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Down-home humor and an endearing cast of characters helped to make The Andy Griffith Show one of the most beloved comedies in the history of television. Introduced as a spinoff from The Danny Thomas Show in 1960, The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons in prime time. Widower Andy Taylor divides his time between raising his young son, Opie, and his job as sheriff (and Justice of the Peace) of the sleepy North Carolina town, Mayberry. Andy and Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee, who serves as a surrogate mother to both father and son. Andy's nervous cousin, Barney Fife, is his deputy sheriff whose utter incompetence is tolerated because Mayberry is virtually crime-free.

Genres: Comedy
Station: CBS (US)
Rating: 8/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1960-10-03

The Andy Griffith Show Season 1 Air Dates

S01E01 - The New Housekeeper Air Date: 04 October 1960 01:30 -

Andy's housekeeper Rose is getting married – much to Opie's disappointment.Realizing he's going to need help taking care of Opie and keeping the houseclean, Andy calls upon Aunt Bee to move in. However, upon her arrival, Opie isappalled that she can't do all the things he finds fun.

S01E02 - The Manhunt Air Date: 11 October 1960 01:30 -

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Following the escape of a dangerous felon near Mayberry, theState police arrive in town and announce they'll be basing their manhunt out ofthe courthouse. After being shut out of helping out, Andy and Barney take itupon themselves to try and collar the felon themselves – much to the dismay ofthe State police captain.

S01E03 - The Guitar Player Air Date: 18 October 1960 01:30 -

After Andy arrests Jim Lindsey, a not very ambitious, buttalented guitar player on a disturbing the peace charge, he tries to convinceJim to move to a bigger city in order to audition for any band that will takehim. Jim however, is convinced that he doesn't have what it takes to become abig-named musician and immediately writes off the idea. But when a band leaderBobby Fleet and his band with a Beat comes through town on their way to aconcert in Mount Pilot, Andy plots to find a way for Jim to audition for them –right in the jail house.

S01E04 - Ellie Comes to Town Air Date: 25 October 1960 01:30 -

Andy and the new "lady druggist" Ellie Walker get off on thewrong foot when, on Ellie's first day of work, he opens the drug store when shearrives at work late so Aunt Bee can get her shopping done. It doesn't takeEllie long to become the town pariah when she refuses to let Emma Brand takeher usual dose of pills without a prescription. After realizing how things aredone in small-town Mayberry, Ellie soon has a change of heart and brings Emmaher "prescription."

S01E05 - Irresistible Andy Air Date: 01 November 1960 02:30 -

The church social is around the corner and Andy contemplatesasking Ellie to be his date after learning nobody asked her yet. However, Andy misinterpretsEllie's kindness toward Opie as what he calls a "down payment on a husband,"and as a result, tries to get her interested in some of the other bachelors intown. When Ellie finds out what Andy's up to, she furiously gives him a pieceof her mind, and as a result, Andy apologizes and they agree to go to thesocial together.

S01E06 - Runaway Kid Air Date: 08 November 1960 02:30 -

After giving Opie a lesson on why keeping promises andloyalty to friends are important, Andy has a hard time taking his words toheart after finding out that Opie's new friend ran away from home. It is onlyafter having a heart to heart with Opie's new friend that Andy is able toconvince "Tex" to return home while not disappointing his son.

S01E07 - Andy the Matchmaker Air Date: 15 November 1960 02:30 -

Tired of being mocked for having nothing to do, Barney, in afit, decides to quit his job as a deputy. Looking for a way to boost hisself-esteem so Barney can work up the nerve to ask out the local dressmaker,Andy turns to Ellie, and the pair comes up with a make believe robbery atWalker's Drug Store so Barney can solve the crime.

S01E08 - Opie's Charity Air Date: 29 November 1960 02:30 -

After Andy agrees to work with the local chairwoman of the UnderprivilegedChildren's Drive on their latest campaign, he is in for a surprise at learninghow much Opie donated at school, and as a result, gets extremely embarrassed.However, after asking Opie about why he donated so little to the drive, Andyfeels bad, because Opie shares the reason is due to help his girlfriend save upfor a coat. Meanwhile, Andy and the drive chairwoman are in for a surprise whenher supposedly deceased husband arrives back in town.

