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Genres: Crime
Station: Syndication (US)
Status: Running
Start: 2010-09-13

Judge Judy Next Episode Air Date

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Judge Judy Air Dates

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  • S20E01 - Catfight at a Custody Exchange!
    Air Date: 14 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E02 - Let Me See My Daughter
    Air Date: 15 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E03 - Troubled Teens, Computer Fiends?; 40-Year Age Difference!
    Air Date: 16 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E04 - VIP Limo Loopiness!; My Dog is a Mini Me!
    Air Date: 17 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E05 - When You're Hot, You're Hot!; Hard Times Break-In
    Air Date: 18 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E06 - Honey, I Shrunk Your Pants; Child Support Me Not
    Air Date: 21 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E07 - Ex-Fiancee Fight!
    Air Date: 22 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E08 - Harrowing Dog Attack Drama!; Jealous Rock-Throwing Rage!
    Air Date: 23 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E09 - Rent Free for All; Location Scout Harassment?!
    Air Date: 24 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E10 - Hotel Room Destruction!; Rent-A-Church
    Air Date: 25 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E11 - Mocked After Being Attacked?!; Girlfriend Causes Heart Failure?!
    Air Date: 28 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E12 - Judge Judy 101!; Lovers Too Soon?!
    Air Date: 29 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E13 - $14,000 Out the Window?!; Show Me the Bail Money!
    Air Date: 30 September 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E14 - Why Own a Pit Bull?; Mother's Day Car Bashing!
    Air Date: 01 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E15 - Mormon Good Will Hunting; Family No More!
    Air Date: 02 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E16 - Troubled Teens' Crash Pad!; Pit Bull Breakout!
    Air Date: 05 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E17 - Ditched and Drunk?; Tax Woes Kill A Friendship!
    Air Date: 06 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E18 - The Black Eye Whodunit?!
    Air Date: 07 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E19 - Therapy Dog Defender!; Family Fraud?!; Believe It or Not?
    Air Date: 08 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E20 - Dirty Hands Dilemma!; Stop Stabbing My Vicious Dog!
    Air Date: 09 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E21 - Payback Break-In?!; Grandmother's Meddling!
    Air Date: 12 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E22 - Dog Mauling Caught on Tape!; Cruising Online Crush!

    The owner of a small dog demands compensation after it is attacked and killed by a larger one; a pair who met online end up fighting over a romantic cruise that never took place.

    Air Date: 13 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E23 - Casanova Stallion; Heated Horses on the Loose!
    Air Date: 14 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E24 - Wedding Planner Nightmare!
    Air Date: 15 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E25 - Hair Relaxing Fallout!; Bulldog Buddies No More!
    Air Date: 16 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E26 - Suicide Shocker
    Air Date: 19 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E27 - Liquor License Losers?
    Air Date: 20 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E28 - Funeral, Fighting and Drug Abuse?!
    Air Date: 21 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E29 - Two Tons of Yard Garbage?!; Scary Homeless Friends?

    A landlord forgets to bring proof of the massive amount of trash he says was left in his front yard; a woman cites her ex-roommate's ``dangerous friends'' as one of the reasons she had to move out.

    Air Date: 22 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E30 - Unsafe and Sorry Roommate?!; Angry Father of the Bride
    Air Date: 23 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E31 - Exotic Chandelier Scam?; Criminal Car Sale?!
    Air Date: 26 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E32 - Tortoise Resort Fail; Puppy Buyer Remorse
    Air Date: 27 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E33 - Jealous Vigilante Justice?; Disabled Mom, Disobedient Daughter?
    Air Date: 28 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E34 - Chased and Beaten by Neighbors?!

    A woman says a dog's owners beat her up after she pepper-sprayed them.

    Air Date: 29 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E35 - Small Dog vs. Smaller Baby!

    Former friends fight over custody of a dog after a baby is born, and a restraining order comes into play.

    Air Date: 29 October 2015 20:30 -
  • S20E36 - Child Slams Into Car!; Truck Driving Mama's Boy?
    Air Date: 30 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E37 - Mother-Daughter Custody Fight!; Sellout Crowd Scam?
    Air Date: 30 October 2015 20:00 -
  • S20E38 - Nosy Neighbor Defames Pastor?!; Money Order Thief?!
    Air Date: 02 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E39 - Drug Addict Beats Boyfriend?; Uninsured Menace!
    Air Date: 02 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E40 - Troubled Teen, Fighting Fathers!
    Air Date: 03 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E41 - Nice Guy or Nasty Drunk?!; Car Rental Racket!
    Air Date: 03 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E42 - The Good Samaritan of Kitchens; Big Time Buyer's Remorse
    Air Date: 04 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E43 - No Job...No Car!; Roommate Retaliation Party?
    Air Date: 04 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E44 - Out of Control Pet!; Sideswiped in the Night

    A woman's small dog was off its leash when a neighbor's dog attacked it; a hit-and-run accident leaves a couple suing the owner of a damaged car.

    Air Date: 05 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E45 - Native American Reunion Fail!; Chihuahua Amputee

    A genealogy search reunites family members who then argue about fraud; dog owners argue about whose dog bit off a Chihuahua's paw.

    Air Date: 05 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E46 - Truth Has Its Day in Court!; Hijacked Rental Car, Stolen Cash?

    A woman's violent past comes into play when she accuses another woman of harassment; former friends fight about rental car fees and ticket sales.

    Air Date: 06 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E47 - Lovers or Roommates?; Dangerous Biker Boy

    A couple's relationship disintegrates and leads to accusations; a 7-year-old boy is accused of crashing into a parked car.

    Air Date: 06 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E48 - Sisters, Funerals and Guns!; Ex-Lovers Laptop Fight!

    A woman says her nephew shot her in the head with a BB gun, and her sister says she stole her belongings; ex-boyfriends argue over the purchase of a computer.

    Air Date: 09 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E49 - Friends With Partial Benefits; Chill Dog Wreaks Havoc!

    A former tenant says a landlord manhandled her and slammed her 55-inch TV to the ground; a teen says her friend's calm service dog destroyed more than $2,000 worth of her belongings.

