" a different fire station.

    Air Date: 24 September 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E03 - Show Biz

    Johnny is excited about a photo shoot involving female models. A country doctor helps aid a man trapped under a tractor when Rampart is out of radio range, then himself becomes a patient when he suffers a heart attack. Other rescues include a man drowning in a swimming pool and two stuntmen trapped in a waterfall at a movie studio. A woman is distraught about running over and killing a young girl; when her father shows up bullying Ms. McCall's nurses demanding to see the woman, Dr. Early informs him that the woman died of a brain hemorrhage.

    Air Date: 01 October 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E04 - Virus

    A woman returning from Asia with a monkey also brought back a highly contagious virus that kills a firefighter and sickens Dr. Brackett, later Johnny too is stricken during a rescue of a man having a heart attack on a scaffold, of whom the rescue fails. But the woman is not as sickened and her traveling partner appears to have immunity to the disease. As two professionals are fighting, Dixie talks to the wife, whose husband is (of course) dying. While Dixie, Dr. Early, and Roy treat Johnny, Nurse Walters and Dr. Early treat Dr. Brackett; his conjecture about the woman's immunity (which he makes before he himself is sickened) proves to be crucial to finding the treatment for the virus. The firefighters also rescue a boy with Ménière's syndrome, from a treehouse.

    Air Date: 08 October 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E05 - Peace Pipe

    A drunk driver rams into a car, trapping a little girl inside, and the doctors are concerned the girl may have brain damage, which leads Dixie (before Dr. Brackett), into explaining her parents about that disability, as well as paralysis, if surgery is successful. Firefighter Chester B. "Chet" Kelly pesters John about his Native American Heritage. The paramedics have to rescue a man on a scaffold while a sniper is pinning them down. Other rescues include a boy getting his hand stuck in a gumball machine, a woman whose extremely tight girdle is causing breathing problems, and a fire caused by a workman mixing fuel into water lines.

    Air Date: 15 October 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E06 - Saddled

    Dixie injures her toe, thus lead to her making fun of Drs. Brackett and Early. John decides to do some saddle shopping in preparation for trying for the rodeo. Roy and John aid a girl injured in the explosion of a soda bottle. When Roy cites the owner of a business for an improperly installed gas heater, the owner scoffs at the fireman until they have to return when the heater explodes, injuring the owner. Other rescues include a boy lapsing into a coma after falling from a tree–later found to be suffering from the ITP blood disorder, and saving several children and a nun from a bus crash.

    Air Date: 22 October 1972 00:00 -
  • S02E07 - Fuzz Lady

    Dixie finds out that several items from Rampart are missing, esp. Johnny's jacket, that he has fallen in love with a female sheriff, who helps catch a mugger with Roy. Dixie, Johnny and Roy were all responsible for Dr. Morton's cocky attitude, as Dr. Brackett has a conversation with him regarding this. The paramedics rescue an elderly man from his burning house, assist a grandfather who was injured by a model rocket, and rescue a boat thief trapped on a crane. Boot the dog returns to Station 51, but with the same negative attitude toward Gage.

    Air Date: 05 November 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E08 - Trainee

    A paramedic trainee (who was a former medic in Vietnam) doesn't know how to follow instructions from both John and Roy. Dixie confronts their trainee about competing with real doctors and nurses, as well as the hotshot paramedics. The men also help stop a purse-snatching, aid an injured man who fell down a cliff, assist with an overdose victim, and a man who had an insulin reaction.

    Air Date: 12 November 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E09 - Women

    A young female reporter arrives at Squad 51, to cover the rescues and severely hates the prejudice situation around her that Johnny, most of the firefighters and other male doctors would recognize about chauvinism. This is where Dixie recognizes most of the rude personality from Johnny, from the reporter. The journalist also observes the team save a trapped man under stuck under live power lines, a man trapped in a sofa-bed, another man whose arm is stuck in a garbage disposal, and another man trapped in a bombed building, from which Roy has to rescue an injured Johnny before the building explodes. The doctors treat a boy poisoned by wild hemlock and a girl addicted to drugs. After a nurse fails to follow Dr. Brackett's instructions, he vehemently fires her, who brought that up to Dixie, hearing from him about mistakes that kill people, which leads her into calming Dr. Brackett down.

    Air Date: 26 November 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E10 - Dinner Date

    Roy tries to set John up, with his wife's cousin. An epileptic woman nearly hits a child when he rides out between two parked cars; the ensuing emotional trauma throws her into a mild seizure. A man shoots his son-in-law when he discovers his daughter was married and pregnant without his knowledge. Drug and alcohol addictions rear their heads in four cases: A woman suffering from gangrene in her hand, an alcoholic who collapsed at his home in a hepatic coma, a girl poisoned by taking pills laced with sodium hydroxide (who subsequently dies), and a man suffering from tetanus. Other rescues include an obese man whose pacemaker has failed and freeing an asthmatic child whose has gotten an arm stuck in a swimming pool drain, with the help of Dixie, Dr. Early, John and Roy, while in the hospital.

    Air Date: 03 December 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E11 - Musical Mania

    John takes up bagpipes, then trombone, and finally guitar after Kelly jokes with him about playing the squad's horn. John and Roy treat a gardener suffering from tetanus, a driver of an ice cream truck trapped after a wreck, a girl who has overdosed on barbiturates, and later dies, and a pilot of a glider who crashed, and they also free a man trapped under his house. Dixie and Dr. Early talk to a couple whose son is suffering from lead poisoning, later found to be also suffering from deprivation dwarfism, and the father refuses to treat his son with experimental growth hormones.

