When will be Pretty Little Liars next episode air date? Is Pretty Little Liars renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Pretty Little Liars air dates? Is Pretty Little Liars worth watching?

Genres: Drama | Mystery
Station: FreeForm (US)
Status: Running
Start: 2010-06-08

Pretty Little Liars Next Episode Air Date

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Pretty Little Liars Air Dates

Ratings: 8.17/10 from 24 users
  • S02E01 - It's Alive

    In the second-season premiere, the girls face the fallout from what happened with Ian at the church, and their parents have them talk with a therapist (Annabeth Gish). Meanwhile, Caleb returns to see Hanna; and Spencer is told that Toby is off-limits.

    Air Date: 15 June 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E02 - The Goodbye Look

    Emily reluctantly prepares to relocate to Texas until she meets with a college athletic scout. Meanwhile, Hanna deals with her father's return; Spencer puts on a brave face as Toby plans to leave Rosewood; and Aria is torn about letting Ezra go.

    Air Date: 22 June 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E03 - My Name is Trouble

    Aria takes a pottery class at a nearby college, putting her in proximity to Ezra---and Jenna. Elsewhere, Emily manipulates the truth about her swimming prospects; Hanna tries to join the yearbook staff; and Spencer grows suspicious of Jason and Melissa.

    Air Date: 29 June 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E04 - Blind Dates

    Hanna assists Lucas with his dating life. Meanwhile, some of Aria's buried memories resurface when she runs into Jason; Spencer worries about Melissa's secretive exchanges with Ian; and Emily's mom can't keep the scholarship news a secret.

    Air Date: 06 July 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E05 - The Devil You Know

    Spencer unexpectedly finds her parents in her corner. Meanwhile, Hanna gains insight into Caleb when his foster mom shows up; Aria and Ezra adjust to going public with their relationship; and Emily is certain that danger still looms for her and her pals.

    Air Date: 13 July 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E06 - Never Letting Go

    Alison's mom comes back to town and asks the girls to take part in a charity fashion show, which Mona helps run when Spencer gets too busy. Meanwhile, Aria works on stirring Jason's memory; and Emily questions the open dating policy she has with Samara.

    Air Date: 20 July 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E07 - Surface Tension

    Emily doesn't feel at home after moving. Meanwhile, Aria finds Ezra and Jason competing for her affections; Hanna is displeased with Caleb's indifference to his shady transactions; and Spencer's dad reacts unexpectedly after Toby uncovers something.

    Air Date: 27 July 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E08 - Save the Date

    Mounting tension takes its toll on Emily, who winds up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Spencer and Aria try to link a broken field-hockey stick to Alison's demise; and Hanna deals with her dad's impending wedding and Caleb's possible departure.

    Air Date: 03 August 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E09 - Picture This

    Spencer resolves to uncover what Jason's hiding at his house, and Emily tags along with her. Meanwhile, Aria wrestles with the increasing attraction she feels toward Jason; and Caleb's family problems help Hanna reexamine her relationship with her dad.

    Air Date: 10 August 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E10 - Touched by an 'A'-ngel

    Aria feels torn about how to view Jason when Spencer and Emily paint him in a negative light. Meanwhile, Hanna makes an effort to get along with her future stepsister; and mounting pressure from "A" drives Emily close to the edge.

    Air Date: 17 August 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E11 - I Must Confess

    With Emily pushed to her limits, the girls finally confide in Dr. Sullivan about "A." Meanwhile, Hanna's grandmother (Betty Buckley) arrives in Rosewood as Tom's wedding nears.

    Air Date: 24 August 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E12 - Over My Dead Body

    A vengeful "A" punishes the girls for talking to Dr. Sullivan, whose life is in danger unless the girls obey "A" by completing a series of tasks that will bring pain to themselves and their loved ones.

    Air Date: 31 August 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E13 - The First Secret

    The Halloween before Alison vanished finds her facing a possible usurper to her queen-bee throne. Meanwhile, Aria uncovers something surprising about her dad; and Spencer struggles with her class-election campaign as she deals with parental disapproval.

    Air Date: 20 October 2011 00:00 -
  • S02E14 - Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

    The girls' friendship decays following their arrest as they grow hostile toward each other and freeze out Emily.

    Air Date: 03 January 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E15 - A Hot Piece of 'A'

    Hanna's friends want to use Caleb's computer skills to help them uncover A's identity, but Hanna is hesitant to involve him and instead throws him a surprise party. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra face the consequences of divulging their secret romance.

    Air Date: 10 January 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E16 - Let the Water Hold Me Down

    Caleb is desperate to locate a missing Lucas, but Hanna isn't, and her attitude about the situation confuses him. Elsewhere, Spencer's latest lead regarding "A" takes her somewhere surprising.

    Air Date: 17 January 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E17 - Blond Leading the Blind

    Spencer and Hanna worry about their boyfriends' safety, fearing "A" sees the boys as targets. Meanwhile, Ezra avoids Aria's phone calls, so she devises a plan to get an answer from him.

    Air Date: 24 January 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E18 - A Kiss Before Lying

    Hanna believes her pals are acting chilly toward her because of her stance regarding Caleb. Meanwhile, Emily has high hopes for her mom's visit to town; and Hanna's stepsister enrolls in the girls' school.

    Air Date: 31 January 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E19 - The Naked Truth

    The girls' school holds a truth-themed event, during which Aria questions Holden and Spencer tries to uncover the connection between Jason and her father. Meanwhile, an unexpected ally aids Emily in her quest to get reinstated on the swim team.

    Air Date: 07 February 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E20 - CTRL:A

    The police confiscate Caleb's computer, and Hanna worries that "A" planted something incriminating on it. Elsewhere, Aria uncovers a secret of Holden's while her father expresses skepticism about their romance.

    Air Date: 14 February 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E21 - Breaking the Code

    "A" begins tormenting someone new. Meanwhile, Spencer seeks solace from the drama within her family, so she turns to Wren; and an opportunity opens for Ezra, but it may put distance between him and Aria.

    Air Date: 21 February 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E22 - Father Knows Best

    Trust issues and feelings of guilt emerge at the town's annual father-daughter dance, where one dad is a no-show. Elsewhere, Ashley gets surprising assistance as she tries to uncover what Hanna's been doing.

    Air Date: 28 February 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E23 - Eye of the Beholder

    The girls meet Duncan, a guy from Alison's past, and hope he can help them piece together things about her. Meanwhile, Toby comes back to town, and danger follows him; and Jason gives the girls a bag containing Alison's personal effects.

    Air Date: 06 March 2012 01:00 -
  • S02E24 - If These Dolls Could Talk

    The girls go to a dilapidated doll hospital, where they meet a knowledgeable, but not forthcoming, little boy. Elsewhere, Jenna's surgery has the potential to bring about many changes.

    Air Date: 13 March 2012 00:00 -
  • S02E25 - UnmAsked

    In the second-season finale, the girls uncover the identity of "A" at a masquerade party.

    Air Date: 20 March 2012 00:00 -