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A candid, comic view of sex and relationships, Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, a New York-based writer who explores and experiences the unique world of Manhattan's dating scene, chronicling the mating habits of single New Yorkers. Executive produced by Michael Patrick King, the series also stars cast regulars Kim Cattrall as PR executive Samantha Jones, who's seen -- and done -- it all; Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, still trying to hold on to the idea of happily ever after; and Cynthia Nixon as corporate lawyer and mother Miranda Hobbes, a pragmatist trying to balance the idea of love with the realities of life. Mikhail Baryshnikov (as Aleksandr Petrovsky), Mario Cantone (Anthony Marentino), David Eigenberg (Steve Brady), Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch), Evan Handler (Harry Goldenblatt) and Jason Lewis (Smith Jerrod) also star.

Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Station: HBO (US)
Rating: 6.5/10 from 2 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1998-06-06

Sex and the City Season 4 Air Dates

S04E01 - The Agony and the 'Ex'-tacy Air Date: 03 June 2001 16:00 -

The girls get ready for a Saturday night out at an engagement party, but are dismayed when they see the invitation - it announces that the couple has "Two souls, one thought." After the party, Charlotte shows up at Trey's apartment wanting to talk. When she includes "sex life" under their list of problems, Trey tries to convince her otherwise. But instead of being convinced by Trey's passionate advances, Charlotte ends up with an unpleasant surprise on her leg. At the coffee shop, the girls discuss the concept of "soulmates." Afterwards, Samantha spies a hot priest outside a church. The next day, she spends her afternoon masturbating to "her priest." Over drinks, the girls discuss masturbation fantasies, and Charlotte admits that recently she masturbates to only one man - Trey. Samantha takes some canned peas to her priest, but is disappointed when he tells her that his life is about "other joys" than sex. Carrie wonders: "Are soulmates a reality, or a torture device?"

Samantha decides to throw Carrie a "fabulous lite" 35th birthday get-together at Il Cantinori. When all her friends are late, Carrie is left at a table for ten all alone. At the coffee shop, Carrie admits that while she was sitting alone at the table, she felt sad that she was 35 and had no special man in her life. Charlotte suggests that the girls could be each other's soulmates - and men could just be in their lives for fun. Returning home, Carrie spots Big's car. He's brought her red balloons and champagne. They sit in his car and talk about "soulmates."

S04E02 - The Real Me Air Date: 03 June 2001 16:00 -

Carrie faces a bit of an identity crisis when she's asked to be in a big fashion charity show featuring both models and real people. Samantha, on the other hand, has no problem baring her body beautiful, and decides to have nude photographs taken, insisting they're for herself, not for men. Utterly unaware of her sex appeal, Miranda is shocked when Dave, a guy from Crunch gym, tells her she's sexy and asks her out.

Carrie realizes we can see our friends perfectly, but we can't seem to see ourselves clearly. After some convincing from her friends - and when she finds out she can keep the outfit - Carrie decides to be a "model." Meanwhile, Charlotte discovers that she has "vulvodynia" and that she needs to take anti-depressants - not for her mind but for her vagina. The girls are surprised when Charlotte reveals that she's never looked at herself up-close because she finds herself ugly down there. Miranda's first date with Dave is a success and she starts enjoying feeling sexy. However, when she exhibits her self-confidence on their second date, Dave doesn't respond. Samantha brings in her nude photo to be framed and is dismayed when the framer doesn't react to her body.

On the night of the fashion show, Carrie is informed there's been a wardrobe change and she has to wear a tiny pair of jeweled underwear. She freaks, but all done up and looking fabulous, Samantha assures her that she is a model. Carrie starts her walk down the runway only to fall flat on her face. Faced with a choice, Carrie gets back up and finishes her catwalk to cheers. Her act of bravery inspires the girls. Miranda confronts Dave about why he hasn't called her and finds out he thinks she's full of herself. Samantha's night is made when a take-out delivery guy sees her photo and comments on her "nice ass," and Charlotte grabs a mirror and takes a good, hard look.