    Air Date: 09 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E50 - 1,000 Beer Bottles Clean-Up?!
    Air Date: 10 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E51 - Extravagant Beach Wedding Fail!; Brother Sister Skirmish!
    Air Date: 10 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E52 - Meth Mechanic Slander!; Safe Deer ... Injured Car!

    A disgruntled customer spreads nasty rumors about a mechanic; an employee damages a company car while avoiding a deer.

    Air Date: 10 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E53 - Wedding Planner Rip-Off?!; Fatal Dog Walk?!

    Newlyweds accuse a wedding coordinator of ruining their wedding; a man says a 12-year-old dog-walker severely injured his poodle, resulting in its death.

    Air Date: 10 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E54 - Online Scammer?!; Music Blaring Recklessness?!; Baby Daddy Drama!
    Air Date: 12 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E55 - My Neighbor Tackled Me!; Spiteful Car Ownership!
    Air Date: 12 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E56 - Don't Show Up Drunk!; Mutual Combat Cruise?!
    Air Date: 13 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E57 - Vengeful Ninja Brick Thrower?!; Lies, Lawyers and Landlords
    Air Date: 13 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E58 - Drugs, Arrests and Gas Poisoning?!

    Ex-lovers and a landlord feud over vandalism, dangerous gas emissions and a history of drug abuse.

    Air Date: 16 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E59 - Bat Girl Goes Bonkers?!; Separation and the Single Mother

    A man says a woman who claims he stole money beat him in the head with a bat; an unwed mother and her friend argue over whether money was a gift or a loan.

    Air Date: 16 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E60 - Horrifying Dog Death!; Bad Driver Caught on Tape!

    After a dog is run over by a truck on an icy road, neighbors feud over liability; despite video evidence, a driver denies being responsible for damages from a parking-lot accident.

    Air Date: 17 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E61 - Don't Be a Bum Magnet!; When Doors Attack!

    A woman lends money to a handsome young man she met on Facebook; an old door falls on a car.

    Air Date: 17 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E62 - Ex-Lover Caught Lying!; Get Out of Jail Rent Free!

    A man's story about the sale of a vehicle falls apart, and his ex sues for her property; a woman sues her daughter's jailbird boyfriend for unpaid rent, damages to a car, and moving expenses.

    Air Date: 18 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E63 - Front Porch From Hell!; Unfit for Each Other Roommates!

    A woman says her new, $8,000 porch was horrendous, and the builder accuses her of kicking him off her property; a woman says her former tenant trashed a room.

    Air Date: 18 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E64 - Don't Pee and Post!; Peace, Love and the Broke-Down Bus!

    Young men who posted their acts of vandalism online find themselves being sued for damages; a man accuses his travel partners of putting gasoline in a diesel engine, ruining it.

    Air Date: 19 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E65 - World's Worst Healthcare Aid?!; Hostile, Loud and Annoying?!

    An employee fired after only four hours of work sues the employer for pay; a woman says her new tenant turned into a different person after he moved in.

    Air Date: 19 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E66 - The Tattle Tale and the Ex-Convict?!; Flooding and Fleeing!

    A woman says her cousin-in-law spread rumors about her, choked her and stole her jewelry; a niece says her uncle destroyed her belongings after she abandoned the home she was managing.

    Air Date: 20 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E67 - Say Yes to the Shoddy Dress?!; Consignment Nightmare!

    A teen sues her clothing designer for not finishing her prom dress on time; a woman sues a consignment dealer for items she sold on the Internet.

    Air Date: 20 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E68 - Luxury Car Lemon?!; Austin Freebie!; Grandma the Car Thief?!

    A car's owner says a mechanic's repair work only made matters worse; an ex-girlfriend admits to using the plane ticket a man gave her; a daughter says her mother illegally repossessed her car.

    Air Date: 23 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E69 - Fairytale Pit Bull Story!; 30-Year Friendship Fail!

    The teen owner of nine pit bulls tells an unbelievable story to defend himself against charges that his animals attacked another dog; longtime friends regret lending money to each other.

    Air Date: 23 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E70 - Truck Takes Out House!; Jealous Roommate Rage?!

    A motorist admits to driving her truck into her rental home, causing a wall to fall down; a girlfriend's roommate says a platonic friendship led to her eviction.

    Air Date: 24 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E71 - Pro Squatters vs. Slumlords?

    Landlords accuse former tenants of squatting and owing for rent, then the tenants sue for water damage.

    Air Date: 24 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E72 - Horse Abuse?!; Terrier Mauled by a Bear?!

    Horses' owner accuses the woman who boarded them of starving them and leaving them in harm's way; large dogs' owner blames a bear for an attack on a neighbor's small dog.

    Air Date: 25 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E73 - The Case of the Stolen Bulldogs?

    When a woman accuses a couple of stealing her dogs, death threats, animal abuse and retaliation come into play.

    Air Date: 25 November 2015 21:30 -
  • S20E74 - 10-Year-Old Car Thief!; Motorcycle Enthusiasts Clash!

    In the middle of the night, a child steals car keys and causes a four-vehicle collision; woman fight over ownership of a motorcycle.

    Air Date: 30 November 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E75 - Muzzle Mishap Leads to Attack?!; Fixit Ticket Blues!

    A man who failed to muzzle his friend's dog is sued for another dog's injuries; a woman expects her friend to pay for a ticket she got while borrowing the friend's car.

    Air Date: 01 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E76 - Retaliation Fireworks?!; Transgender Ex-Convict Wardrobe Malfunction?!; Don't Start at the Beginning!

    A homeowner says a neighbor's fireworks damaged her roof; a woman sues her sister-in-law for the cost of clothes for her brother; a young man wants to tell the entire story of his doomed relationship.

    Air Date: 02 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E77 - Judge Judy Busts a Liar!; Horse Repo!

    The judge makes a phone call and learns that a motorist is not telling the truth; a teen accuses former friends of stealing her horse and selling it for $100.

    Air Date: 03 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E78 - Death Divides a Family!; Baby Daddy Drama

    A mom and her teen son fight with a pastor over a TV set; a mom says her 20-year-old son's father owes for the young man's medical bills.

