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Station: NBC (US)
Status: Ended
Start: 1966-09-08

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There is no Next Episode of Star Trek planned.

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Star Trek Air Dates

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  • S03E01 - Spock's Brain

    An alien woman materializes on the bridge of the Enterprise and knocks the command crew unconscious. When they come to, they discover that Spock's brain has been stolen and they have to race against time to track her down and recover the brain in order to save Mr. Spock.

    Air Date: 20 September 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E02 - The Enterprise Incident

    Captain Kirk acts strangely and ends up taking the ship into the Romulan neutral zone where they are surrounded by Romulans, the Romulan commander then takes a interest in Mr. Spock.

    Air Date: 27 September 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E03 - The Paradise Syndrome

    Mr. Spock must destroy an asteroid threatening a primitive world where lost and amnesiac Captain Kirk has taken a wife.

    Air Date: 04 October 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E04 - And the Children Shall Lead

    A group of orphaned children under an alien's control take over the minds of the Enterprise crew.

    Air Date: 11 October 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E05 - Is There in Truth No Beauty?

    Only a jealous scientist can save Spock when he goes mad after seeing a hideous Medusan.

    Air Date: 18 October 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E06 - Spectre of the Gun
    Air Date: 25 October 1968 04:00 -
  • S03E07 - Day of the Dove

    An alien which feeds on violence traps Klingons and Enterprise crewman together.

    Air Date: 01 November 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E08 - For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

    After Dr. McCoy informs Captain Kirk that he is dying, the Enterprise crew discovers a planetoid that is on a collision course with a inhabited world. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and discover it is a populated space ship where most of the inhabitants having no clue they are on a space ship.

    Air Date: 08 November 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E09 - The Tholian Web

    Kirk is trapped on a disintegrating star ship and drifts between dimensions while the Tholian's create a energy web around the Enterprise to prevent them from escaping.

    Air Date: 15 November 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E10 - Plato's Stepchildren

    Rulers of a culture modeled after Platos Republic kidnap Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy.

    Air Date: 22 November 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E11 - Wink of an Eye

    The dying Scalosians, invisible to humans, need the Enterprise crew to help repopulate their decimated planet.

    Air Date: 29 November 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E12 - The Empath

    After arriving at a outpost to pick up the members of a science team, Kirk, McCoy and Spock find the team missing. They are then transported to another location by alien beings who use them in a torturous experiment involving a young girl who does not speak.

    Air Date: 06 December 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E13 - Elaan of Troyius

    Klingons interfere when the Enterprise is ordered to transport an unwilling royal bride to her wedding in another star system. During the trip, the enterprise is sabotaged.

    Air Date: 20 December 1968 05:00 -
  • S03E14 - Whom Gods Destroy

    Inmates gain control of an insane asylum, taking visiting Kirk and Spock prisoner.

    Air Date: 03 January 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E15 - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

    A feud that is thousands of years old between sworn enemies threatens to destroy the Enterprise.

    Air Date: 10 January 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E16 - The Mark of Gideon

    Captain Kirk suddenly finds himself on what appears to be the Enterprise, alone except for a beautiful alien woman while on a away mission to the planet Gideon.

    Air Date: 17 January 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E17 - That Which Survives

    The Enterprise discovers a planet that defies the conventional theories of planetology, so Kirk, Sulu, McCoy and D'Amato (a geologist) beam down to investigate. As they depart, a mysterious woman appears in the transporter room and attacks the chief there. Then the Enterprise is hurled nearly a thousand light years away! The strange female apparition reappears, and demonstrates that she is a grave threat to both stranded crew and the ship...

    Air Date: 24 January 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E18 - The Lights of Zetar

    A mysterious storm has inflicted heavy - perhaps irreparable - damage on the library planetoid Memory Alpha. And it seems to have a curious affiliation with new crewmember Myra Romaine. As the Enterprise pursues the hazard, Romaine falls more under its influence, and the crew learns is is not a storm at all, but a form of life that means to survive at ANY cost.

    Air Date: 31 January 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E19 - Requiem for Methuselah

    Rigelian Fever rages about the Enterprise; on a small planet named Holberg 917G, the crew has discovered a source of the only cure, ryetalin. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down, and discover the planet is the private property of Flint. At first uncooperative, Flint relents and permits the crew to gather the material. But events soon have them wondering about Flint's real goals, and his mysterious ward, the enchanting Rayna.

    Air Date: 14 February 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E20 - The Way to Eden

    The Enterprise intercepts a stolen space yacht, whose thieves destroy it rather than face capture. But they are captured, and revealed as "counterculture" individuals looking for a mysterious planet they call Eden. Led by an insane genius, they manage to capture the Enterprise long enough to direct it to Eden, which is located in the Romulan Neutral Zone! And to make their escape, they create a lethal trap for the crew.

    Air Date: 21 February 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E21 - The Cloud Minders

    The planet Merek II is gripped by a botanical plague. The only cure is the mineral zeenite, and the only practical source of that is Ardana. But Ardana has a stratified city: the troglytes who labor live in harsh conditions, while philosophers and artists enjoy the beauty of its floating city, Stratos. One among the troglytes, Vanna, means to change this, and plans to exploit the crisis - and Federation representatives Kirk and Spock - to accomplish that.

    Air Date: 28 February 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E22 - The Savage Curtain

    The Enterprise surveys the planet Excalbia. As its surface is the temperature of molten rock, no landing party is possible, so when the orbital survey concludes, Kirk orders the ship to leave. And then... Abraham Lincoln appears, and at the same time a region forms on the planet suitable for human life. Kirk and Spock beam down and discover Yarnek. It seems the Excalbians are struggling to understand the concepts of good and evil; the help themselves they have constructed an experiment: four examplars of good, including Kirk and Spock, will battle four exemplars of evil, notorious figures from history. And if good loses, the Enterprise will be destroyed...

    Air Date: 07 March 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E23 - All Our Yesterdays

    While trying to locate the missing population of a planet doomed by a coming nova, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find a mysterious librarian who sends them back into the planet's past. While Spock and McCoy fight for survival in a frigid landscape, Kirk is accused of witchcraft.

    Air Date: 14 March 1969 05:00 -
  • S03E24 - Turnabout Intruder

    Janice Lester, a lover from Kirk's past, uses alien technology to switch her consciousness into his body and vice versa, so that she can take command of the Enterprise and become a Starfleet captain as she always wanted.

    Air Date: 03 June 1969 04:00 -
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