S04E03 - Defining Moments Air Date: 10 June 2001 16:00 -

Carrie goes barhopping with Big and finds that their relationship as "friends" has never been better. Charlotte and Trey are enjoying themselves as well - having steamy sex in coatrooms and other public places around the city. However, Charlotte starts to wonder where she and Trey are headed. Out on the town again with Big, Carrie is drawn to jazz musician Ray King, who flirts with her and gets her number. Big is noticeably annoyed and Carrie realizes they need to define their relationship.

Meanwhile, Miranda is a little freaked out when her date Doug pees in front of her the morning after their first night together. Miranda decides that she should go with the flow, and tries peeing with the door open herself. However, Doug takes the no-boundaries thing too far, subjecting Miranda to an "open door dump" after which Miranda quickly dumps him.

At Charlotte's gallery opening, Samantha meets Brazilian artist and lesbian, Maria. Maria, a "relationship person" is attracted to Samantha, but Samantha says they should stick to being friends as she's not a relationship person.

On Carrie's first date with Ray King, they run into Big and his supermodel date, plus Samantha and Maria. Big is clearly being territorial about Carrie, and Samantha tells Big to "back off." At the end of the evening, Big is distant with Carrie, leaving her confused. Maria tells Samantha they can't just be friends and Samantha decides to try being in a relationship with a woman. Carrie and Ray share a passionate goodbye kiss and Carrie ponders the notion that "what ultimately defines a relationship is another relationship."

S04E04 - What's Sex Got to Do With It? Air Date: 17 June 2001 16:00 -

At drinks with the girls, Carrie announces that she has had a "mind-blowing" orgasm with Ray. She confides that she usually doesn't experience that kind of orgasm with someone she doesn't love. She wonders: "How much of sex is the connection?" Samantha has some news of her own: she is in a real "relationship" -- with Maria. She tells the girls that Maria has opened her eyes to the joys of "making love" with an emotional connection.

Charlotte wonders why she can't "have the sex and the relationship" with Trey. She worries that Trey will never ask her to move back in to their apartment, even though their sex life is going so well. After Trey asks Charlotte to "measure his John Thomas," Charlotte storms out of the apartment. But Trey shows up at Charlotte's apartment the next day to ask her to move back in with him, and she accepts. Miranda, on the other hand, has sworn off sex. She says that she can't cope with another bad date - she is on strike. Anyway, what is a man when you can have a relationship with a delicious eclair?

Carrie tries to bring her relationship with Ray up to speed with the sex, but whenever she tries to talk with Ray, he can't seem to focus on anything other than his music, or getting her into bed. She decides that she is going to have to hold out for both: the mind-blowing sex and the relationship.

S04E05 - Ghost Town Air Date: 24 June 2001 16:00 -

When Miranda bumps into Steve, he announces that he's opening up his own bar and invites her to the opening. Miranda feels conflicted as she was the one who had encouraged him to be so ambitious when they were in a relationship. Carrie also receives an invitation to the opening of "Scout" and is shocked to read that Aidan is Steve's "silent partner." That night, Miranda is awoken by strange sounds and thinks there's a ghost in her building. Carrie is worried that the way she treated Aidan will haunt her the rest of her life. When she goes to Scout to thank Aidan for inviting her, Steve admits that it was he who invited her, not Aidan. Devastated, Carrie runs out before Aidan can see her.

Charlotte embarks on redecorating her and Trey's apartment, but she's thwarted by her mother-in-law Bunny's domineering influence over Trey. Bunny and her decoys and dust ruffles haunt Charlotte. Charlotte stands up to Bunny and says she's the new woman of the house, but Bunny says she'll be around forever. After walking in on Trey and Charlotte in the act, Bunny is completely frazzled and Charlotte is freed of her ghost.

Meanwhile, Samantha is tiring of her relationship with Maria which is all about taking baths and talking about feelings. Samantha tells Maria she wants "fireworks," inspiring Maria to smash Samantha's dinnerware. After a couple days, Maria returns with a gift: a "strap-on."