    Air Date: 04 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E79 - Hong Kong Freak-out?!; Pit Bull Arm Chomp!
    Air Date: 07 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E80 - Property Tax Rip-Off?; Pain Med Payback?!; Mother's Klepto Keeper?!

    A woman accuses her longtime friend of stealing cash she gave him to pay her taxes; a man says he paid back a loan by sharing his pain medication with the lender; a neighbor says she paid back a personal loan by doing errands.

    Air Date: 08 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E81 - 10-Year-Old Skater Vandal?!; Judge Judy's Exclusive Pez Dispenser Story!

    A boy's story changes when he takes the stand; the judge shares a personal story when a candy-dispenser collector sues a man for substandard work.

    Air Date: 09 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E82 - When Bed Bugs Bite!; Dying Son, Deadbeat Dad?

    A landlady sues former tenants for a bed bug infestation; a man neglects to pay for a plane ticket to see his dying son.

    Air Date: 10 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E83 - Drinks, Baseball and a Bailout!; Sibling Squatter?

    Former lovers fight over a loan to purchase a car; parents of five say a relative skipped out on rent and hoarded trash in their home.

    Air Date: 11 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E84 - Pregnant Cow Cover-Up?!; The Disappearing Tax Refund!
    Air Date: 14 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E85 - God Weighs In on Truck Dispute?!; Ex-Lovers Leftovers; BBQ Balancing Act!
    Air Date: 15 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E86 - Teen Vandalizes Grandma's Car?!; Father Son Drug Drama!
    Air Date: 16 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E87 - Tree Root Ruckus!; Too Drunk to Remember?!
    Air Date: 17 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E88 - Fight at the Dealership!; WW2 Guns, Ex-Wives and a Chop Saw!
    Air Date: 18 December 2015 21:00 -
  • S20E89 - Best Man Limo Disaster!; Black Lab Leftovers

    A bachelor party allegedly ends with a damaged limo; a breeder denies owing a refund for a returned puppy.

    Air Date: 04 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E90 - Headlock Truck Fight!; Drive-Through of Shame!

    A man claims he suffered a scratched cornea after his ex-friend allegedly attacked him; a man sues an estranged relative for crashing into his car in the driveway.

    Air Date: 05 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E91 - Little Dog vs. Little Brat?!; DJ Disappearing Act!

    A man sues a dog's owner for his son's medical bills; newlyweds sue a DJ for not showing up to their wedding.

    Air Date: 06 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E92 - Collision Caught on Tape!; Show Car Craziness!

    Motorists argue over who caused a collision; an alleged drunk woman on a motorized scooter crashes into a 1983 DeLorean.

    Air Date: 07 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E93 - Child Abusing Animals?!; Family Fiasco!

    A woman sues her neighbor for vet bills; a couple sue their 21-year-old son for damaging their home and car.

    Air Date: 08 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E94 - Females, Filth and Liquor?!; Trucker's Sin of Omission!

    College students are accused of trashing their rental home, but they deny all charges and demand their security deposit back; a married man's lover sues him for repayment of the loan that sent him to trucking school.

    Air Date: 11 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E95 - Fight of the Goonies' Fanatics; Teen Flies off the Handle!

    A road trip ends with sisters fighting over rent and missing property; a teen is accused of pulling the door handle off her friend's car and throwing it in his face.

    Air Date: 12 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E96 - Restraining Order Scam?; Cologne Loan or Theft?!; Teenage Attention Span Fail!

    A woman says her ex promised to drop a lawsuit if she dropped her restraining order against him; ex-boyfriends feud over expensive cologne and designer watches; an uninsured motorist admits she wasn't paying attention when she hit another vehicle.

    Air Date: 13 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E97 - Siberian Husky Custody Fight!; Jail Time Payback!

    A teen battles his father for sole custody of a dog the youth bought; a convict's roommate sues for payback of rent money.

    Air Date: 14 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E98 - Mama Drama!; Ex-Lover Left in the Dust?!

    A woman accuses her son and his wife of stealing her vehicle; a mom reunites with her estranged husband, and her lover says she left him with a broken lease.

    Air Date: 15 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E99 - Deadbeat Gambling Baby Daddy?!; Detained by Immigration

    A mother accuses her children's father of gambling away money intended for their food and medication; a defendant claims he was wrongfully detained for two months.

    Air Date: 18 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E100 - Faulty Fiance?!; Lovers' Playpen Party Pooper!

    A woman sues a driver for totaling her car, but he points the finger at her fiance; ex-lovers fight over a loan to buy things for grandchildren.

    Air Date: 19 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E101 - Truck Deal Backfire!; Party Disaster or Cover-Up?

    A longtime friend refuses to pay for a truck when she learns it has more than 200,000 miles on it; a man denies trashing his cousin's home while she was away.

    Air Date: 20 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E102 - Handyman Squatter?; Hazardous Waste of Space?

    A man sues his ex-landlady for damaged and stolen property, and she says he failed to pay rent; an owner sues a tenant for property damage and the cost to remove hazardous waste.

    Air Date: 21 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E103 - A History of Violence?; Bad Check Bailout!

    A homeless felon says his ex-landlord had him arrested unjustly; a convict is accused of flirting with a good Samaritan's husband.

    Air Date: 22 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E104 - Home Sale Swindle; Stolen Camera Unpaid Rent
    Air Date: 25 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E105 - Homeless Squatter on the Hot Seat?!; Runaway Cow Collision!

    A tenant who failed to pay rent sues his ex-roommate for illegal eviction and disposing of his property; a motorist who hit a runaway cow sues the animal's owner for damages to his vehicle.

    Air Date: 26 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E106 - Sugar in the Gas Tank Payback?!; Hit and Run!

    A woman denies vandalizing a car in revenge after catching her boyfriend and her ex-best friend together ``romantically''; despite eyewitness testimony, an uninsured driver denies hitting a parked car and fleeing the scene.

    Air Date: 27 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E107 - Newlywed Rings Ripped Off?!; Fire Rescue Heroics?

    Items go missing after a landlord lets a handyman change an apartment lock without supervision; a neighbor is accused of starting a fire and damaging property.