S01E09 - A Feud is a Feud Air Date: 06 December 1960 02:30 -

When the kids of two feuding mountain families come to Andy,looking to get married, he attempts to figure out how the feud got started whentheir fathers object to the marriage so he can end it before the kids can getmarried. However, through his investigation, Andy soon discovers that both Mr.Wakefield and Mr. Carter never really knew the reasons behind their familieswere feuding and ultimately convinces both men that the best way to end it iswith a duel – much to their reluctant dismay. However, after both men chickenout of the duel, they come to terms their kids are getting married by Andy.

S01E10 - Ellie for Council Air Date: 13 December 1960 02:30 -

While on a picnic with Barney and Hilda Mae, Andy and Elliebutt heads after Ellie shares the news that she contemplating running for theempty seat on the City Council. Her intention soon divides husbands and wives,in addition to the rest of the town. Through the course of their argument, Andysees the error of his reasoning and soon comes around and ultimately supportsEllie and her campaign.

S01E11 - Christmas Story Air Date: 20 December 1960 02:30 -

It's Christmas Eve, and feeling generous, Andy and Barneydecide to let their prisoners go home to spend time with their loved ones.Their own plans to spend the holiday at home however, are unable to berealized, because businessman Ben Weaver storms in, insisting that localmoonshiner Sam Muggins be arrested and serve his time, starting immediately.Thinking of a way to get around Ben's insistence, Andy deputizes a few more deputiesin the form of Aunt Bee, Opie, and Ellie to keep an eye on Sam and hisconspirators – his wife and children. Not wanting to be left out, Ben tries tofind a way to be included in the festivities.

S01E12 - Stranger In Town Air Date: 27 December 1960 02:30 -

When a stranger named Ed Sawyer gets off the bus and goesinto Floyd's barber shop to greet everyone, they all look at him with both curiosityand suspicion since it appears he knows all the residents of Mayberry and what'sgoing on around town. As the rumors start to fly, ranging from he's asupernatural being to a spy, Andy takes him aside to ask how he knows so muchabout Mayberry and soon discovers that Ed served in the Army with an oldresident of town and then subscribed to Mayberry's newspaper became soinfatuated with the place that one day he decided to make Mayberry his newhometown.

S01E13 - Mayberry Goes Hollywood Air Date: 03 January 1961 02:30 -

S01E14 - The Horse Trader Air Date: 10 January 1961 02:30 -

When the city council votes to get rid of an old, decrepitcannon that is an eyesore in the middle of the town square, Andy is put in chargein finding a buyer for it. However, it doesn't take long for him and Barney todiscover that the only offer they're going to get for the cannon is from thejunkyard owner: $15 to haul it away. Feeling discouraged, they go to the DrugStore, lamenting to Ellie over how hard it to find a buyer for it. It's at thispoint when an antique dealer comes to town and Andy comes up with a slick storyto convince the dealer to buy it for a large amount of money. However, Andysoon discovers what he did was a mistake, thanks in large part to aconversation he has with Opie.

S01E15 - Those Gossipin' Men Air Date: 17 January 1961 02:30 -

Aunt Bee and her friends set out to prove that Andy and themen of Mayberry gossip just as much they do when they start a rumor about atraveling shoe salesman being a talent scout from New York City.

S01E16 - The Beauty Contest Air Date: 24 January 1961 02:30 -

Mayberry's Founder's Day festivities are rapidlyapproaching and the town council is trying to think of a new activity to holdon the last day of the festival. When Floyd suggests holding a beauty pageant,Andy is selected to be the judge. He soon discovers what a headache the jobcomes with, and as a result, he makes an unlikely choice to be the new MissMayberry – much to the dismay of several contestants.

S01E17 - Alcohol and Old Lace Air Date: 31 January 1961 02:30 -

Two elderly sisters who moonlight as moonshinerstip Andy and Barney off as to where known moonshiners are keeping their stills,in an attempt to get rid of their competition. However, the sisters' joy aboutbeing the only providers of moonshiners in town is short lived when Opie inadvertentlytells Andy and Barney about their special "flower making machine" he saw whenhe asked to pick some flowers from their plants.

S01E18 - Andy the Marriage Counselor Air Date: 07 February 1961 02:30 -

When a new couple in town is being constantlybrought in for fighting so loud that they're given a warning for disturbing thepeace, Andy gives them an ultimatum: be nicer to one another or spend time injail. However, thanks to some insight from Aunt Bee, it doesn't take Andy longto realize that the couple's fighting is how they show affection toward oneanother.

