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Genres: Crime
Station: Syndication (US)
Status: Running
Start: 2010-09-13

Judge Judy Next Episode Air Date

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There is no Next Episode of Judge Judy planned.

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Judge Judy Air Dates

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  • S21E01 - Death Threat and Racial Profiling?!; Check Bouncy House?

    A man says towing company owners made outrageous accusations to police, causing him to be falsely arrested; a good Samaritan says her ``friend'' scammed her with bad checks.

    Air Date: 12 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E02 - You Sound Like a Fool!; Gambling Getaway Gone Wrong!

    A poodle is accused of biting a stranger; an $800 ``loan'' for gambling causes a fight between exes.

    Air Date: 12 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E03 - The Fixer!; Motorcycle Regrets

    A father sues when his teen daughter's car title is not handed over to her; a motorcycle is impounded as its new owner is returning it.

    Air Date: 13 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E04 - Dangerous Drinking!

    Exes' arguments lead to tazing, stabbing and jail time.

    Air Date: 13 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E05 - Bad Babysitter Barter; Matching Tattoo Fail!

    A single mother barters baby sitting services with another child's father; ill-fated matching tattoos between ex-lovers.

    Air Date: 14 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E06 - Be Afraid ... or Not!; DWI Disability Fail

    A young woman says she feared for her safety when her ex destroyed her property; a former military buddy is accused of fraud with a woman's disability checks.

    Air Date: 14 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E07 - Baby Daddy Bye Bye!; Haircutting Double-Talk?

    Unwed parents fight over cheating; a salon owner says he traded haircuts for a custom-built kitchen island.

    Air Date: 15 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E08 - 21st Birthday Party Down the Toilet!; Volvo Custody Fight

    Disgusting bathroom conditions ruin a birthday party; a car buyer sues for repair costs and storage fees.

    Air Date: 15 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E09 - Eye Witness Wow!; Pack Your Bags ... Guilt Trip!

    An estranged wife is accused of smashing a rental car with a brick; a woman says her son returned her vehicle in a state of complete disrepair.

    Air Date: 16 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E10 - Car in Captivity; Speed Eviction?!

    A car's owner says a mechanic held the vehicle hostage for 10 months; a couple say their landlord rented the same apartment twice.

    Air Date: 16 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E11 - World's Greatest Landlord?!; Online Attorney Fraud?!

    A generous landlord bails his new tenant out of jail and buys her a new car; a phony attorney is sued by a very unsatisfied client.

    Air Date: 19 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E12 - Double Baby Daddy Drama!; Go Bang Your Heads Against a Wall!

    A man's two baby-mamas get into a violent confrontation; a pregnant teen fights with her ex over unpaid loans and utilities.

    Air Date: 19 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E13 - The Ever-Changing Dog-Attack Story; Fumigation Fence War!

    A boy is bitten by an unleashed dog; a fence falls on a woman's car.

    Air Date: 20 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E14 - Rottweiler Puppy Fail; Pro-Bono Publicist Scam?!

    A man sells the disobedient pooch he was trying to train to be a service dog; an entertainment manager says her former publicist stole her ideas.

    Air Date: 20 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E15 - Icy Road Spin Scare!; Dune Buggy Bamboozle

    A young couple fight over who will pay for damages when he crashes her car; the new owners of a dune buggy say they did not get the vehicle they ordered.

    Air Date: 21 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E16 - Parking Insanity Caught on Tape!; Single Mom Mess

    A security camera catches a parking-lot fight; criminal charges are filed when roommates cannot agree on rental terms.

    Air Date: 21 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E17 - Rage Against the Door!; Convicted Felon Wants Guns Back

    A man claims his ex tried to break down his door in a fit of rage; a woman says police told her not to return her baby-daddy's BB guns to him.

    Air Date: 22 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E18 - Disorderly Cousin Conduct?!; Show Me the Proof!

    Unpaid rent and complaints to police follow when cousins move in together; a woman offers photos as evidence her former roommate was a thief.

    Air Date: 22 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E19 - Cyclist in the Ped Crossing Smash!; Neighbor From Hell?!

    An SUV-driver hits a bicyclist in a crosswalk; a single father says a neighbor gave him a car to make his life easier.

    Air Date: 23 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E20 - Mechanic Crosses a Line?!; Unbelievable Car Deal!

    A mom and her teen son learn that a mechanic cut corners in fixing up the boy's car; a young woman says she never looked online for her car's value.

    Air Date: 23 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E21 - Assault of the Landlord?!; Pedestrian Slam in a Parking Lot!

    A landlord claims an unwanted house guest broke in after locks were changed; motorist denies hitting a pedestrian.

    Air Date: 26 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E22 - Co-Parenting BBQ Snafu!; Prized Tennis Shoes Feud!

    A toddler witnesses a violent altercation; a teenager sues her ex-boyfriend for an unpaid loan.

    Air Date: 27 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E23 - Friendly Loan or Cry for Help?; White Noise Leads to Homelessness?!

    A man is accused of sharing a tragic story to get a sizeable loan; tenant claims an illegal eviction left her homeless.

    Air Date: 28 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E24 - Father Scams Inmate?!; Brother's Gift Backfires?!
    Air Date: 29 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E25 - Teen Lies to Police!; Rodent Disposal Fee Fight!

    A teenager claims he took the fall for a friend after a car accident; a woman sues her stepgranddaughter for unpaid rent and rodent disposal fees.

    Air Date: 30 September 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E26 - Stealing From the Disabled?!; Stalking and Harassment?!
    Air Date: 03 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E27 - Ex-Wife Gets the Pit Bull?; Mercedes Custody Battle
    Air Date: 04 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E28 - Pot-Bellied Pig Bite!; Two Bedrooms Too Small!
    Air Date: 05 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E29 - Arkansas Handyman Hustle?!; Mobile Homelessness?
    Air Date: 06 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E30 - Knife Fight Threat!; Meter Fraud?!
    Air Date: 07 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E31 - Retirement Payday Fail!; Teen Drives Into Wall!

    A man's ex-lover wants repayment of a sizeable loan; a teen is accused of driving his sister's car through a bedroom wall.

    Air Date: 10 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E32 - Nervy Squatter Lawsuit?!; Well-Behaved Courtroom Dog

    Roommates sue each other for unpaid rent, an illegal lockout and harassment; a small dog waits patiently as its owner goes after a woman whose large dog attacked it.

    Air Date: 11 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E33 - Thanksgiving Day Breakdown!; Sun Roof Strife!
    Air Date: 12 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E34 - Tree Huggers vs. Tree Choppers; Mistaken Trailer Identity?!
    Air Date: 13 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E35 - Wedding Carriage Ride Failure?!; Terrible Landlord or Miserable Tenant?!
    Air Date: 14 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E36 - Charity Golf Drama!; Who Let the Cat Out?
    Air Date: 17 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E37 - Teen's Savings Stolen by Mom?!; Double Surgery Beatdown!
    Air Date: 18 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E38 - Pool Man in Hot Water?!; Upside Down Truck Deal?!
    Air Date: 19 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E39 - The Picasso of Upholstery; Blue Book, Shmoo Book!
    Air Date: 20 October 2016 20:00 -
  • S21E40 - Illegal Entry and Photo Shoot?!; Malamute Mayhem!
    Air Date: 21 October 2016 20:00 -
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