    Air Date: 28 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E108 - Exposed Gun Goof!; Secret Love Affair Exposed!

    A security officer says an instructor was too hard to reach about a visit to a gun range; a woman learns her husband is cheating and demands a divorce.

    Air Date: 29 January 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E109 - Roaches, Maggots and Clutter?!; Teenage Car Slam!

    A homeless woman sues her ex-landlord for moving costs; a teen accuses his former friend of causing a four-car pileup.

    Air Date: 01 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E110 - Birthday Boy's Bottom Bitten!; Van Love Gone Wrong

    A pit bull's owners say their pet bit a neighbor because it was provoked; a former couple dispute whether money was a loan or a gift.

    Air Date: 02 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E111 - Creepy Gardening

    A landlord says he evicted his tenants due to nighttime tree-trimming, vegetable vandalism and loud fighting.

    Air Date: 03 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E112 - Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?!

    A sheriff's department employee's daughter pepper sprays a neighbor, who cries foul play.

    Air Date: 04 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E113 - Dramatic Pit Bull Beatdown!; The Rat Trap?

    A woman tells of the narrow escape of her small dog from the jaws of a loose pit bull; a landlady accuses her deadbeat ex-tenants of lying about a rat infestation.

    Air Date: 04 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E114 - Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?!

    A feud between neighbors escalates into violence in the streets, and one says the other tried to run over him.

    Air Date: 05 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E115 - Don't Call the Cops! Sad Sister Story

    A woman says her vehicle was hit by a truck, whose driver begged her not to call police, then sued her for $5,000; an unwed mother of four regrets lending thousands of dollars to her sister.

    Air Date: 05 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E116 - Crazed Road Rage Incident; Misplaced Grief?

    A road-rage survivor says a man screamed at him and kicked his car because he drove by his house; a young waitress rejects the older man who bailed her out of jail.

    Air Date: 08 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E117 - Busted for Pull-Ups?!; Moral Judgment From a Thief?!

    A man says he was arrested and threatened with jail time for doing pull-ups at a bus stop; a woman cashes a bad check on her boyfriend's behalf, and he spends all of the money.

    Air Date: 08 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E118 - Pit Bull Attacks Man's Face!; Trespassing Landlord?

    A man loses part of his lower lip to his co-worker's aggressive pit bull; a tenant says his landlord trespassed and stole his property.

    Air Date: 09 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E119 - Toxic Negligence?!; Stake Out Neighbor!

    A woman says her landlord evicted her for asking for help with a mold infestation; metal rods a man put in the ground to prevent cars from parking on his lawn end up damaging a woman's car.

    Air Date: 09 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E120 - Broken Neck DUI!; Communal Craziness?

    A teen who got drunk, stole his girlfriend's car and broke his neck in a crash accuses his girlfriend's mother of buying him alcohol; a woman accuses her ex-lover of keeping her property and threatening her.

    Air Date: 10 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E121 - Did the Drug Addict Do It?!; Love or Obsession?

    When property goes missing, a woman's roommate says she warned her to lock her door; a waitress says she found photos of herself all over a patron's apartment.

    Air Date: 10 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E122 - Pregnant Mom Photo Bust!; With Friends Like This ...

    A mother says her photographer canceled after she paid hundreds of dollars for photos; a woman regrets renting a car for her friend.

    Air Date: 11 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E123 - Ex-Lover to the Rescue!; Homeless Daughter

    A woman resists repaying her ex-boyfriend for a loan to save her home from foreclosure; a woman says she and her boyfriend lived in her mother's rental car.

    Air Date: 11 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E124 - Family Drama Fallout!; Taxi Company Start-Up Mom

    A woman admits to calling children's services on her brother; a woman on disability sues her children's father for reneging on an offer to invest in her business.

    Air Date: 12 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E125 - EBay Transmission Fail?; Fashion Road Trip!; Football Meets Windshield!

    A mechanic blames an online merchant for selling him shoddy parts; models sue a fashion designer for travel expenses; a teen admits his football hit a passing car.

    Air Date: 12 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E126 - Shot in the Knee!; Save My Business!

    A man denies shooting a friend on a camping trip and says she is exaggerating her suffering; a woman sues a former friend for repayment of a loan.

    Air Date: 15 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E127 - Father and Son Squatters?; Parking Violation Shakedown?!

    A man and his son disobey a housing court judge and refuse to leave their rental home; a woman says she was assaulted in an effort to collect on parking tickets.

    Air Date: 15 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E128 - The Pit Bull and the Burglar!; Chicken Massacre!

    When a pit bull attacks a 13-year-old boy and his pet, its owner blames a burglar for letting it out during a robbery; after a vicious dog attack, chicken owners must euthanize two of their hens.

    Air Date: 16 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E129 - Ex-Girlfriend vs. the Truck!; Nightmare Tenant?

    A woman insists she is not to blame for damage to her ex-boyfriend's truck; the judge tells a homeless man to get rid of his dog.

    Air Date: 16 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E130 - Repossessed or Stolen?; Wedding Date Disaster!

    A woman takes a car her friend purchased in her name; a family member sues inconsiderate newlyweds for repayment of loans.

    Air Date: 17 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E131 - Mean Girl Ninjas?!; My Co-Worker Is a Slob

    Hooded suspects dressed in black vandalize a teen's car; a man sues for defamation of character when his co-worker tells others he is a slob.

    Air Date: 17 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E132 - Bowling Alley Boutique Bust!; Housekeeping Bandit?!; Great Oak Bites the Dust

    A vendor sues an event planner for failing to show up; a man says his housekeeper stole from him while he was in the hospital; remnants of a giant oak tree are in dispute.

    Air Date: 18 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E133 - The Judge Talks Roofing!

    A contractor tries to explain a contract that left customers with leaks, but the judge shares personal roofing knowledge to set him straight.

    Air Date: 18 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E134 - Evidence Showdown!; Independence Day Attack!

    The judge orders litigants to search for proof of a car purchase; a dog walk becomes a scary attack when a neighbor's dogs run wild.

    Air Date: 19 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E135 - Texas Hot Eviction!; Teen Robbed by Mother?!

