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When will be Law & Order next episode air date? Is Law & Order renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Law & Order air dates? Is Law & Order worth watching?

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

Genres: Crime | Drama
Station: NBC (US)
Rating: 7.33/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1990-09-13

Law & Order Season 15 Air Dates

S15E01 - Paradigm Air Date: 22 September 2004 16:00 -

Detective Joe Fontana transfers to the 27th precinct, a stylish veteran uneasily paired with Detective Green when a former female Guardsman from the second Gulf War is found murdered -- and evidence points to the vengeful Iraqi sister of an ex-inmate at infamous Abu Ghraib prison. However, when D.A.s McCoy and Southerlyn begin to prosecute, they discover that the suspect's lawyer boldly plans to defend his client as an "enemy soldier" -- subject only to the terms of the Geneva Convention.

S15E02 - The Dead Wives Club Air Date: 22 September 2004 16:00 -

When a woman is found dead after a ferry collides with a Manhattan dock, Detectives Fontana and Green become suspicious when they learn that the victim sustained a blow to the head and was seen in the water just before the accident, and the likely suspect is the ex-wife of a firefighter who left her to marry a rich "9/11" widow. But EADA McCoy soon learns that the defendant's crafty lawyer intends to position her as a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome owing to 9/11, meaning that McCoy has to overcome extreme emotions common to every New Yorker.

S15E03 - The Brotherhood Air Date: 29 September 2004 16:00 -

When a prison gang puts out a contract on a Sing Sing corrections officer and his family, assigning the job to a newly released ex-con, the terrified officer pleads preemptive self-defense after he's brought to trial for the parolee's murder. As the trial proceeds, the gang attempts to affect the outcome of the case by sending a death threat to the presiding judge, who refuses to be intimidated. Shortly after the conclusion of the trial, McCoy discovers that the defendant's fears about the power and the reach of the gang were well-placed.

S15E04 - Coming Down Hard Air Date: 06 October 2004 16:00 -

When two college students take flying leaps to their deaths, Detectives Fontana and Green discover that both students were participants in a secret testing program on a new anti-depressant run by a large drug manufacturer that has yielded a high rate of suicides, and more attempted suicides. EADA McCoy decides to vigorously pursue the CEO of the pharmaceutical firm for second-degree murder but his case hinges on convincing the judge to admit guarded clinical trial info.

S15E05 - Gunplay Air Date: 20 October 2004 16:00 -

The NYPD gears up to find the cop-killers who murdered two officers during an illegal firearms buy-and-bust sting, putting Detectives Fontana and Green on the trail of two suspects as Green risks his life to pose as a gun buyer, to gather evidence on the gun dealers. They soon discover the killers were tipped off to the victims' identities by a website displaying photos of undercover cops. Turns out the website is financed by a vengeful defense attorney (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) whose criminal stepson was killed by the police; and now claims that he is protected by the First Amendment as McCoy and Southerlyn prepare to prosecute. McCoy is able to connect the hit men to the attorney who paid them to avenge the death of his gun-running stepson at the hands of the same detectives during a similar buy-and-bust several years earlier.

S15E06 - Cut Air Date: 27 October 2004 16:00 -

After a bestselling pulp-fiction novelist is found dead in her hotel bathroom, Detectives Fontana and Green investigate and discover that the deceased recently had a liposuction operation performed by a careless plastic surgeon (Bruce Altman). EADA McCoy decides whether or not the case should be pursued in civil, not criminal court. But when District Attorney Branch sees a recurring thread of negligence in the doctor's past, McCoy files charges and bases much of his argument on the fact that the obsessed victim's many beauty procedures required psychological counseling that her greedy surgeon never suggested.

S15E07 - Gov Love Air Date: 10 November 2004 17:00 -

In a controversial episode torn from recent headlines, Detectives Fontana and Green follow the sensational murder of the wife of Connecticut Governor Riordan (Robin Thomas), but their spadework turns up a corrupt developer (as Kaplan, Zeljko Ivanek) whose business and romantic links to Riordan cause the official to step down in shame. However, EADA McCoy is stymied when he can't get a third man (Jeremy Webb) to testify against the crooked business exec after he claims to have already married him, forcing the dogged McCoy to take the crucial gay marriage issue before the state's supreme court and Kaplan's defense attorney (Chris Sarandon).