    Air Date: 10 December 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E12 - Helpful

    When Roy and his wife, Joanne, have a fight, John helps them out, which makes the situation worse. During the rescue of a man whose car is hanging over a bridge, the erratic instructions and behavior of a new doctor, Dr. Varner concern Dixie. Dr. Varner later catches an atrial myxoma, that Drs. Early and Brackett had both missed, but she then is found asleep in her car, and Dixie learns the reason for her behavior. The firefighters assist a man who had fallen off a roof trying to get his dog down (then they rescue the dog), and two children lost in a rapidly flooding storm drain.

    Air Date: 17 December 1972 01:00 -
  • S02E13 - Drivers

    John complains about drivers failing to yield to the squad when their lights are on, so he writes the Chief who employs a deputy to monitor driver behavior. A college quarterback suffers from muscle cramps affecting his back which sidelines him from a big weekend game, Roy and John teach a CPR class to a group of senior citizens, then learn that their former paramedic instructor has died from cardiac arrest. The firefighters rescue a boy stuck upside down in a tree, and assist people trapped in a large fire at a hotel, complicated by a cardiac victim on the third floor.

    Air Date: 07 January 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E14 - School Days

    John and Roy are breaking in a new trainee who lacks self-confidence in tight situations, including assisting an elderly man who was injured by a falling bookcase, an ambulance broadsided by a car, a boy injured in a chemistry lab accident at his home, a sleeping man with a "snake" on his chest, and a man injured and trapped in a junkyard. A man says to Dixie that the boy's mother was separating; she asks them to find his mother. Dixie talks to the mother, whose own son is suffering from brain hemorrhage. Doctors treat a baseball player beaned in a game while not wearing a batting helmet.

    Air Date: 14 January 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E15 - The Professor

    A professor working with the Secret Service is experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, and Dr. Brackett resents the interference of the government agents in the professor's care, where the professor's wife talks to Dixie, whose husband was brought over to the hospital for a physical examination. (The professor proves to have had MAO inhibitors prescribed to treat depression that had stricken him, but his physician had neglected to give him or his household staff proper dietary instructions.) Roy has an admirer calling him everywhere, despite Johnny saying, to both Dixie and Dr. Early, his partner has no "charisma," and needles him relentlessly about it. Between the phone calls, the paramedics assist a plane crash victim, deliver a premature baby, and help prevent a suicidal man from jumping off a building under construction.

    Air Date: 04 February 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E16 - Syndrome

    Roy complains of a "tickle" in his throat, but dismisses John's suspicions that it is tonsillitis, noting that he had had his tonsils removed. A famous actor and former flame of Dixie's, is admitted to Rampart with chest pain, later suspected to be related to excessive MSG consumption, while his producer clamors for him to be released to finish filming his TV show. While Dr. Early deals with a hypochondriac, Boot the dog has surgery to remove a tick. The firefighters assist two kids stuck on top of a gas tank, several girls injured in a rough lacrosse game, and a fire at Olive View Hospital (damaged in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake) set by an arsonist that trapped four people results in Kelly being injured and taken to the hospital; there he is roomed with DeSoto, whose tonsils had, much to his consternation, grown back-and become tonsillitic as well, which had forced him to undergo another operation to have these regenerated tonsils removed.

    Air Date: 11 February 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E17 - Honest

    A gas explosion injures a newlywed couple, because the wife had lied to the husband about his cigars, and this leads Johnny on a crusade to be honest in any situation. A boy is brought into Rampart choking to death for no apparent reason; Dr. Morton's brutal honesty about the situation sends the boy's mother into hysterics, which leads Dixie and Johnny into calming her; a boy is critically injured diving off a roof; Johnny and Roy rescue a family of three from a burning house; and Dixie and Dr. Early treat a man who "might" be having a heart attack because his father had died from one at the same age. Kelly lies to Johnny about a woman that keeps calling for him.

    Air Date: 18 February 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E18 - Seance

    A woman calls the squad continuously, because she's aware that bad things happen to her husband are the reasons of her recently deceased sister, who later suffers a seizure. Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a young man who took unprescribed tranquilizers, while John and Roy under a pile of heavy cartons and a driver caught up in his car underwater.

    Air Date: 25 February 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E19 - Boot

    The paramedics are concerned about their dog, Boot, who isn't eating, who discusses the staff at Rampart, about their mascot. Part of that problem is Kelly has been yelling at their dog, who observes the temperature from Drs. Brackett and Morton, from Dixie. A woman who got her hair caught up in a mixer, is being helped by John and Roy, where her hand got stuck in a bowl, and catches her stove on fire while making dinner; a woman trapped in her car under a gas truck; and an explosion at a Rampart Hospital lab endangers the workers and important records stored there.

    Air Date: 04 March 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E20 - Rip-Off

    Roy and John are accused of stealing $500 from a prominent TV personality they were treating for a cardiac condition, and the ensuing police investigation really unnerves the paramedics. A car crash results in the delivery of a premature baby and the baby's father being blinded; his wife tries to give him hope that his blindness is only temporary. The firefighters rescue two men involved an airport accident involving liquid oxygen, which could cause an explosion.

    Air Date: 11 March 1973 01:00 -
  • S02E21 - Audit

    John is not happy when he learns the IRS is about to audit him. A con man appears at Rampart, after being bumped on the head. He refuses John's and Roy's help, who urgently wants to see a doctor. When the patient disappears in his room, Dr. Brackett admittingly tells Dixie, he didn't move him. When John and Roy got a baby out of a hot and locked car, an angry mother was upset at their interference. A hippie woman who's having a child, is suffering from dyspnea, who was brought into Rampart, where Dr. Brackett and Dixie detect her rheumatic fever that left her with a deformed heart valve. The firefighters save a man trapped in a collapsed building under construction, and the man wants Roy to amputate his leg, before the rest of the building falls.

    Air Date: 08 April 1973 01:00 -
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