    A single mother of four finds herself evicted after filing a rent complaint with the city; a young woman whose mother put bills in her name to keep the family afloat wants payback for ruined credit.

    Air Date: 19 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E136 - Narcotics, Divorce and Debt!; Break a Leg!

    A grandmother sues her son's ex-wife for childcare costs; a woman fights her ex-boyfriend for payback for his child's medical expenses.

    Air Date: 22 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E137 - Booty Call or Dognap Call?

    A teen seizes an opportunity to take back custody of her dog.

    Air Date: 22 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E138 - A Dog, a Snake, a Fish and My Son!; Counterfeit Designer Watch!

    A landlady says two young men destroyed her home; a man accuses a pawn shop owner of selling him a counterfeit watch.

    Air Date: 23 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E139 - Pilfered Belongings?; Baby Daddy Drama!; Raging Party, Missing Laptop!

    A woman who moved out of a shared home says her things were stolen; a mother accuses her baby-daddy of dangerous, drunken behavior around their child; a man discovers that his roommate threw a wild party and that his belongings have gone missing.

    Air Date: 23 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E140 - Miniature Dachshund Mayhem!; Madman Money?!

    Dog-walkers' encounter ends in bloodshed; a woman says her ex gave her money to pay for his vandalism, not for a car loan.

    Air Date: 24 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E141 - Floating Wedding Gift!; Illegal Lock Out!

    Former friends dispute payment for a boat; a woman admits to changing locks because her ex was sneaking in after being kicked out.

    Air Date: 24 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E142 - False Arrest by Angry Neighbor!; Shih Tzu Hostage Crisis!

    A feud over dogs ends in a man being arrested for throwing away trash on his own property; a woman sues her ex for veterinary bills and the return of ``her'' dog.

    Air Date: 25 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E143 - Crazy Crash Caught on Tape!; Drunk Video Confession?!; Boy Band Payback

    A driver admits to ramming into a parked car; a video shows a man asking for the pass code to a missing phone; a fight over concert tickets ends a friendship.

    Air Date: 25 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E144 - Flirting Turned Fighting!; Child Support & the 65-Inch TV

    A woman says her boyfriend assaulted her and vandalized her car; the judge reminds a woman that a 5-year-old does not need a 65-inch TV.

    Air Date: 26 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E145 - Father of Ten Thinks It's Funny!; Pool Hall Bash!; Bail Out While Pregnant?!

    One of a man's 10 children says he stole their Christmas presents; a woman is accused of smashing a pool cue in a bar; a woman sues her baby-daddy for repayment of bail money.

    Air Date: 26 February 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E146 - Shocking Teen Assault Video!
    Air Date: 29 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E147 - Kung Fu Kickin' Landlord?!
    Air Date: 29 February 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E148 - Sleep Number Mattress Thief?!; Caregiver Rip-Off?!; Dueling Couples!
    Air Date: 01 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E149 - Gotcha Video!; Factory Worker Steals Judge's Heart!; The Last Straw!
    Air Date: 01 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E150 - Man Bites Dog!; Drunken Leg Drop!; 18 Cop Calls in a Month?!

    A man says he broke his tooth while biting a pit bull to stop it from killing his pet; a teen is accused of drunkenly breaking a bed; CPS, the police and accusations of sexual harassment come into play in a landlord/tenant feud.

    Air Date: 02 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E151 - Car Fight!; Child Support Goes to College!; Dangerous Pumpkin Prank!

    Women accuse each other of vandalism; a college student breaks an agreement with her father; a victim of teens' Halloween prank sues for damages.

    Air Date: 02 March 2016 21:30 -
  • S20E152 - Stepsister Nightmare!; $50,000 Custody Battle!

    A tenant neglects to mention that she has no way to pay rent; a widower's fight to gain custody of his children depletes his savings, leaving him to borrow from a kind-hearted brother-in-law.

    Air Date: 04 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E153 - Hoarders Stand-Off?!; Waterworld Debacle!

    Ex-roommates fight over who is responsible for the mess in their smelly pigsty of an apartment, which is recorded on video and shown to the world; after installing a hot tub and a swimming pool, a woman complains that her water bill is too high.

    Air Date: 07 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E154 - Mini-Farm Move Out!; Don't Be Dependent on a Man!
    Air Date: 11 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E155 - Prison Minister Fights for Sick Mother!; Fast Girls, Late Rent?
    Air Date: 11 March 2016 21:00 -
  • S20E156 - Hair Salon Freeloader?!

    A salon owner accuses her ex-landlord of lying about zoning permits, but ends up in the hot seat when Judge Judy asks why she never paid rent.

    Air Date: 16 March 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E157 - Wild About Minnesota Hockey!

    In a battle over a late mother's estate, hockey season tickets, a mink stole and a trailer hitch come into play.

    Air Date: 01 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E158 - Dreadlocks Discrimination?!

    A filmmaker and his girlfriend accuse their ex-landlord of discrimination and deny charges of a party fire burning the property.

    Air Date: 04 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E159 - Shock Collar Ambush?!

    Months after a pet owner chose not to activate his pet's shock collar during a dog fight, he claims the owner of the other dog ambushed and harassed him.

    Air Date: 07 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E160 - Teenage Loan Sharks?!; Subletters From Hell!

    A married couple say a teen reneged on an agreement to pay for car repairs; a couple gives a ridiculous reason for stopping payment of rent.

    Air Date: 11 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E161 - Pregnant Dog Bashing?!; Monte Carlo Hijinks

    Neighbors blame each other when a pregnant dog involved in an attack gets injured and loses her puppies; a former tenant resists paying for a vehicle, saying it failed to pass inspection.

    Air Date: 14 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E162 - Mutual Combat Chaos!; The Mailbox Made Me Do It!

    A man says his children's mother beat him up, while she sues him for a false restraining order; a young driver blames a mailbox and an oncoming car for his traffic accident.

    Air Date: 15 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E163 - Family Emergency Upset!; Cancer or No Cancer? Prison Visit Crash!

    The online sale of a classic car falls apart after a man's daughter is attacked at knife-point; a good Samaritan sues for payback when the defendant's diagnosis changes; prison inmates' partners fight over a vehicle wreck.

