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Dr. Phil Air Dates

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  • S15E01 - The JonBenét Ramsey Murder: Brother Burke Breaks His 20-Year Silence

    Part one of a three-part interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, brother of child murder victim JonBenét Ramsey.

    Air Date: 12 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E02 - JonBenét Ramsey: Brother Burke and the Secret Interrogation Tapes

    Part two of a three-part interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, brother of child murder victim JonBenét Ramsey; tapes of him being interviewed by a psychologist soon after his sister's death.

    Air Date: 13 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E03 - I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime!

    While filming a show about being an uncontrollable teen, Danielle steals a ``Dr. Phil'' crew member's car.

    Air Date: 14 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E04 - The Burke Ramsey Interviews: Your Questions Answered

    Dr. Phil addresses viewer questions about the murder of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey and discusses what he calls the hard evidence that exonerated her parents and siblings.

    Air Date: 15 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E05 - A House on Fire, a Dog in Flames: Our Brother Is out of Control!

    Carolyn and Laura blame their bipolar brother's wife for his manic episodes in which he set his house on fire and injured his dog.

    Air Date: 16 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E06 - Who Killed Child Beauty Queen JonBenét Ramsey?

    Part three of an interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, brother of murder victim JonBenét Ramsey; John Ramsey gives his final interview.

    Air Date: 19 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E07 - Workout Wars: Who's Stalking Who?

    Fitness diva Janet Jones says one of her former employees is out to destroy her and anyone associated with her; the employee says it is Jones and her followers who are harassing and stalking her; Dr. Phil visits the set of TV drama ``Bull.''

    Air Date: 20 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E08 - Where Is Missing Kyron Horman? His Stepmother Speaks

    The parents of a little boy who vanished six years ago without a trace believe that his stepmother knows what happened to him; part one of an interview with the stepmother.

    Air Date: 21 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E09 - Where Is Kyron? Sexting and Two Failed Polys, What Does the Stepmother Know?

    The parents of a little boy who vanished six years ago without a trace believe that his stepmother knows what happened to him and exhibited bizarre behavior after the disappearance; part two of an interview with the stepmother.

    Air Date: 22 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E10 - Help! My Beautiful Teen Daughter Is Living in a Motel With Two Strangers

    Marcia fears that her 19-year-old daughter is living in a motel with a pimp and a prostitute, who she thinks have taken her under their wing.

    Air Date: 23 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E11 - Our Son-In-Law's Lies, Cover-Ups and Disturbing Secrets

    Parents of two young children have a marriage that is loud, violent and full of rage, and one of them reveals a secret he has been keeping.

    Air Date: 26 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E12 - Dump My Son Now! He's a Lying, Abusive, Remorseless Con-Artist

    Korin has lost custody of one of her children because of her boyfriend's abusive behavior, and she fears losing the rest.

    Air Date: 27 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E13 - Beatings, Bruises, Withholding Food: My Mom's Cycle of Abuse

    Joselyn thinks that her mother's abuse contributed to her brother's ``snapping'' and murdering his grandmother.

    Air Date: 28 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E14 - From All-American Hockey Player to Homeless Aspiring Rapper: Save Our Son From the Streets of L.A.

    A young man who hitchhiked to Los Angeles to pursue his call to greatness as a rap superstar is now homeless and seems to have no desire to get off the streets.

    Air Date: 29 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E15 - A Father Accused: Did He Molest His Daughter Over 100 Times?

    Brittany and her mother confront her father, who she says sexually abused her starting at the age of 7.

    Air Date: 30 September 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E16 - Love Behind Bars: I'm Marrying Making A Murderer's Steven Avery

    Dr. Phil speaks with Lynn Hartman, the fiancee of ``Making a Murderer'' subject Steven Avery, about finding true love with a man who famously spends time in prison for being found guilty of murder.

    Air Date: 03 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E17 - Love Behind Bars: Steven Avery's Prison Interview

    Dr. Phil speaks with ``Making a Murderer'' subject Steven Avery via phone from prison to discuss his relationship with fiancee Lynn Hartman and new details in his case.