S01E19 - Mayberry on Record Air Date: 14 February 1961 02:30 -

When a record producer arrives in town, Elliesuggests that he make a record with the residents of Mayberry and their folksongs. When he starts taking on investors, Andy fears that he's out to fleecehis friends.

S01E20 - Andy Saves Barney's Morale Air Date: 21 February 1961 02:30 -

With Andy out of town for the day on officialbusiness, Barney is filling in as the acting sheriff. Naturally, Barney lets thepower go to his head and as a result, arrests everyone in town. After Andystraightens everything out, when Barney crosses paths with everyone, they startmaking so much fun of him that he decides to resign from his job. Realizing howimportant being a deputy means to Barney, Andy tries to find a way for him toget his self-confidence back.

S01E21 - Andy and the Gentleman Crook Air Date: 28 February 1961 02:30 -

The Mayberry Jail is playing host to an infamous criminalcalled "Gentleman" Dan Caldwell. While it doesn't take long for the man to endearhimself to Barney, Aunt Bee, and Opie; Andy suspects that he only uses his goodmanners to find an easy way to escape from jail.

S01E22 - Cyrano Andy Air Date: 07 March 1961 02:30 -

Seeing how nervous Barney gets when he tries to ask ThelmaLou out on a date, Andy decides to try and play matchmaker for the pair.However, his plan backfires when Thelma Lou starts bragging about it to Barney,hoping to make him jealous. Not wanting to be out done by Andy, Barney decidesto ask Ellie out in retaliation.

S01E23 - Andy and Opie, Housekeepers Air Date: 14 March 1961 02:30 -

After lamenting about the mess Andy and Opie make of thehouse, Aunt Bee gets a call about an injured relative needing her help for afew days. While she's gone, Andy and Opie set out to prove Aunt Bee wrong, onlyrealizing they did such a good job that they fear she'll feel they don't needher around anymore. When Andy and Opie set out to make a mess of the house,their plan gets thwarted by Bee's friend, Bertha.

S01E24 - The New Doctor Air Date: 28 March 1961 02:30 -

When the new doctor arrives in town, Aunt Bee and Barney can'thelp but notice that he's an attractive, single, young man and try to warn Andythat he might set his sights on wooing Ellie. After hearing the doctor andEllie talk about the doctor's upcoming marriage to his fiancé, Barney misinterpretstheir conversation and rushes to tell Andy to propose to Ellie before it is toolate.

S01E25 - A Plaque for Mayberry Air Date: 04 April 1961 02:30 -

S01E26 - The Inspector Air Date: 11 April 1961 02:30 -

S01E27 - Ellie Saves a Female Air Date: 18 April 1961 02:30 -

S01E28 - Andy Forecloses Air Date: 25 April 1961 02:30 -

S01E29 - Quiet Sam Air Date: 02 May 1961 01:30 -

S01E30 - Barney Gets His Man Air Date: 09 May 1961 01:30 -

S01E31 - The Guitar Player Returns Air Date: 16 May 1961 01:30 -

Guitar player Jim Lindsey returns to Mayberry with muchfanfare. However, it doesn't take long after the pomp and circumstance for Andyto discover that the fame went to Jim's head after he joined Bobby Fleet'sband, and soon tries his best to get Jim back with the band leader.

S01E32 - Bringing Up Opie Air Date: 23 May 1961 01:30 -

When Opie shows up at the courthouse as Otis is sentencedfor being drunk in public, a concerned Aunt Bee follows him in, with troublingnews about how unruly Opie is acting at school. When she shares her solution ofkeeping Opie at home with Andy, it ultimately is met with a bit of resistanceby both Andy and Opie, though they reluctantly agree to go along with it.However, it doesn't take long for Aunt Bee to realize how wrong her solutionwas when Opie, suffering from boredom, wanders off without saying where hewent. It is only after he gets found in the next town does Aunt Bee change hermind in where he gets to spend his afternoons.

The Andy Griffith Show Actors

Clint Howard(Leon)

Ron Howard(Opie Taylor)

Elinor Donahue(Ellie Walker)

Parley Baer(Mayor Stoner)

Jim Nabors(Gomer Pyle)

Andy Griffith(Andy Taylor)

Olan Soule(John Masters)

Bernard Fox(Malcolm Merriweather)

Howard Morris(Ernest T. Bass)

Don Knotts(Deputy Barney Fife)

Denver Pyle(Briscoe Darling)

George Lindsey(Goober Pyle)

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