At the opening of Scout, Samantha tells Carrie and Miranda that she and Maria broke up, even after trying the "strap-on." Steve gives Miranda credit for the idea for the bar, and poof Miranda's ghost is gone. However, Aidan barely acknowledges Carrie. Later, Carrie goes out back for a smoke and finds Aidan there. Though little is said, the atmosphere is intense and Carrie realizes that she's more haunted than ever before.

S04E06 - Baby, Talk is Cheap Air Date: 01 July 2001 16:00 -

Carrie is tormented because she can't stop thinking about Aidan. She admits to the girls that she wants him back. Miranda suggests emailing Aidan. Carrie gives it a go and writes "I miss you" in her first message to Aidan.

Miranda meets a cute guy, aka "Marathon Man," in her running group and they arrange to go for a run together, which leads to a post-workout workout. Miranda is surprised when Marathon Man puts his tongue where no man has gone before. Charlotte has other things on her mind as she and Trey talk about having a baby. However, when she invites over a couple with three kids, the reality of parenting looks a little less appealing and Charlotte and Trey take a break from their attempts to procreate.

After 36 hours, Aidan still hasn't responded and Carrie breaks down and calls him. She arranges for them to go out with Miranda and Steve. After dinner, she tells Aidan that she wants to get back together with him. Aidan says he can't do the relationship thing. Undeterred, Carrie returns to his apartment later that night and tries to convince him to give her a second chance. Aidan finally just screams, "You broke my heart" and Carrie runs home again.

Over at Miranda's apartment, Marathon Man not so subtly tries to get Miranda to do some reciprocal licking, but she realizes she just can't. At the next marathon training session, she races right past him. Samantha, who has been sleeping with MBA man, Warren, is turned off by his baby talk in bed. When she suggests he stop, Warren takes offense and storms out like the big baby he is. Speaking of babies, Charlotte and Trey decide that one baby will be okay and get back to work.

Back at Carrie's place, Aidan shows up and without any words, the two have passionate sex. In the morning, Carrie tells him that she still loves him and wants to be his girlfriend, but Aidan says he needs to think about it. Later that day, Aidan returns and says, "Ok, let's give it a shot."

S04E07 - Time and Punishment Air Date: 08 July 2001 16:00 -

Carrie and Aidan are interrupted in bed by the voice of Big on Carrie's answering machine. Though Aidan says nothing, Carrie fears that he'll never be able to forgive her for her affair with Big. She wonders if you can ever really forgive if you can't forget. Carrie works hard to show Aidan that she's a great girlfriend, but he seems distant and angry.

Charlotte stuns the girls by announcing that she's planning on quitting her gallery job and devoting herself to having a baby and redecorating. Charlotte is angry that the girls, especially Miranda, are judgmental of her decision. She calls Miranda and while on the phone Miranda's neck goes out. Aidan offers to go check on Miranda and finds her naked on the floor unable to move. A mortified Miranda lets him scoop her up in bathmats. Charlotte hires a young ambitious 20-something who reminds her of herself. On the new gallery girl's first day, Charlotte has a moment of doubt, but sticks by her decision and walks out into her new non-working life. Miranda recuperates with her neck brace and finds that not working isn't such a bad thing.

Samantha starts an affair with a guy who steals her cab. They have great sex but Samantha is miffed when her new boytoy tells her she needs a bikini wax. She evens the score next time by shaving his own hairy private parts.

Meanwhile, Carrie finds Aidan at his bar flirting with the waitress and practically ignoring Carrie. Carrie realizes she's being punished for her big mistake. She offers to walk Aidan's dog while he works and again finds him hanging out with the sexy waitress. She angrily goes home. Aidan shows up and says he's pissed and wants Carrie to remove Big from her life. She says she can't do that and pleads that Aidan has to forgive her. He surrenders his anger and takes her in his arms.

S04E08 - My Motherboard, My Self Air Date: 15 July 2001 16:00 -

The girls meet for lunch to catch up and Carrie reveals that she and Aidan have exchanged keys to each other's apartments. When Carrie goes home she's touched to find Aidan cooking in her never before used kitchen. She also discovers that her computer has crashed and she can't access any of her files. Aidan chastises her for not backing up her material. They bring her computer in to a repair shop and the techie tells her it doesn't look good.

