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Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow being killing his mother and framing his father. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator accident leads to Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Coming out of coma nine months later, Barry and his new friends at STAR labs find that he now has the ability to move at superhuman speed.
Furthermore, Barry learns that he is but one of many affected by that event, most of whom are using their powers for evil. Determined to make a difference, Barry dedicates his life to fighting such threats, as The Flash. While he gains allies he never expected, there are also secret forces determined to aid and manipulate him for their own agenda. (source: www.imdb.com)

Genres: Drama | Action | Science-Fiction
Station: The CW (US)
Rating: 9.37/10 from 1490 users
Status: Running
Start: 2014-10-07

The Flash Season 3 Air Dates

S03E01 - Flashpoint Air Date: 05 October 2016 00:00 -

After preventing his mother's death and altering history, Barry has a perfect life in the resulting timeline. But memory losses suggest that the danger isn't yet over.

S03E02 - Paradox Air Date: 12 October 2016 00:00 -

Barry discovers that he didn't restore the timeline as it originally was, and tries to reconcile the difference. Meanwhile, the Edward Clariss of the new timeline teams up with a new villain to bring Flash down.

S03E03 - Magenta Air Date: 19 October 2016 00:00 -

A new metahuman, Magenta, unleashes a magnetic wave of terror on the city. Meanwhile, Harry and Jesse come over from Earth-2 and reveal that Jesse now has superspeed... and Wally wonders if he gained the same power.

S03E04 - The New Rogues Air Date: 26 October 2016 00:00 -

Taking the name of Jesse Quick and donning a mask, Jesse offers to help Barry against two metas, Mirror Master and Top. However, her inexperience puts her in danger and gets Flash trapped in a mirror. Meanwhile, Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin search the other Earths for a replacement for a Harry.

S03E05 - Monster Air Date: 02 November 2016 00:00 -

A monster appears in downtown Central City and Julian vows to find the person responsible. While Flash tries to deal with the creature, Cisco tries to deal with his new teammate H.R. and realizes that he's hiding something.

S03E06 - Shade Air Date: 16 November 2016 01:00 -

While Barry tries to deal with a new metahuman, Shade, Alchemy tries to convince Wally to join him and gain the powers that he had in Flashpoint.

S03E07 - Killer Frost Air Date: 23 November 2016 01:00 -

Flash discovers that he's powerless against Savitar's superior speed, but other matters take precedence when Caitlin turns into Killer Frost and goes on a rampage trying to find Alchemy.

S03E08 - Invasion! Air Date: 30 November 2016 01:00 -

The alien Dominators land on Earth, and Barry realizes that he can't fight them alone. He summons Green Arrow and his teammates, and then the Legends, and then Supergirl from her Earth. However, the discovery of future-Barry's message forces Barry to reveal that he may have altered all of their lives when he changed the timeline, sowing the seeds of mistrust.

S03E09 - The Present Air Date: 07 December 2016 01:00 -

As Christmas arrives, the team discovers Alchemy's identity. Jay travels from Earth 3 to lend the team a hand against Savitar, while Joe forbids Wally from helping.

S03E10 - Borrowing Problems from the Future Air Date: 25 January 2017 01:00 -

Barry finally tells Iris and the others--except Joe--what he saw in the future and together they set out to stop that future from coming to pass. Meanwhile, Caitlin invites Julian to join Team Flash, and H.R. prepares to open the museum.

S03E11 - Dead or Alive Air Date: 01 February 2017 01:00 -

A "collector" from Earth-19 arrives to take H.R. to pay with his life for traveling between dimensions. While Cisco challenges her to a trial by combat, Iris sets out to make her mark on the world before the future that Barry saw comes to pass.

S03E12 - Untouchable Air Date: 08 February 2017 01:00 -

A new metahuman, Clive Yorkin, goes after the alternates of the people that wronged him in Flashpoint by turning them into ash. Meanwhile, Iris and Barry finally tell Joe about what Barry saw in the future.

S03E13 - Attack on Gorilla City Air Date: 22 February 2017 01:00 -

Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian travel to Gorilla City on Earth 2 to rescue Harrison. However, they are soon captured and Barry is forced to fight a battle to the death against the gorillas' ruler, Solovar.

S03E14 - Attack on Central City Air Date: 01 March 2017 01:00 -

Barry considers killing Grodd to stop him, but Harry convinces him that there's always another way. Meanwhile, Jesse tells her father that she's staying on Earth-1 and is surprised at his reaction.

S03E15 - The Wrath of Savitar Air Date: 08 March 2017 01:00 -

The team is forced to use Julian as a conduit to Savitar to question the God of Speed. Meanwhile, Wally is haunted by visions of Savitar that slowly become more real.

S03E16 - Into the Speed Force Air Date: 15 March 2017 00:00 -

Barry enters the Speed Force to rescue Wally, and meets some familiar faces. Meanwhile, Jesse ignores H.R.'s advice and sets out to find and defeat Savitar on her own.

S03E17 - Duet Air Date: 22 March 2017 00:00 -

When Mon-El and Hank bring Kara to Earth-1 to ask Team Flash for help, Music Meister puts Barry under his spell as well and traps him and Kara in a musical where they have to finish the story to escape... and if they die in the musical then they die in real life as well. This story line started at the end of Supergirl: "Star-Crossed", Season 2, Episode 16.

S03E18 - Abra Kadabra Air Date: 29 March 2017 00:00 -

A new villain, Abra Kadabra, seeking out high-tech items. When Flash captures him, Abra offers the speedster Savitar's name if Flash lets him go. Meanwhile, Julian is forced to operate on a badly injured Caitlin.

S03E19 - The Once and Future Flash Air Date: 26 April 2017 00:00 -

Barry travels to 2024 to discover who Savitar is and use the information to save Iris. However, he soon discovers that Team Flash was destroyed when Iris was killed... and Barry is responsible. Meanwhile, Killer Frost finds someone who can give her what she wants.

S03E20 - I Know Who You Are Air Date: 03 May 2017 00:00 -

The team finds Tracy Brand, the woman that Future-Barry said would be able to imprison Savitar four years in the future. However, Savitar intends to kill Tracy and is using Killer Frost to do so. Meanwhile, Cecile tells Joe that she loves him and he freezes up.

S03E21 - Cause and Effect Air Date: 10 May 2017 00:00 -

Cisco comes up with a plan to stop Savitar involving preventing Barry from forming short-term memories. However, the plan doesn't go as intended. Meanwhile, Killer Frost returns to S.T.A.R. Labs to help the team.

S03E22 - Infantino Street Air Date: 17 May 2017 00:00 -

With 24 hours left to save Iris, Barry recruits Len Snart from the past to steal a Dominator power cell from ARGUS. Meanwhile, Joe and Kid Flash take Iris somewhere that Savitar can't find her, and Killer Frost calls Vibe out to kill him... and the last vestiges of her old self.

S03E23 - Finish Line Air Date: 24 May 2017 00:00 -

Savitar kills one of the team, and then comes up with a new plan to become a god… and Barry must come up with a way to stop him.

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