S15E08 - Cry Wolf Air Date: 17 November 2004 17:00 -

A street thug-turned-radio personality (Jose Zuniga) who had a penchant for attracting headlines through "publicity stunt muggings" is thought to be faking again when he's shot and almost killed. However, when other bodies start to stack up, Detectives Fontana and Green now must believe the danger is for real, they begin to believe his story after they discover that the married jock was involved with a mobster's mistress.

S15E09 - All in the Family Air Date: 24 November 2004 17:00 -

After four people, including tourists, are shot dead on the same sidewalk, Detectives Fontana and Green learn that one was a philandering jeweler with criminal ties to the Russian mob who was cooperating with federal authorities, until someone close to the victim "ratted him out." In the meantime, the investigators find the hitmen, but EADA McCoy must wrestle with the federal prosecutor over jurisdiction; and both cases might hinge on the fact that the jeweler was an Orthodox Jew.

S15E10 - Enemy Air Date: 01 December 2004 17:00 -

In the bloody wake of a massacre of heroin dealers, Detectives Fontana and Green track through a list of international criminals until they target their primary suspect, a drug-dealing Afghan warlord (as Khaleel, Christopher Maher) who's aided U.S. forces in Afghanistan and claims diplomatic immunity. But EADA McCoy and ADA Southerlyn fearlessly prosecute despite State Department pressure and a defense lawyer who claims his Afghan client was forced to push drugs in order to maintain his cover, and ultimately continue to aid American military efforts.

S15E11 - Fixed Air Date: 08 December 2004 17:00 -

When a convicted child murderer (David Groh) is struck and left for dead by a motorist just weeks after his prison release, Detectives Fontana and Green are not enthused about finding out who ran him over. When the murderer dies, they look inside the prison where he served his sentence, and they find evidence that leads EADA Jack McCoy to make a startling discovery.

S15E12 - Mammon Air Date: 05 January 2005 17:00 -

Not long after a wealthy venture capitalist is found slain in his spacious home, Detectives Fontana and Green suspect the victim's feckless young wife (as Marley,Andrea Roth), as well as the handsome contractor (as Tremont, Daniel Sunjata) who installed the security system and was romantically dallying with the wannabe widow. On the legal side, DA's McCoy and Southerlyn seek to turn the cheating wife against her ex-beau, but the bad boy's many "alibi girlfriends" and a second unexpected crime severely hamstring their prosecution.

S15E13 - Ain't No Love Air Date: 12 January 2005 17:00 -

Detectives Fontana and Green move to the beat of hip-hop when a legendary rapper is shot to death and evidence points to the victim's young protege (as Shawn,Sean Nelson) who was known to be cutting his own music on bootlegged street CD's, and more clues can be found in one song's lyrics that describe a similar killing. As police tie in another previous murder, DA's McCoy and Southerlyn seek the e-mail addresses from a thuggish record label's web site that could unlock the case, even as the two prosecutors clash over admissible facts, as the investigation unfolds, Southerlyn's opinions put her sharply at odds with both McCoy and Branch, the latter of whom begins to feel that Southerlyn is not cut out to work in the DA's office.

S15E14 - Fluency Air Date: 19 January 2005 17:00 -

When nine afflicted people suddenly die, Detectives Fontana and Green discover that the victims were injected with fake flu vaccine that did not protect them, leading the police to arrest a career con man (Rob Sedgwick) who's counterfeited everything, including what should have been life-saving vaccine. But while EADA Jack McCoy is getting over the departure of ADA Southerlyn, he is joined by confident new Assistant D.A. Alexandra Borgia, who boldly promises justice to the victims' relatives that will be difficult for the prosecutor to fulfill after vital search warrant evidence is tossed out.

S15E15 - Obsession Air Date: 09 February 2005 17:00 -

After a controversial and conservative talk show host is shot to death, Detectives Fontana and Green consider a wealth of likely suspects but focus on Miranda (Paula Devicq), who would inherit his estate only upon death, as well as on Karen (Dana Eskelson), a tormented woman who claims she had an affair with the new widow. As new ADA Borgia sizes up the case, she finds disturbing evidence that Karen was stalking the widow, whose secret love life yields a treasure trove of evidence.

S15E16 - The Sixth Man Air Date: 16 February 2005 17:00 -

When a loner is found strangled to death in his rent-controlled apartment, Detectives Fontana and Green focus on both the victim's gambling habit and the building's owner who wants to convert it into a co-op, but the cops hit paydirt when they discover the dead man's nasty running feud with a spoiled pro basketball player. When the detectives find the athlete's fingerprints at the scene, prosecutors McCoy and Borgia must fight to keep the evidence from being tossed out on a technicality.