Miranda has to go to Philadelphia because her Mom has had a heart attack. The next day her Mom dies. Miranda calls Carrie to let her know and trying to be strong fights back tears. Charlotte, who has become a regular Martha Stewart, takes charge of getting the best funeral fruit basket and flower arrangement. Samantha has trouble dealing with the news of the death and can't bring herself to call Miranda. Instead, she gets together with her latest man, Nick, a NYU wrestling coach who had been teaching her new positions. However, this time, no matter what moves they try, Samantha can't orgasm. The next day, determined to get off, she pulls out her trusty vibrators but no luck. Miranda goes shopping for a funeral dress and after screaming at the lingerie saleswoman, she breaks down and cries in the woman's arms.

Aidan surprises Carrie with a new laptop computer and zip drive but Carrie isn't happy about it. She's used to taking care of herself and can't handle the implications of his gesture. They argue and Aidan gives her back her keys. Back at the computer repair shop, Carrie learns that she needs her "motherboard" replaced. She calls Aidan and admits that she's scared to let him in, in case they fall apart.

The girls go to the funeral in Philadelphia and offer Miranda their full support. In the middle of the funeral, Samantha starts crying and finds the release she really needed. She finally says, "I'm sorry" to Miranda. Back home, Carrie lets go of her fears and starts using the zip drive that Aidan gave her.

S04E09 - Sex and the Country Air Date: 22 July 2001 16:00 -

Miranda finds out from Aidan that Steve has testicular Cancer. She has lunch with Steve and screams at him for being so nonchalant about his cancer, causing him to break down and cry. Carrie prepares for a trip to Aidan's country cabin in Suffern, NY with a true city girl's trepidation. She tells the girls she's going because Aidan loves the country. Charlotte understands, adding that she's going to Bunny's Connecticut house to please Trey.

When Carrie gets to Aidan's extra rustic cabin, she immediately laments not being in the city. She realizes that relationships are inevitably a series of compromises and asks: When does the art of compromise become compromising? Unable to stand it anymore, Carrie returns to New York and goes out for a steak with Big. Big tells her he's dating a movie star and that he might be in love. Carrie decides to go back to Aidan's and recruits Samantha to provide some entertainment. Samantha has a hard time in the great outdoors until she spots a hunky farmer. She approaches "Young McDonald" to borrow some milk and gets a lesson in how to milk a cow and then some. Carrie tries to embrace the country and gets to work on baking Aidan a pie. But when a squirrel scares her, she drops the piecrust and admits to Aidan that she hates the house.

Over in Connecticut, Charlotte is busily monitoring her fertility. Looking for Trey, she walks in on him taking a bath with his mother sitting nearby. She's disturbed but when her ovulation beeper goes off, she and Trey get to work in Bunny's prized orchid greenhouse.

Back in the city, Miranda invites Steve over for take-out Chinese but her pitying behavior pisses off Steve. Still, he thanks her for being a bitch the other day because it motivated him to see a good doctor and schedule surgery. Miranda is by Steve's side when he awakes after his operation.

Carrie goes home after compromising with Aidan. He'll install A/C and she'll brave the bugs and dirt every now and then.

S04E10 - Belles of the Balls Air Date: 29 July 2001 16:00 -

Steve is feeling insecure, less manly and lopsided with only one ball left. Trey's manhood is also challenged when Charlotte tells him he needs to get his sperm tested since she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. Big is depressed because his new movie star girlfriend is dissing him and he calls Carrie for support, which angers Aidan. Carrie realizes that Aidan still feels threatened by Big. She wonders: Are men just women with balls?

Samantha gets an appointment with ball-buster hotel magnate Richard Wright and tries to win an account. He tells her she would need to work with a partner - a male partner. Samantha realizes he just doesn't want to hire a woman.

Up at Aidan's country house, Carrie gets another call from Big, who is so distraught he says he'll drive up there to talk with her. Aidan fumes when he finds out. Big arrives, gets drunk and has to spend the night. The next day, Carrie tells Big he has to make friends with Aidan. When he goes out to apologize to Aidan, the two end up wrestling in the mud. With the testosterone tension broken, the two bond as Big confides in Aidan about his girl problems.