    Air Date: 04 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E18 - Help Me Get My 14-Year-Old Daughter Back From Grandma!

    Ted wants to get custody of his 14-year-old daughter from her grandmother, who has taken care of her for the past 13 years, but the girl says she doesn't want a relationship with her father; author Dr. Art Markman (``Brain Briefs'').

    Air Date: 05 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E19 - My Sweet Sister Has Turned Into a Sugar Baby Party Mom

    Grace claims her sister Ashlan abandoned her 14-month-old son and her priorities are stripping and partying; Ashlan doesn't think she's a bad mom and wants Grace to stop making such accusations because she says she only strips to support her son.

    Air Date: 06 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E20 - Missing at Spring Break: What Really Happened to Brittanee

    The family of a teen who went missing seven years ago while on spring break talks about what a jailhouse informant claims happened to the girl; a surprise guest may know something about Brittanee's disappearance.

    Air Date: 07 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E21 - My Ex-Husband Kidnapped My Children

    Robin says her ex-husband kidnapped their two daughters and refuses to return them; he says the girls ran away from her because she has a problem with alcohol and dates abusive men.

    Air Date: 10 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E22 - A Father's Explosive Accusation

    Robin and Daniel's daughters, ages 12 and 14, say they have been torn between both parents for years; Daniel reveals a heavy accusation against his ex-wife.

    Air Date: 11 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E23 - Identical Twins Starving to Death: Who's to Blame?

    Twin 16-year-old girls say they may have only a few months to live due to their deadly eating disorder; their father blames their mother and says he is ashamed to be seen with them.

    Air Date: 12 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E24 - Inside the Mind of Brooke Shields' Convicted Stalker

    Dr. Phil interviews the man sentenced to 60 days in prison for stalking and harassing actress Brooke Shields; he says he was wrongly convicted and blames Shields for his sister's death.

    Air Date: 13 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E25 - My Sister Would Rather Be With Her Homeless Boyfriend in a Tent Than With Her Kids

    Katie's mother, sister and ex-husband say she exhibits erratic and unsafe behavior and is an out-of-control and neglectful mother.

    Air Date: 14 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E26 - A Teacher's Sexual Relationship With a Student

    A former teacher says a 17-year-old student seduced her and ``twisted her brain into accepting'' having an affair with him; another of her former students tells what she witnessed.

    Air Date: 17 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E27 - Help, Dr. Phil! We're Worried Our 18-Year-Old Teen Is Being Groomed by a Man in Argentina to Be Sold as a Sex Slave!

    Maddy, 18, is determined to fly to Argentina and start a new life with a man she has never met in person; her parents fear he is a sex trafficker.

    Air Date: 18 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E28 - Son-in-Law vs. Mother-in-Law and a Wife Caught in the Middle

    Danny says that if his wife does not put up some boundaries with her overbearing mother, he will think about getting a divorce.

    Air Date: 19 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E29 - My Transgender Son Is Ruining His Life!

    Sheila says that her 17-year-old is so focused on transitioning from male to female that ``he'' has neglected school and other priorities; the youngster accuses Sheila of physical and emotional abuse.

    Air Date: 20 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E30 - Sleeping With the Enemy

    Eric and his wife downplay his anger management issues, even though he has been arrested 15 times for domestic violence and once for aggravated child abuse that left his stepdaughter with a fractured skull and all three daughters in foster care.

    Air Date: 21 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E31 - All My Ex Cares About Is Acting and Singing for the Lord, Not Our Daughter!

    Brandon and Danielle trade accusations in an ongoing custody battle for their 10-year-old daughter.

    Air Date: 24 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E32 - My Fame-Obsessed Ex Spreads Lies That I Tried to Poison Our Daughter With a Sports Drink

    Brandon and Danielle continue trading accusations in their custody battle for their 10-year-old daughter.

    Air Date: 25 October 2016 19:00 -
  • S15E33 - Our Mom Did Not Protect Us Against Sexual Abuse

    Three sisters want their mother to acknowledge that one of them was sexually abused multiple times as a child and that their mother's current husband exposed himself to her toddler grandson.

    Air Date: 26 October 2016 19:00 -
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