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Station: Syndication (US)
Status: Ended
Start: 2000-06-18

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Next Episode Air Date

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There is no Next Episode of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne planned.

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The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Pictures

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne episode countdown picture

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Air Dates

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  • S01E01 - In the Beginning

    The adventure begins. In Paris, Jules Verne, a student with the ambition of becoming a great novelist and playwright, unwittingly attracts the attentions of the League of Darkness and its leader, Count Gregory, with his visions of fantastic machines and ideas for the future.

    Air Date: 18 June 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E02 - Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole

    Using an idea stolen from Jules Verne (from In the Beginning), the League of Darkness construct a giant underground tunneling machine, the "Mole." The League first kills a diplomat to get papers giving their own agent access to Queen Victoria, whom they plan to kill.

    Air Date: 25 June 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E03 - Rockets of the Dead

    When Rebecca investigates the murder of a British envoy in London, she must go undercover as an actress to attract Angelo Rimini, Duke of Carpathia and the prime suspect.

    Air Date: 02 July 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E04 - The Cardinal's Design (1)

    Rebecca has a friend of hers trying to decipher a secret code, behind the back of her superior. She is threatened with a scorpion in her bed, which she manages to kill. Phileas offers to help, but the codebreaker is killed under his protection by the mysterious Cavois.

    Air Date: 09 July 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E05 - The Cardinal's Revenge (2)

    Still trapped in the time of the Three Musketeers, Rebecca is mistaken for Madame D'Urfe, an assassin hired to kill King Louis XIII. Jules and Phileas must persuade the Three Musketeers to reunite to rescue Rebecca, and save the King by defeating Richelieu.

    Air Date: 16 July 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E06 - The Eyes of Lazarus

    The evil spirit of a dead mad anarchist, Lazarus, takes possession of Passepartout at a seance for Passepartout's recently-deceased Aunt Louisa. Lazarus, who died at the hands of Phileas, is intent on returning the favor.

    Air Date: 23 July 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E07 - Lord of Air and Darkness (1)

    While investigating a country priest's murder, Jules is lured to a secret base of the League of Darkness, where they are creating a flying ship called the Prometheus. Jules accepts a commission at the behest of the ship's beautiful commander, unaware of the League's true purpose.

    Air Date: 05 August 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E08 - Southern Comfort (2)

    Hoping to shift the balance of power in the United States' Civil War, the League of Darkness heads across the Atlantic in the Prometheus while being pursued by the crew of the Aurora.

    Air Date: 12 August 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E09 - Let There Be Light

    The crew of the Aurora decide to go on a tour of the United States. They meet up with a young boy, Al, who they find is mechanically inclined and partially deaf. They also discover he is an incredible mechanical genius, having recreated the design of the Cardinal's Chariot (from The Cardinal's Design).

    Air Date: 19 August 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E10 - The Ballad of Steeley Joe

    While waiting for Passepartout to arrive from Baltimore with the Aurora, Jules, Rebecca, and Phileas pass the time aboard the gambling boat, the Memphis Belle; Phileas by gambling and Jules and Rebecca by socializing with a newspaperman, Sam Clemens

    Air Date: 26 August 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E11 - The Black Glove of Melchizedek

    Phileas Fogg comes into possession of a single black glove covered with Cabalistic symbols. The glove, it turns out, is being hunted by two men: a mysterious Cabalistic sorcerer named Vargas, and a Chinese mystic, Zai Chao.

    Air Date: 02 September 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E12 - Dust to Dust

    A sarcophagus containing the remains of Nepka, an Egyptian high priest, is being transported to New York by Phileas Fogg for his old schoolmate, Professor Alexander Douglas, and an unusual woman, Adriana Locke.

    Air Date: 01 October 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E13 - The Golem

    Traveling to Paris to celebrate Jules' birthday, Phileas, a disabled Rebecca, and Passepartout, along with Sir Hugo Bezel (chief architect of Paris), arrive just as a golem is on a murderous rampage through the city. After Jules is arrested for the crimes, Phileas and Rebecca each go about in their own way to discover the true murderer; Phileas by seducing the beautiful and talented Angelique, and Rebecca by dispatching Passepartout to do research. It is Jules, however, who unmasks the culprit.