Samantha returns to Richard Wright and though Richard admits she's the best person for the job, he says he won't hire her because she slept with his architect. Samantha tells him off and then runs into the elevator as she's about to start crying. The next day, Richard hires her, saying he's impressed with her "balls."

Steve tells Miranda that he's interested in getting a testicle implant and they visit a specialist. They find out the procedure is still in clinical trials and Miranda tells Steve to forget about it. Miranda tries to help Steve heal emotionally but she realizes that what Steve needs is a woman who wants to have sex with him. So, she takes him to bed.

S04E11 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Air Date: 05 August 2001 16:00 -

Miranda tells Carrie that she's pregnant from having unprotected sex with Steve and his one ball. Miranda doesn't want the baby and doesn't want to tell Steve. Charlotte, however, can't seem to get pregnant no matter what bedroom techniques she tries. When she finds out that Miranda is pregnant and is going to have an abortion, she's so upset she storms away. Carrie and Samantha admit that they've both had abortions - Carrie after a one-night stand with a waiter in the '80s. Carrie tells Aidan about Miranda and swears him to secrecy. Aidan is appalled that Miranda isn't going to tell Steve. Carrie lies to Aidan about having had an abortion herself.

Samantha has lunch with Lucy Liu, hoping to represent her. They hit it off and Lucy tells Samantha that she refuses to be lied to. Samantha also has her eye on the coveted Hermes red "Birkin" handbag. Unfortunately, there's an eternally long waiting list, so Samantha uses Lucy Liu's starpower to score a bag. When Lucy shows up at their next lunch carrying the "free" bag, Samantha tells her it's actually for herself. Lucy is furious, fires Samantha and walks off with the bag.

Charlotte sees a fertility doctor and finds out that she has only a 15 percent chance of conceiving naturally. She bumps into Miranda on the street, tells her the news and walks away from the unhappily pregnant Miranda. Carrie accompanies Miranda to have her abortion. While they're waiting Miranda becomes increasingly worried that she's not making the right decision. She wonders if this is her only chance to have a baby. She decides to keep the baby and the girls, including Charlotte, gather around her and support her decision.

Carrie returns to the restaurant where she had met Chad, the waiter who had gotten her pregnant years ago. He's still there and doesn't remember Carrie. She realizes she made the right decision and leaves. Carrie decides to be honest and admits to Aidan that she had an abortion when she was 22. She was worried that he would criticize her, but Aidan is non-judgemental.

S04E12 - Just Say Yes Air Date: 12 August 2001 16:00 -

Carrie finds out that her building is going co-op and she has to move. Aidan offers to buy her apartment and move in with her. Carrie finds herself both tempted and scared about the idea of sharing her space on a permanent basis. She's even more alarmed when while rummaging through Aidan's clothes she lands upon an engagement ring. It's creates such an internal upheaval, she runs to the kitchen sink and vomits. Carrie tells the girls about her reaction and voices her fears that it's too fast ? and that to boot, the ring is not at all her style. Miranda admits that she had helped Aidan select the ring. Carrie nervously waits for Aidan to pop the question and wonders: How do you know when it's right?

Meanwhile, Samantha has a drink with her new client, Richard Wright. He proudly tells her that he enjoys sleeping around and is not at all interested in marriage, piquing single-girl Samantha's interest. Their next encounter finds them in Richard's private jet headed for the mile-high club.

Miranda tells Steve that she's carrying his baby and is going to keep it. Steve is shocked, especially when Miranda tells him she's going to take care of the baby herself. Meanwhile, fertility challenged Charlotte starts taking hormones and learning Chinese in case they need to adopt a Mandarin baby.

Carrie runs into Big and tells him that Aidan wants to marry her. Big tells her that Aidan's not the man for her and that she's not the marrying kind. Carrie replies that she's just not ready.

At the annual Highland Fling, Bunny tells Charlotte that a Mandarin child is out of the question for the MacDougal clan. Charlotte screams at Trey and rushes home. Later, when Charlotte asks Trey for her hormone injection, Trey admits that he is having second thoughts about having a baby. He says he doesn't want to try anymore and wants it to be just the two of them.