    Air Date: 28 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E164 - Judge Judy Calls a Bluff!; Mercedes in the Middle

    The judge threatens to make a phone call that will shut litigants down; ex-lovers fight over custody of a car and make unreasonable title claims.

    Air Date: 28 April 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E165 - Pedestrian Teen Hit by Truck!; College Payback Gone Wrong!

    The driver of a truck that hit a young girl is brutally assaulted; a college graduate chooses to support his disabled parents rather than pay back his student loans.

    Air Date: 29 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E166 - Adult Assaults Disrespectful Tweener?!

    A 12-year-old with a history of discipline issues says an adult pinched and insulted her.

    Air Date: 29 April 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E167 - The Truck that Got Away! Convicted Felon Takes on Lawyer!

    After only 12 days into a relationship, a young couplemakes a big, bad decision regarding custody of a truck. Charged with unarmed robbery, a man hires an attorney who keeps him out of jail; he sues her because he was convicted of the felony.

    Air Date: 02 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E168 - Single Woman Snafu!; My Sister the Moocher?

    A woman's boyfriend rents a car for a female friend; guns, shoes and rent divide sisters.

    Air Date: 02 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E169 - Children Fight Deceased Father's Soulmate!; Email Scam and Slander?

    Siblings sue their late father's girlfriend for taxes, attorney fees and the return of his belongings; a jewelry designer says she was the victim of an email scam and unaware that she used a bad check to pay for a car.

    Air Date: 03 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E170 - Let's Do the Bad Math!; Contractor Scam?!

    A man seeks more than $7,000 for an $800 car; a man ends up losing thousands of dollars after hiring a contractor to fix up a house.

    Air Date: 03 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E171 - Parents Want Their Child Arrested?

    Parents are livid that their runaway teen stole the family cat.

    Air Date: 04 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E172 - Property Dump and Dash!; Good Deed Gone Wrong!

    A man dumps a dozen boxes of his co-worker's belongings in a parking lot to get her attention; a widow regrets allowing her trainer to borrow her car.

    Air Date: 04 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E173 - Artwork vs. the Car Wash!

    An artist says a car-wash owner damaged a $3,600 painting that was left in the vehicle's trunk.

    Air Date: 05 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E174 - Puppy Choking on Chicken Bone Drama?!

    A neighbor takes a sick puppy to the vet to save its life, then expects the owner to repay her for veterinary bills. I have been watching the show for some time. Sometimes the Judge makes a fool of herself but this is the first time I have been motivated to send a message. To compare a sick dog being taken to a veterinarian for $500 to a sick child being taken to a doctor is beyond comprehension. Dogs, which I have always owned and taken good care of, are pets and can be euthanized if a family can't afford bills. We do not compare them to children. I think it might be proper for Judge Judy to apologize for this shameful statement.

    Air Date: 05 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E175 - Car Dumped on Ex-Wife!; Judge Judy Calling!

    A man dumps a jointly owned car on his ex-wife's doorstep when he is ready for a new one; the judge picks up the phone to call a defendant on his bluff.

    Air Date: 06 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E176 - Father Shields Negligent Teenager?!; Shouting Out Not Allowed!

    A father steps up to stop police intervention when his teen driver is accused of causing an accident; the judge takes great offense when the plaintiff blurts out a slur against the defendant.

    Air Date: 06 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E177 - Witnesses on the Judge's Watch List!; Disastrous Crash into House!
    Air Date: 09 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E178 - Break-up Fit of Rage?!; No Backsies!
    Air Date: 09 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E179 - Tinsel Town Abandonment?!; Courtroom Kickout!
    Air Date: 10 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E180 - Another Reason Not to Live Together!; Birthday Punch to the Face?!
    Air Date: 10 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E181 - Breaking Down Barriers!; Get A Job!
    Air Date: 11 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E182 - Dirty Drug Test Bail Out!; Teen TV Custody
    Air Date: 11 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E183 - $2,000 for Lifelike Baby?!; Unwed Parents Payback!

    The sale of a valuable doll is in dispute; a woman admits she pawned her ex's TV and video game console to pay the rent.

    Air Date: 12 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E184 - Escape With the Children?!; Jail Time Between Best Friends

    A man says his children's mother emptied his bank account and stole the tools he used to make vehicles for wounded warriors; a man accuses his former friend of stealing his money and belongings while he was in jail.

    Air Date: 12 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E185 - Dog Park Playdate Gone Wrong!; No Pity for Playing House!

    A Great Dane's owner sues for slander after it is accused of attacking several dogs at a play date; unwed parents fight over a car accident and whether the father had permission to take the children for a ride.

    Air Date: 13 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E186 - Addiction, Conviction ... Recovery?

    A man sues for emotional distress after being evicted from his sober living house for refusing to take a drug test.

    Air Date: 13 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E187 - Bailiff Caught in the Middle!; Boyfriend Beatdown?!

    Angry exes refuse to respect courtroom rules; a woman is arrested for hitting her boyfriend in the face.

    Air Date: 16 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E188 - You're Not the Victim Here!; Random Drug Test Crash?!

    After a teen rams her mom's uninsured car into a neighbor's vehicle, her mother sues the neighbor; a teen regrets letting a co-worker borrow his car when it is returned damaged.

    Air Date: 16 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E189 - Blame It On Your Bro!; Bulldog vs. Little Girl!

    Brothers cannot agree on who was driving a car the night of an accident; a dog's owner says a child provoked his dog before it bit her in the leg.

    Air Date: 17 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E190 - Mean Girl Cat Fight?!; Scorned Renter Takes Revenge?

    Children get into a fight at school, leaving angry mothers in their wake; a woman is accused of vandalizing a car.

    Air Date: 17 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E191 - Friendly Neighborhood Road Rage!; Deceased Mom, Deadbeat Dad?

    A near-collision escalates into a heated exchange and vandalism; a woman accuses her granddaughter's father of stealing security benefits intended for the child after her mother passed away.

    Air Date: 18 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E192 - Parent of the Year in the Hot Seat!; Runaway Pit Bull Puppy!

    A drag racer acknowledges that he defrauded the government; a woman says her lost puppy was found by a neighbor who refuses to return it.