    Air Date: 08 October 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E14 - Crusader in the Crypt

    On assignment to find invasion plans, Rebecca escapes empty-handed from the castle of Prussian General von Kessler, with the aid of the Aurora and her cousin Phileas. They are then summoned back to Fogg Manor, Shillingsworth Magna, with the news that the body of Phileas's father has disappeared from the family crypt. The group travels to the manor, where a number of strange occurrences have been reported. The vicar has called in an exorcist, who seems smitten with Rebeccas' charms. Phileas, who left the Secret Service after his father's actions got his brother killed, is none too pleased or interested in the whole affair. Passepartout eventually discovers that Boniface's body wasn't stolen, but that the bones were reduced to dust by an electrical storm that triggered a discharge. The same discharge reanimated the skeleton that was in the crypt, that was brought back from the Crusades by Boniface's ancestor. The vicar believes the bones are those of an angel, but Jules believes they are of an alien. Meanwhile, von Kessler and his men are tracking Rebecca, who unknowingly has the plans after all. Jules, Phileas, and Rebecca are trapped in the church by von Kessler when the alien is reanimated. Fortunately it is friendly, and departs in a spaceship. The ship destroys the church, which provides enough of a distraction for the group to capture von Kessler. At the end, Phileas reconciles with his father's actions in life and lets Passepartout build a memorial fountain over the dusty remains of Boniface Fogg.

    Air Date: 15 October 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E15 - The Strange Death of Professor Maréchal

    On the death of Professor Maréchal, his daughter persuades Jules and Phileas to take his remains to the coast, where they find the machine Maréchal created that can supposedly bring the dead back to life.

    Air Date: 22 October 2000 04:00 -
  • S01E16 - The Rocket's Red Glare

    The group is summoned to British Columbia after an American General, Steele, is kidnapped by Indians from the British territory. To avoid a war between the two countries, Fogg and the others must find Steele.

    Air Date: 29 October 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E17 - Rocket to the Moon

    While Jules tries to help Count Kugarin launch a rocket to the moon, Phileas gambles everything he owns against the Russian in a series of contests.

    Air Date: 05 November 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E18 - The Inquisitor

    When a college friend of Rebecca's, Amateratsu, and her grandfather Kajimori travel to Paris, the grandfather is kidnapped by the Inquisitor, a member of the League of Darkness. Kajimori has knowledge of a potion of "enlightenment," which he has passed on to Amateratsu.

    Air Date: 18 November 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E19 - Royalty

    While traveling over Montravia, the Aurora crashes and the local constabulary mistakes Passepartout for King Carl V, for whom he is a dead ringer.

    Air Date: 25 November 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E20 - Secret of the Realm

    A ship carrying the Spanish Ambassador Senior Sel Fuego and his mysterious cargo runs aground in the Sargasso Sea, and Fuego seems to disappear into a mirror. While Verne is plagued by strange visions, the Foggs and Passepartout go to investigate, and the Foggs pass through a dimensional curtain. They are imprisoned, and find out that Count Gregory and the League of Darkness are behind the sceheme. By entering the other dimension, Phileas and Rebecca caused the creation of "Similars" back in the real world. Working together with the "Similar" of Fuego (who is also a prisoner), the three duplicates plan to kill Queen Victoria. Verne realizes his "friends" are imposters and convinces Sir Chatsworth. The two of them fail to convince the Queen, however. The real Phileas asks that Rebecca kill him, as this will destroy his own Similar. Apparently the Holy Grail, Fuego's cargo, recognizes his willingness to sacrifice himself and frees them. With the aid of Passepartout, who has been trapped aboard the Aurora within the magnetic field, they return to the real world, which destroys their Similars.

    Air Date: 02 December 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E21 - The Victorian Candidate

    The League of Darkness executes an elaborate plan to kidnap Phileas and brainwash him into assassinating Queen Victoria.

    Air Date: 09 December 2000 05:00 -
  • S01E22 - The Book of Knowledge

    When Jules contracts yellow fever in Tangiers, a famous doctor takes him for treatment to a Corsican hospital that is secretly controlled by the League of Darkness.

    Air Date: 16 December 2000 05:00 -