Aidan proposes to Carrie as they take Pete for his nightly walk. The ring he gives her isn't the one Carrie had spotted; it's beautiful. After Aidan tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, Carrie takes a deep breath and says yes.

Across town, Miranda opens her door to Steve who is holding out an engagement ring. Miranda tells him he's crazy and they both agree they don't want to marry each other. They decide they'll figure things out.

Carrie tells Samantha she's engaged and shows off her ring. Samantha orders them a drink and tells her that she picked the ring out with Aidan.

S04E13 - The Good Fight Air Date: 06 January 2002 17:00 -

As Aidan and all his stuff officially move into Carrie's apartment, Carrie starts feeling increasingly claustrophobic. Carrie complains to the girls that without any private space, she can't indulge in SSB or "secret single behavior." Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte tease Samantha about her affection for her client and lover Richard. Samantha insists that her emotions are intact and that Richard is simply "Dick-alicious." Miranda, meanwhile, would love to get laid by her blind date, Walker Lewis, but is conflicted about having sex while pregnant. She wonders if it's her last chance for sex.

Carrie panics when she finds out that she and Aidan won't be able to take over the apartment next door for another month. When Aidan proposes cleaning out her closet, she panics even more. As she watches Aidan move her precious Manolos and designer garb and when Pete starts gnawing on one of her stilettos, a heated argument ensues. After much yelling, Carrie storms out with her laptop and wonders: When it comes to relationships, what are we fighting for? Things aren't much better in the shaky marital abode of Charlotte and Trey. When Trey brings Charlotte a surprise present - a cardboard baby, Charlotte is appalled and also storms out. Carrie and Aidan's silent war lasts three days without any apologies.

Meanwhile, Samantha meets Richard and is taken aback by the romantic scene he's set up. She reminds him that they're about work and sex and nothing more. After some skinny dipping and hot sex, Richard asks Samantha to dance. She tries to make it sexual, but Richard resists and Samantha gives in.

Carrie finally apologizes to Aidan and confesses that she needs him to not talk to her for one whole hour. He agrees but after a minute she returns to him, realizing that sometimes when you get your needs met, you don't need them anymore. Miranda decides

S04E14 - All That Glitters... Air Date: 13 January 2002 17:00 -

It's Saturday night and Carrie is raring to go out on the town, but Aidan would prefer to stay home with a bucket of KFC. So, Carrie invites the girls to go out dancing at a hot gay club. At the club, Charlotte runs into Anthony and his friend who works for House and Garden magazine and they dance the night away. Carrie makes friends with a cute gay boy named Oliver at the bar. Miranda runs into Max, a junior associate at her firm. He asks her not to tell the partners he's gay and she asks him not to tell them she's pregnant. When Carrie gets home she's ready for some action but Aidan wants to sleep. Samantha, who took Ecstasy at the club, has X-cellent sex with Richard and ends up declaring her love for him.

Carrie has lunch with her new gay date Oliver. She wonders: To be in a couple, do you have to put your single self on a shelf?

At work, Miranda finds out Max has spilled the beans on her being with child; she then lets it slip that he's gay. They both realize it's time to stop hiding their personal lives. Charlotte finds out that House and Garden wants to shoot her apartment, but Trey doesn't want to do it. He abruptly tells her that she can have the apartment and that he'll move back in with his mother.

Samantha talks to Richard about that thing I said the other night. Richard says it doesn't matter, he's knows she was on Ecstasy. Samantha realizes that she secretly wished it did matter to him.

Carrie gets ready for another fabulous night out with Oliver and puts her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. Aidan offers to go, but she convinces him not to. At the club, Oliver flirts with men and Carrie starts to wonder what she's doing there. She realizes she wants to be with Aidan and heads for home.

As Charlotte prepares for the House and Garden photo shoot, Trey shows up. He tells her that he wants to at least do that for her. They pose as the happy married couple they no longer are.