    Air Date: 18 May 2016 20:30 -
  • S20E193 - Uber Affair?!; Wedding Vows and Alcohol!
    Air Date: 19 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E194 - Fishing Frenzy!; Family Reunion Food Fail?!
    Air Date: 19 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E195 - Semi-Automatic Street Fight?!
    Air Date: 20 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E196 - Annulled and Angry!; Marijuana Insult?
    Air Date: 20 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E197 - In and Out of Jail!; Rescued Mastiff Mischief
    Air Date: 23 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E198 - Babysitting Scam?!; Father and Son Drama
    Air Date: 23 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E199 - Pregnancy Complications?; 12-Year-Old Shih Tzu Scare!
    Air Date: 24 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E200 - T-Boned at a Stoplight!; Restrain Me No More!
    Air Date: 24 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E201 - Seizures, Shopping and Smashing!; Jilted Jail Bride
    Air Date: 25 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E202 - Confidential Prison Marriage?!; Online Dating Bust!
    Air Date: 25 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E203 - Bike Buyer's Remorse!; Cash Cow House?
    Air Date: 26 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E204 - Baseball Bat Rage!; Suspicious Sublease?; President Obama Dancing?!
    Air Date: 27 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E205 - Grandmother Glam Shots Scam?!

    A grandmother says that after her estranged daughter-in-law used her credit card, she ended up paying more than $5,000 for glamour shots of her grandchildren.

    Air Date: 30 May 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E206 - Disappearing Dog?; Divorce Drama!; Motorcycle Money Man!
    Air Date: 08 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E207 - Bait Shop Sign Slam!; Flirting and House Painting?; Pills, Horses and Gambling?!
    Air Date: 09 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E208 - Rapper Repair?; Begging for Money?!

    A man is accused of selling a salvaged car that is impossible to register; a woman says money a friend gave her to save her business was not a loan.

    Air Date: 13 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E209 - Flooding Video Controversy!
    Air Date: 17 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E210 - Cat Wars!
    Air Date: 22 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E211 - Dice-Throwing Disaster?!; Burning Down the Trailer!
    Air Date: 24 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E212 - Husky Custody Battle!; Phone Stomping and Face Punching?!
    Air Date: 27 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E213 - My Child Is a Nightmare ... ; DUI Feud!

    Mom and baby sitter fight over the cost of child care; a woman sues her ex for the repayment of a loan and accuses him of assault.

    Air Date: 28 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E214 - Moldy Daycare?!; How to Live to Be 100!

    A home day care provider is accused of having a mold infestation; an elderly woman says seven Chihuahuas attacked her.

    Air Date: 29 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E215 - Borrowed and Crashed?!; Senior Stairway Fail!

    Former friends dispute a fender bender; an elderly woman falls down the stairs two times at her apartment building, then is sued for unpaid rent and damages.

    Air Date: 30 June 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E216 - Elder Abuse?!

    An argument between neighbors over the color of a fence leads to accusations of assault, abuse and harassment.

    Air Date: 01 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E217 - Same Sex Wedding Woes!; Hit-and-Run Detective!

    A newlywed sues his wedding videographer for aggravation; a man finds evidence at the scene of a hit-and-run, tracks down a suspect and sues.

    Air Date: 01 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E218 - Twice Divorced to the Same Man?!; Roommates No More!

    A woman on disability sues her child's father for repayment of a loan; a former tenant sues a man for damages.

    Air Date: 04 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E219 - Social Insecurity?!; Parked Car Hit and Run!

    A man says his former landlord evicted him illegally, damaged his property and filed false charges against him; a woman accuses her mother's neighbor of hitting her parked car and fleeing the scene.

    Air Date: 04 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E220 - Outrageous Business Practices; Chickens Rule the Roost!

    The judge has little patience for a businessman who takes payments in cash without providing receipts; chickens are accused of damaging property.

    Air Date: 06 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E221 - Cruising Boyfriend!; Robbed While Serving Time?!; No Title, No Car!

    A woman sues her ex for the cost of a cruise; a man says his child's mother stole his furniture while he was incarcerated; a man returns a car when the seller is unable to produce the title.

    Air Date: 07 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E222 - Brother vs. Sister!; A House Divided!

    Siblings feud over a car; a man sues his son for substandard and unfinished work on his home.

    Air Date: 08 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E223 - The Pregnant Chihuahua Did It!; Deceased Parents, Feuding Children!

    A newly single and unemployed man is sued for apartment damages he says his dog caused; sisters sue their brother for the return of their late parents' property.

    Air Date: 08 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E224 - Case of the Missing Angel Statue!; Storage Battles!; Jealousy-Fueled Breakup?!

    When a client fails to pay her, a painter takes the law into her own hands; couples feud over an unpaid business loan; suspicions of infidelity lead to accusations of stealing property and a fight over a lease.

    Air Date: 12 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E225 - Crystal Meth and Disability?!; Deceased Dad's Trailer Drama

    A meth user says his ex-landlords stole his property; a man sues his stepdaughter for repayment of a loan.

    Air Date: 13 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E226 - Trucking Company Chaos!; Stolen Boat Rip-Off?!

    The owner of a trucking company sues a former employee for a truck-recovery fee; police confiscate a woman's newly purchased boat because it was stolen.

    Air Date: 14 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E227 - Construction Lockout!

    A man accuses a contractor of causing damage to his home.

    Air Date: 15 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E228 - Antique Car Destroyed?!; Roommate or Thief?!

    A man says an auto mechanic ruined his classic car; former roommates trade accusations of thievery.

    Air Date: 27 July 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E229 - Daters or Debtors?!; Slashed Tires & Jealousy?!

    A former couple, who met at the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant, fight over money; a man is certain that his jealous ex-lover is the one who slashed his tires.

    Air Date: 15 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E230 - Rescue Chihuahua Chase?!; Roommate Misfits!

    After a neighbor's dog attacks her Chihuahua, a woman demands compensation for the new fence she put up; a former roommate is accused of skipping out on rent.

