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Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Station: ITV (UK)
Status: Running
Start: 2014-10-06

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There is no Next Episode of Grantchester planned.

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  • S02E03 - Episode 3

    After thoroughly modern Margaret's visits to the vicarage start leaving Mrs Maguire's nose out of joint,Sidney is hoping for a distraction – which arrives in the unexpected form of a young man sat alone in thechurch and covered in blood. The man is Theo Graham [Jeremy Newmark Jones], and he confesses toSidney and Geordie that he attacked and killed his landlord, Eric Whittaker [Michael Shaeffer]. Butwhen Sidney and Geordie call on the Boarding House that Eric ran, they find the alleged victim alive andwell, along with his teenage daughter Joan [Rosie Day] and her step-mother Vivian [Liz White]. Ericbelieves Theo is a fantasist. Back at the station, despite his protestations that Eric will come after him,Geordie sends the young man on his way. Hours later, however, witnessed by Sidney and Geordie, Ericis killed in a hit and run.

    Sidney comforts Vivian at the hospital, but back at the boarding house he finds her relationship withJoan to be strained – all the more so when Joan learns of her father's death. When Theo arrives to claimhis belongings, Sidney ends up chasing him from the boarding house, but the pursuit ends when Theoslashes Sidney with a knife.

    As Vivian tends to Sidney's wounds, he becomes drawn deeper and deeper into the twisted emotionalworld of the boarding house. Who is Vivian trying to protect? What does seemingly shy and singleboarder Raymond [John Voce] really want? And how far will Sidney have to go to uncover the killer.

    With Leonard distracted by secretive trips to the cinema and Geordie compelled to deal with asurprising shoplifter, who is watching Sidney's back?

    Air Date: 16 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S02E04 - Episode 4

    As the trial of local teen Gary Bell approaches, Sidney and Geordie find themselves at loggerheadsregarding his guilt – not even building a go-kart together can get them to see eye to eye. Sidney's mindis taken off these matters when he finds the anxious Reggie Lawson [Paul Nicholls] at the graveside ofhis dead wife, Anna. Convinced that she still haunts his home and stable yards following her suicide heimplores Sidney to come to his estate, Kingsbrook and perform an exorcism for him.

    Believing this to be a husband's desperate grief, Sidney goes with Reggie to investigate his claims. Therehe meets Reggie's new wife Kitty [Eliza Hope Bennett], their housekeeper Mrs. Elton [Jenny Ogilvie] andAnna's brother, Laszlo Herzl [Elliot Levey]. With Anna's signature perfume still hanging in the air, apainting falling from the wall of its own accord and a horse fatally kicking out after being spooked,Reggie's fears seem to have some foundation, although Kitty is quick to point out their coincidentalnature. After offering prayers and council, Sidney leaves hoping that his words have given Reggie somesolace. But that night, Geordie summons Sidney back to Kingsbrook: Reggie has hanged himself in theexact same spot as Anna died.

    Meanwhile, the Redmond's and Sidney's parishoners are unhappy when Sidney stands as a witness forthe defence in Gary's case. Are his principles going to cost him his flock? With Sidney's sister Jen [FionaButton] throwing a party in London, it's a chance for Sidney to escape and take Margaret out on his arm.But when Amanda shows up with Guy [Tom Austen], it's clear that his own feelings are still conflicted.

    At least investigating Reggie's death gives Sidney and Geordie a shared goal again. Why would Reggietake his life when his finest horse is set to triumph at the next race? And with an almost identical suicideto his late wife, why are some of the key details different? But is one shared case enough to get thesebest friends back on track - especially after Sidney takes the stand? Whatever the outcome of the trial -and the case - Sidney seems set on a course of action that threatens his friendship with Geordie...

    Air Date: 23 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S02E05 - Episode 5

    Sidney is the only friend Gary Bell has left as he waits for news about whether he will be offered areprieve. Sidney is determined that whatever his fate, he will stand by his side – even if certain membersof the village object. Meanwhile, Geordie and Phil visit the hospital where Rita Jones [Tanya Franks]recovers from the latest beating dealt out by her violent husband Eddie [Matthew Jure]. But with herchildren needing a breadwinner, Rita refuses to press charges. Rita's eldest son lets the two detectivesinto the hovel they call a family home. When they discover some recently stolen goods, it appears theyfinally have all they need to collar Eddie. But the man doesn't go quietly, fighting with Phil and windingup Geordie as he's carted to the cells. The next morning, Geordie's wife Cathy calls on Sidney: Geordiedidn't come home last night. And when Sidney arrives at the station he finds his friend with his knucklesbruised, and Eddie, dead on a stretcher.

    When DCI Benson questions Geordie's innocence, Sidney leaps to his friend's defence. But Geordie hasbeen behaving strangely of late, and no one else can verify his whereabouts when Eddie was killed. Atthe vicarage, Leonard and Mrs Maguire are at each other's throats as an ill judged remark about MrsMaguire's love life, and the accidental loss of some sentimental postcards leaves both feeling raw andmisunderstood.

    As Gary Bell waits to discover his fate, Sidney seeks to avoid a further injustice taking place. But as hedigs deeper he finds himself questioning precisely whether he really knows Geordie as well as hethought. Could Geordie have beaten Eddie to death? Will Sidney keep the faith in his friend? And willGary avoid the hangman's noose?

    Air Date: 30 March 2016 20:00 -
  • S02E06 - Episode 6

    Sidney Chambers has given up. Following the difficult events of the past few weeks, he is drinking likenever before, and even worse, seems to have entirely stopped caring about his responsibilities as aclergyman. With Mrs Maguire and Leonard both deeply worried about him, it is left to them to try andfind a way to help their friend before it is too late. But with Geordie and Amanda seemingly unwilling tohelp, and with an attempt to remove Sidney from the vicarage seemingly gathering strength, things arenot looking good.

    However, when old friend Reverend Sam Milburn returns to the parish, Sidney is thrown into evengreater emotional turmoil. Claiming to be seeking forgiveness for his crimes, Sam's return leaves Sidneytorn. Is Sam really here to seek forgiveness? And is it even within Sidney's gift to forgive him for crimescommitted against others? Matters are complicated further when Harding and Agatha discover that Samhas returned to the village. With Harding making threats against his life, Sam flees. But when evidenceof a struggle is later found, Sidney fears the worst may have happened – could Harding have murderedSam?

    Meanwhile, as Leonard continues to wrestle with his feelings for Daniel, he also struggles to make senseof a life-changing proposal from the Archdeacon. And a visit from Mrs Maguire leads to Amanda havinga heart to heart with Guy.

    With Sam missing, Sidney and Geordie are forced, once again, to investigate a crime together. However,when they uncover a dark secret about Sam, Sidney's fragile emotional state is pushed even further,putting even greater strain on the investigation. With tensions between the two of them at an all-timehigh, will they be able to put their differences to one side for long enough to stop a murder beingcommitted?

    Air Date: 06 April 2016 20:00 -
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