S04E15 - Change of a Dress Air Date: 20 January 2002 17:00 -

Carrie is feeling pressured by Aidan - and society at large - to plan her wedding. She admits to Miranda that she isn't exactly feeling like a blushing bride. Miranda confesses that she isn't exactly glowing over her pregnancy. She tells Carrie that she "faked" her sonogram - feigning joy when she found out she was having a boy. Miranda convinces Carrie to go try on some bad wedding dresses. In her gown, Carrie starts to panic and has Miranda rip the dress off of her. At the coffee shop, Carrie asks the girls why she has to get married when things are great as they are. She wonders: Do we really want these things or are we just programmed?

Carrie tries to get in a marital mood with a stack of bridal magazines but she freaks out as Aidan smashes through the wall between the apartments. She tells him that she doesn't think she's ready to get married yet. Charlotte, on the other hand, attempts to get over her divorce with some tap lessons, but ends up "tapping" into her pain.

Meanwhile, Samantha learns that Richard has been seen about town with another woman. At Richard's charity fundraiser, J.J., a gossip columnist, shows Samantha yet another of Richard's conquests. Samantha is shocked at how upset she is. Enraged, she confronts Richard and tells him to stop sleeping around. He says he's just not the monogamous type. Samantha walks away and grabs J.J. for some sexual revenge but he goes soft on her. When Richard sees J.J. follow Samantha out of the bathroom he says, "Let's just keep things the way they are."

After the fundraiser, Aidan tells Carrie that he wants them to get married that night. He doesn't understand what they're waiting for. Carrie realizes that he still doesn't completely trust her. She insists that she is his but Aidan protests: "If you don't want to marry me right now, you'll never want to." Carrie doesn't know how to respond. Devastated, Aidan says, "I can't believe I'm back here again." Back home, they spend their one and only night together on the other side of the wall.

On the other side of town, Miranda has her first true maternal moment when she feels her baby kick.

S04E16 - Ring a Ding Ding Air Date: 27 January 2002 17:00 -

Unable to say goodbye, Carrie turns away as Aidan moves out of her apartment and her life. She finds what she assumes is a "goodbye letter"; in fact, it's a legal document giving her 30 days to either buy back her apartment or vacate it. At the bank, she's told that she's not a "desirable candidate" for a loan. After another failed relationship, she wonders: What's it all worth?

On a shoe-shopping excursion with Miranda, Carrie realizes she's spent $40,000 on shoes. In dire straits, she pays Big an official visit and asks for some financial advice. He gives her a check for the down payment. Miranda and Samantha also offer to loan her some money, but Carrie says she can't accept their offer. She rips up the check from Big. Charlotte announces that she got a job as a volunteer docent at the Museum of Modern Art.

Later, Carrie storms over to Charlotte's apartment and asks her why she didn't offer her the money. Charlotte says it's not her job to fix Carrie's finances. Carrie is outraged at Charlotte's lack of support, especially since Charlotte doesn't even have to work. She also remarks that Charlotte isn't exactly the picture of independence as she's still wearing her engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Samantha is being showered with expensive gifts from Richard, but she's under-whelmed by the cards which are signed "Best, Richard." She finds out that it's Richard's gay assistant Roger who's been buying the presents - and writing the cards. She gets Roger to sign the next gift card, "Love, Richard." When she reads the card aloud to Richard, he looks stunned and then declares, "I love you, Samantha." To which Sam replies, "And I love this," pointing to her gift.

Steve and Miranda are working out a visitation schedule for the baby. Miranda tells Steve that she's incredibly horny and feels like no one would want to have sex with her pregnant self. Steve says he would and they get to work.

Carrie and Charlotte apologize to each other. Charlotte admits that she is having trouble giving up being "Mrs. Trey McDougal." So, to free herself of her past and give Carrie a future (and home), she offers Carrie her ring as a loan. Carrie accepts.

S04E17 - A 'Vogue' Idea Air Date: 03 February 2002 17:00 -

Full of optimism, Carrie turns in her first article for Vogue. Her fierce new editor, Enid (played by Candice Bergen) isn't impressed and says she wants "less Carrie Bradshaw." However, Julian, the Vogue bigwig who hired her, isn't worried. He takes her into his office for a morning pep talk along with one too many martinis.