S15E17 - License to Kill Air Date: 23 February 2005 17:00 -

After a wild car chase through Manhattan's streets leaves one man dead and a teen injured, Detectives Fontana and Green connect some dots and discover that the chase began in upstate New York after a hunting party was massacred by the now deceased driver, but finding the man who chased the murderer puts prosecutors in a bind. As the reluctant hero (as Stoller, Mike Pniewski) is publicly lauded for his efforts, prosecutors McCoy and Borgia carefully make their case that his poor decisions only endangered other lives.

S15E18 - Dining Out Air Date: 02 March 2005 17:00 -

When a TV network executive is found murdered, Detectives Fontana and Green suspect twins who were stealing from the organization until they discover a celebrity chef with whom the married victim shared an affair. The nimble and charming chef is adroit at cultivating relationships with judges and juries alike, but prosecutor McCoy intends to reveal that the suspect's cooking show was about to be canceled by his late lover.

S15E19 - Sects Air Date: 30 March 2005 17:00 -

Detectives Fontana and Green are repulsed when they investigate the murder of a woman by a suicidal young man (Austin Lysy) and discover a cult which encourages adult-child sexual relations, and prosecutor Borgia is determined to nail the mesmerizing but formidable woman (Deborah Hedwall) who heads it. Aided by fellow EADA McCoy, Borgia traces a string of suicides from the surviving youths and searches for a secretive "Book of Daniel" that could wipe out the perverted sect forever.

S15E20 - Tombstone Air Date: 13 April 2005 16:00 -

Green is shot while taking a murder witness to trial, leading Fontana to team up with Salazar and uncover ties to a porn magnate.

S15E21 - Publish and Perish Air Date: 20 April 2005 16:00 -

The murders of an infamous porn actress and a maverick publisher, Devries (Randy Graff) plunge Detectives Fontana and his temporary partner Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli) into a sensational case that spirals upward to an ambitious and powerful police commissioner (Kevin Dunn) who's up for the nation's top security post. But as District Attorney Branch warns, McCoy and the police must tread lightly given the high-profile players, especially when they discover a more intimate link.

S15E22 - Sport of Kings Air Date: 04 May 2005 16:00 -

The shooting death of a Panamanian horse jockey puts Detectives Fontana and Falco on the track of a pack of colorful suspects who inhabit the competitive racing world, forcing them to nudge jockeys, trainers, and even a rich owner; to discover who would murder the rider over his desire to ride one particular horse. However, their probe reveals that the victim challenged the registry and selling details of the prized three-year-old, leading the cops and EADA McCoy to a corporate head who bought the thoroughbred with stolen funds.

S15E23 - In God We Trust Air Date: 11 May 2005 16:00 -

Detectives Fontana and Falco arrest an arsonist after a blaze killed a fireman, and discover a charred pistol that leads them to re-open a cold case murder of an African-American. Their remorseful prime suspect (Jim True-Frost) not only confesses but pleads not guilty due to his newfound faith and changed life. Even the skeptical EADA McCoy cannot ignore the "Clayton motion" filed by the defense attorney that asks for the case to be dismissed while church and public support build for the former racist who has worked hard for children's charities in the years since.

S15E24 - Locomotion Air Date: 18 May 2005 16:00 -

A commuter train is violently derailed when it strikes an SUV parked on the tracks, resulting in 12 deaths, leaving Detectives Fontana and Falco sifting through massive debris, until they lock onto a depressed construction worker who maintains he only intended to commit suicide, not homicide. EADA McCoy cannot wait to get his hands on the case but his grip gets more slippery when the accused's attorney hints at an insanity defense, and the suspect later shocks everyone in court.

Law & Order Actors

Jesse L. Martin(Detective Edward "Eddie" Green)

Linus Roache(Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter)

Alana De La Garza(Assistant D.A. Connie Rubirosa)

Anthony Anderson(Detective Kevin Bernard)

Dennis Farina(Detective Joe Fontana)

Richard Brooks(Assistant D.A. Paul Robinette)

Benjamin Bratt(Detective Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis)

Michael Imperioli(Detective Nick Falco)

Annie Parisse(Assistant D.A. Alexandra Borgia)

Carey Lowell(Assistant D.A. Jamie Ross)

Chris Noth(Detective Mike Logan)

Dann Florek(Captain Donald Cragen)

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