When will be Law & Order: Special Victims Unit next episode air date? Is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Law & Order: Special Victims Unit air dates? Is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit worth watching?

Genres: Crime | Drama
Station: NBC (US)
Status: Running
Start: 1999-09-20

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Next Episode Air Date

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Next Episode Airs in

Next Episode is Season 18 Episode 5 and airs on 27 Oct 2016 01:00.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Pictures

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Air Dates

Ratings: 9.44/10 from 9 users
  • S08E01 - Informed

    Agent Star Morrison reappears on the scene, where alleged rape victim Haley refuses a rape kit. Benson learns that Haley is an FBI informant whose ex-boyfriend is a radical environmental rights advocate. In order to foil the group's terrorist activities, Benson goes undercover to further investigate.

    Air Date: 20 September 2006 02:00 -
  • S08E02 - Clock

    They later discover Connor was attempting a fake kidnapping plot, and Janey has gone off with the family's much older driver. In this episode, Stabler meets his new partner NYPD Warrants Officer Dani Beck Betty Buckley returns as guest star attorney Colette Walsh. M

    Air Date: 27 September 2006 02:00 -
  • S08E03 - Recall

    Collected evidence leads detectives to a surprising suspect, Martin Trenway is able to break open the case.

    Air Date: 04 October 2006 02:00 -
  • S08E04 - Uncle

    When mother and daughter are brutally raped and murdered, it seemed too much for Warrants Officer Detective Dani Beck to handle as she begins to crack under the pressure. However, when their number one suspect, Andrew, turns out to be detective Munch's Uncle, the case twists into something that none of the Special Victims Squad had imagined.

    Air Date: 11 October 2006 02:00 -
  • S08E05 - Confrontation

    Based on the timeline of those subsequent attacks, Dr. George Huang suspects the rapist has one disturbing motive for these crimes. Tensions flare between the detectives as they make a difficult decision to help bring in the dangerous perp.

    Air Date: 18 October 2006 02:00 -
  • S08E06 - Infiltrated

    Det. Benson still deep undercover in Oregon as "Persephone James" is called upon by ADA Novak to help present evidence that will strengthen the case against a brutal rapist. This case will have a dramatic impact on Benson's critical work in Oregon, but intimately, her testimony in the rape trial will lead her back to the Special Victims Unit.

    Air Date: 01 November 2006 03:00 -
  • S08E07 - Underbelly

    With the victims' pimp, Victor Dodine as the prime suspect, detectives must rely on one of his young girls Belinda "Passion" Holt, to testify against him. This case rattles Beck in more ways than one.

    Air Date: 15 November 2006 03:00 -
  • S08E08 - Cage

    The accident leads Detective Dani Beck and Detective Eliot Stabler to the foster parents and some questionable medical practices involving a controversial "rebirthing" therapy. As the detectives dig deeper into the case, they discover other gruesome secrets involving the children, which lead Beck to make some surprising choices about her life and a profound decision about her career.

    Air Date: 22 November 2006 03:00 -
  • S08E09 - Choreographed

    Woman, is found dead in Central Park, and medical examiner Warner can find no apparent reason for her death. Det.Stabler begins the investigation by himself, talking to the victim's husband, Wesley, who owns a dance troupe, as his friends Glenn and Naomi Cheales pay a condolence visit. Stabler's investigation unravels a case of drugs, infidelity and an elaborate plot that impacts everyone involved in the troupe. Attorney Stella Danquiss, who defends Glenn, is played by. In this star-studded episode, Stabler also discovers Det. Benson is back in town, so he pays her a visit.

    Air Date: 29 November 2006 03:00 -
  • S08E10 - Scheherezade

    His riveting story reveals a string of crimes that took place several decades ago, including the murder of his partner and also how he took his partner's daughter to raise as his own.

    Air Date: 03 January 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E11 - Burned

    In this powerful episode directed by Eriq LaSalle, the Sennet couple will stop at nothing to get custody of their daughter Tessa. Dets. Stabler and Benson are given the difficult assignment of sorting through the lies and deception in a classic "he said, she said" case that ends up leaving one of the parents in a grave medical state. This episode reunites Eriq LaSalle with former ER castmate

    Air Date: 10 January 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E12 - Outsider

    Ken Randall is the resident adviser at the University where one of his students is raped. The skittish girl and her parents do not want to talk to the police, but after a socialite is attacked by someone who fits the matched description, Fin begins working with a Brooklyn SVU Detective Chester Lake who is convinced they are looking for the same guy. As the investigation deepens, the trail leads to a medical clinic and an unusual suspect played by Henry, the son of a doctor who works there.