In another conversation over drinks, Richard tells Samantha that what he really wants for his birthday is a three-way with Samantha and the restaurant's hot young hostess, Alexa.

Carrie tells Julian that she's thinking of quitting Vogue. Julian wonders what her dad would say and Carrie reveals that her father left when she was 5 years old. She wonders: How much does a father-figure figure?

Meanwhile, mom-to-be Miranda is freaking out about how she's going to juggle work and motherhood. Charlotte enthusiastically offers to throw Miranda a baby shower and Miranda begrudgingly accepts. But when Charlotte goes into high gear with storks and the must-have baby toys, Miranda freaks even more. At the shower, Charlotte cries when Miranda receives a Tiffany's silver baby rattle just like the one Trey had given her. Miranda comforts Charlotte and tells her how much she needs her help with the whole baby/motherhood thing. She also realizes that she might not be such a bad mom after all.

Over at Richard's place, the three-way is underway, until Alexa calls Richard, "Daddy." Richard tells Samantha to get rid of her. He also tells Samantha that he wants to try the monogamy thing.

Carrie rewrites her article and it passes the Vogue test. Julian takes Carrie to the Vogue accessories closet where Carrie flips over the Mary Jane Manolos. She also flips when Julian changes into some Versace briefs and starts to come on to her. She decides to work with Ened from that point on.

S04E18 - I Heart NY Air Date: 10 February 2002 17:00 -

It's autumn in New York and Carrie's yearning for some company. She invites herself over to Big's apartment, finding it filled with shipping boxes. Big tells her that he's moving to Napa, California where he bought a vineyard. Dazed and confused, Carrie joins him in a glass of wine and a slow dance to Big's parents' favorite song, "Moon River." Samantha is also feeling abandoned as Richard is late for their rendezvous. Although she's suspicious of his excuses, she gives him a token of love: a framed picture of hearts.

At the girls' next get-together, Carrie breaks the news about Big's impending departure and wonders if she should sleep with him one last time. Samantha tells the girls that she's a 'love-a-holic' and is worried as she's sure relationships never work. Carrie starts thinking about fate and wonders: Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?

Meanwhile, while leading a tour at the Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte is asked out by one of the visitors. At first she's resistant but when she spots Trey and Bunny wandering through the museum, she says yes to the potential date, Eric.

Samantha is increasingly concerned about her 'relationship' as Richard isn't reacting to her sexual advances. She asks him if he's sleeping with another woman and he denies it. She decides to spy on him.

Charlotte's date with Eric is going well. Both recent divorcees, they seem to have a lot in common. However, when he sees her luxurious Park Avenue abode, he goes on a rampage about her being a 'rich girl.' She shows him the door and gets rid of him quick.

Carrie gets all glammed up for her last night with Big. In a carriage ride through Central Park, Big tells her he'll miss her very much. They start to kiss but are interrupted by a call from Miranda who's in labor. The horses pick up their gait and Carrie dismounts at the hospital. Big gives her his classic wink goodbye.

Carrie keeps Miranda sane as she gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Miranda tells an exuberant Steve that she wants to name their child, Brady, Brady Hobbes. Samantha's in a different kind of labor of love as she follows Richard incognito in a wig and dark glasses. She catches him in bed with another woman and proceeds to smash the heart painting she had given him.

Carrie rushes off to try to catch Big before his plane takes off, but it's too late. In the apartment she finds the 'Moon River' record with a note reading "If you ever feel lonely" and a plane ticket to Napa with a note reading, "If I ever feel lonely."

Sex and the City Actors

John Corbett(Aidan Shaw)

James Remar(Richard Wright)

Evan Handler(Harry Goldenblatt)

Kyle MacLachlan(Trey MacDougal)

David Eigenberg(Steve Brady)

Chris Noth(Mr. Big)

Ron Livingston(Jack Berger)

Cynthia Nixon(Miranda Hobbes)

Jason Lewis(Smith Jerrod)

Willie Garson(Stanford Blatch)

Kristin Davis(Charlotte York)

Sarah Jessica Parker(Carrie Bradshaw)

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