    Air Date: 17 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E231 - Bonfire Blowout?!; Move-Out Money

    Property owners fight over liability after a bonfire damages a neighbor's fence; a man made to vacate his home demands that his landlord pay for moving expenses and renovations he made.

    Air Date: 18 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E232 - Pitiful Porch?; Workman's Comp Chaos!; Shady Car Deal?!

    A homeowner demands a refund from a contractor, saying his work was substandard; a man says a friend owes him money for working on his disability case; the judge is suspicious of the money trail related to the sale of a supposedly stolen car.

    Air Date: 19 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E233 - Sick Child Fundraising Frenzy?

    A promoter backs out of a charity event prematurely.

    Air Date: 22 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E234 - Shady Make-Up Artist?; Heroin and Alcohol Abuse?

    A bride lacks faith in her makeup artist's punctuality and demands a refund; a man with substance-abuse issues says his landlord mistreated him.

    Air Date: 22 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E235 - Security Deposit Snafu!; Drunk Driving Excuses

    A former tenant says he was illegally evicted; a driver who admits he drank all day before wrecking his friend's car blames his friend for the crash.

    Air Date: 23 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E236 - Tangled Love Triangle?; Unwed Parents vs. Bedbugs

    A woman sues her ex-husband and his new partner -- her cousin; young parents feud over a car, personal property and bedbugs.

    Air Date: 23 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E237 - Car Deal Doubt; Illegal Jeep Repo?

    A car's seller ignores a buyer having second thoughts; a married couple do not let their repossessed vehicle go without a fight.

    Air Date: 24 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E238 - My Brother Did It!; Suits, Safety and Flipping Cars!

    A drunken driver damages his sister's car while taking his 6-year-old niece to lunch; a woman says her ex-business partner owes for apartment damage after an assault.

    Air Date: 24 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E239 - Landlord Lease Breakers?!; Drinking and Car Totaling?!

    Landlords say former tenants owe for rent and damaged property; a man accused of drunkenly totaling a car insists he has already paid for damages.

    Air Date: 25 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E240 - French Bulldog Breeding Battle!; DUI Meets the Company Credit Card!

    A client says a dog breeder denied her the proper pick of the litter; an ex-employee is sued for bailing himself out of jail with a company credit card.

    Air Date: 25 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E241 - Third Roommate Roulette!; Auction Angst

    Damages and unpaid rent are left in a roommate's wake; a man refuses to pay for a broken-down vehicle his friend won for him in an auction.

    Air Date: 26 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E242 - Don't Keep on Truckin'!; Consignment Chaos

    A truck driver denies owing his former boss thousands of dollars for loans and claims the boss fabricated an assault; a man says his consignment-sale items were mishandled and refuses to pay storage fees.

    Air Date: 26 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E243 - Sexy Pics of an Ex?!; False Arrest and Compromising Photos?

    A young man is accused of blackmailing his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend with intimate photos; a teen says she was falsely arrested for stealing a phone.

    Air Date: 29 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E244 - Vegas Birthday Fail!; Puppy Takes a Bad Fall!; Rookie Driver Mistake!

    Sisters fight over an unpaid loan and damages to a rental car; a dog's owner blames a baby sitter for its broken leg; a teen admits to hitting a fellow motorist when she had only two days of driving experience.

    Air Date: 29 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E245 - Drinking Buddy Trouble; Antique Hide and Seek?
    Air Date: 30 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E246 - Seizure Shakedown!; Valentine's Day Forgiveness?!
    Air Date: 30 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E247 - Mixed-Up Priorities!; Single Moms Split!

    A man admits to buying expensive rims for his luxury vehicle, which was repossessed because he failed to make car payments; ex-roommates fight over a security deposit.

    Air Date: 31 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E248 - American Bully Puppies for Sale!; Postdated Check Hell!

    A woman resists repaying the balance due on a pair of puppies when, she says, she finds a defect in one of them; a woman admits to writing a post-dated check that never should have been cashed.

    Air Date: 31 August 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E249 - Barbershop Brawl!; Mom Owes Me!

    A man accuses his barber of attacking him with a gun, a straight razor and a barbecue fork; a man totals his mother's car and sues her.

    Air Date: 01 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E250 - Grandparents' Rights Now!; The Dating List

    A couple sue an attorney for money paid to fight for visitation with their grandchildren; a man says he paid his ex-girlfriend back all that he owed her.

    Air Date: 01 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E251 - Buy High, Sell Low?!; Stolen and Stripped?!
    Air Date: 02 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E252 - Italian Mastiff Mating Mess!; Family Friendly Drinking!

    A dog owner sues for an unpaid stud fee; a driver and her passenger fight over blame for a car crash that occurred when they were both drunk.

    Air Date: 02 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E253 - Test Drive Mishap!; Tail Light Takes the Heat!

    After a potential buyer damages a motorcycle, the seller pockets the down payment and sells it to someone else; a man sues his daughter's ex for impound fees.

    Air Date: 06 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E254 - Gardener Attacked by Tree Owner?!

    A gardener says an enraged neighbor struck him three times.

    Air Date: 06 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E255 - Diamond Disaster!; BMW vs. Ford Focus?!

    A woman says her ex conned her into placing her own diamond in an engagement ring setting he bought; motorists blame each other for a crash.

    Air Date: 07 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E256 - Woman Shot by BB Gun!; Coonhound Chaos!
    Air Date: 07 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E257 - Home Improvement Thief?!; Ill-Fated Roommates

    A man accuses a pair of cousins of stealing his rebate card from a store; a woman sues her sister's ex-boyfriend.

    Air Date: 08 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E258 - Move Back in With Mom?!; Unwed Parents and the Stolen Guitar?

    A young woman faces problems with her former roommates; a young mother says her child's father sold her property.

    Air Date: 08 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E259 - Bloody Break-In?; Don't Block My Number!

    A woman is accused of breaking into her own apartment, injuring herself and bleeding on the bed; a man accuses his ex of cheating on him and blocking his calls.

    Air Date: 09 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S20E260 - Teen Basketball Player vs. Tough Coach!

    The grandmother of a talented athlete demands a refund after the girl drops out of her basketball league because she disagrees with her coach.

    Air Date: 09 September 2016 20:00 -
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