    Air Date: 17 January 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E13 - Loophole

    Photograph in the envelope leads Dets. Fin and Munch to the apartment building that houses the crime scene. The investigation reveals the building supervisor has spent a lot of time with the boy in the picture, and he falls under suspicion. The case takes a physical toll on Det. Olivia Benson, the victim, and the boy's mother when they all appear to have similar medical issues. Their symptoms all appear to point to the same origin which unearth a corporate conspiracy and cover-up. Former wrestling champion Bill Goldberg guest stars as Cupid, a roughneck who tears SVU headquarters apart.

    Air Date: 07 February 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E14 - Dependent

    Mob lawyer Sidney Truex and his wife are brutally attacked, leaving his young son emotionally scarred. When the Detectives have to locate the Truexs' daughter, Charlotte, to notify her about the attack on her parents, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler find Charlotte at her boyfriend Ryan's apartment. Through an exhaustive interview process, the Detectives must sort through the web of lies Charlotte has told in order to piece together a night of drinking and drugs leaving Charlotte unable to recall details of the evening. However, her father comes out of surgery and is able to vividly remember his daughter at the crime scene. The disturbing case takes another turn as Stabler is brought up on charges of excessive force after getting into a very serious altercation with Ryan.

    Air Date: 14 February 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E15 - Haystack

    In a "ripped-from-the-headlines" episode, overzealous reporter Cindy Marino accuses new mother Laura Kozowloski on national television of kidnapping and trying to kill her baby. That's the last straw for the despondent woman, who promptly commits suicide. Although everyone is under suspicion, including the mother and her ex-husband, Mike, the case takes an unusual emotional toll on Detective Stabler, who is drawn in by the mother and her past. The search for the baby Kendall seems to be at a dead end -- but DNA provides clues that help solve the case, and offer new questions for one of the detectives.

    Air Date: 21 February 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E16 - Philadelphia

    When Detective Benson investigates a rape case outside her jurisdiction, she finds herself being questioned by local Police Captain Julia Millfield and although she gets some answers, some are difficult to accept. Benson also needs to discuss with police psychologist Dr. Rebecca Hendrix about some of her actions that have led to tensions with Detective Stabler and major distractions that have marred the rape case.

    Air Date: 28 February 2007 03:00 -
  • S08E17 - Sin

    Benson and Stabler pay a visit to The New Souls Church, where Reverend Jeb Curtis, his wife Hannah and their remaining nine children are mourning the death of a military son in Afghanistan. They seem like a loving family from the outside, but things are not what they seem. Hannah provides the detectives with a taped conversation of the Reverend that leads the SVU to come after a different suspect.

    Air Date: 28 March 2007 02:00 -
  • S08E18 - Responsible

    An honor student dies at a party, while the primary suspect is their alcohol supplier, the four honors students who threw the party - are arrested for criminally negligent homicide, but get a slap on the wrist from Judge Donnelly. Det. Stabler enlists his own teenage daughter Kathleen to guide him through the world of teenage cyberspace to find out where the next party is taking place. The website leads to the home of one of the students, where they find the mother of one of the kids -- Lillian Rice in a compromising position, and she is arrested. The arrest and entire cyberspace scenario hits a personal nerve with Stabler.

    Air Date: 04 April 2007 02:00 -
  • S08E19 - Florida

    Det. Olivia Benson is called upon to help in an investigation regarding her brother Simon Marsden. She finds herself caught in the investigation of her brother between Police Captain Julia Millfield and FBI Agent Porter. Benson believes her brother is innocent, but this case is starting to threaten her career, as she digs deeper into the case she uncovers family secrets.

    Air Date: 02 May 2007 02:00 -
  • S08E20 - Annihilated

    When Dets. Stabler and Benson speak to the girls grief-stricken parents they discover her fiancée, a CIA agent named Stephen Dashiell, had been threatened by terrorists -- they believe this may have been a professional hit. Their difficult search for Dashiell leads them to a perfect suburban family - and then a tragedy - one that pushes Stabler to face new truths about his own family.

    Air Date: 09 May 2007 02:00 -
  • S08E21 - Pretend

    Teenage boy is killed in what appears to be a play fight with his best friend, is a victim of a not so innocent crime. The victim's best friend Scott Heston turns up at the squad room with a video and claims he filmed the death. Dets. Benson and Stabler quickly figure out that there is more than meets the eye when the victim's alleged girlfriend arrives at the court to reveal a new twist to this case.

    Air Date: 16 May 2007 02:00 -
  • S08E22 - Screwed

    Bridges, reprising his role as Detective Tutuola's delinquent nephew, as well as Lisa Gay Hamilton as the long-suffering mother, with special guest stars Nancy Grace and Star Jones playing themselves. In addition, new cast member Adam Beach, playing Detective Chester Lake, is reunited with Tutuola.

    Air Date: 23 May 2007 02:00 -