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Down-home humor and an endearing cast of characters helped to make The Andy Griffith Show one of the most beloved comedies in the history of television. Introduced as a spinoff from The Danny Thomas Show in 1960, The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons in prime time. Widower Andy Taylor divides his time between raising his young son, Opie, and his job as sheriff (and Justice of the Peace) of the sleepy North Carolina town, Mayberry. Andy and Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee, who serves as a surrogate mother to both father and son. Andy's nervous cousin, Barney Fife, is his deputy sheriff whose utter incompetence is tolerated because Mayberry is virtually crime-free.

Genres: Comedy
Station: CBS (US)
Rating: 8/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1960-10-03

The Andy Griffith Show Season 3 Air Dates

S03E01 - Mr. McBeevee Air Date: 02 October 1962 01:30 -

After befriending a telephone lineman named Mr. McBeevee, who is working in the woods outside of town, Opie has a hard time proving to Andy that he's a real person.

S03E02 - Andy's Rich Girlfriend Air Date: 09 October 1962 01:30 -

Andy has been dating the new county nurse, Peggy, for a while now. When he discovers that her father is a wealthy businessman from the state capital, he tells Barney about it. As a result, Barney tries to convince Andy to break things off with her.

S03E03 - Andy and the New Mayor Air Date: 16 October 1962 01:30 -

Mayberry's new mayor doesn't like Andy's ways of doing his job as the county sheriff. When Mayor Stoner learns of Andy's intention of letting an inmate go home for several days to harvest his crops, he threatens to write a report to the governor, letting him know of Andy's so-called incompetence – much to Barney's dismay.

S03E04 - Andy and Opie, Bachelors Air Date: 23 October 1962 01:30 -

With Aunt Bee out of town for a few days visiting family, Andy's girlfriend Peggy offers to come by and cook dinner for them. When Floyd overhears their conversation, he starts joking with Andy that she's trying to get him to propose to her.

S03E05 - The Cow Thief Air Date: 30 October 1962 02:30 -

After a series of cow thefts in town, Mayor Stoner is certain that Andy is incapable of solving the crime, and as a result, calls in the State Police. However, it doesn't take Andy long to prove the mayor wrong by catching the culprit.

S03E06 - Barney Mends a Broken Heart Air Date: 06 November 1962 02:30 -

When Peggy unexpectedly cancels her date with Andy, Barney takes it upon himself to get Andy to forget about it by making a date with the "fun girls," Daphne and Skippy.

S03E07 - Lawman Barney Air Date: 13 November 1962 02:30 -

After a pair of farmers ignore Barney's warnings to not sell their produce on the outskirts of town, Andy decides to tell them that Barney tends to get dangerous when people ignore his warnings. However, his plan doesn't go as expected when word gets to the farmers that was a lie, and as a result, they start selling again outside of town in order to see what Barney will do about it.

S03E08 - The Mayberry Band Air Date: 20 November 1962 02:30 -

Andy and the rest of the guys in the Mayberry town band are looking forward to an upcoming competition at the State Capital. Mayor Stoner however, feels it will be a waste of time and refuses to let them go. However, when Andy's old friends Freddy Fleet and his band with a beat come through town on their way to a gig Raleigh, Andy twists his arm to have several band members become wringers in the town's band in an attempt to get the mayor to change his mind.

S03E09 - Floyd the Gay Deceiver Air Date: 27 November 1962 02:30 -

S03E10 - Opie's Rival Air Date: 04 December 1962 02:30 -

Jealous of the amount of time that Andy is spending with Peggy, the County Nurse, Opie starts to go out of his way to sabotage their relationship. However, when it looks like they're about to break up for good, Opie starts to feel guilty and come clean to Andy and Peggy about what he's been doing.

S03E11 - Convicts-at-Large Air Date: 11 December 1962 02:30 -

It's Barney and Floyd's day off and the duo goes fishing. However, after having car trouble, they become hostages of three women convicts who recently broke out of prison. After subtly getting a message to Andy about their predicament, Andy gets some help to rescue Barney and Floyd and they ultimately recapture the convicts.

S03E12 - The Bed Jacket Air Date: 18 December 1962 02:30 -

Aunt Bee's birthday is around the corner and when Andy tries to get some ideas as to what she'd like. However, he doesn't get her not so subtle hints that she'd like to receive a pretty bed jacket and when Bee notices him purchasing one at a local store as a favor to the mayor, her hopes get up. At her birthday party, Andy notices how disappointed Aunt Bee is and doesn't understand why, and soon finds out when Clara comes by to see how she liked her present.

S03E13 - The Bank Job Air Date: 25 December 1962 02:30 -

After watching reading in the paper about a rash of burglaries in a neighboring county, Barney fears that the same thing will happen in Mayberry soon, because of what he says of the community's "pushover" security measures. When he puts into action to prove his point at the bank, Barney soon finds that it backfires after he gets locked in the vault.

S03E14 - One-Punch Opie Air Date: 01 January 1963 02:30 -

S03E15 - Barney and the Governor Air Date: 08 January 1963 02:30 -

After giving the Governor a parking ticket, Barney fears the worst when he hears the Governor wants to meet him – in order to shake the hand of the person who "had spunk enough" to tag his car instead of looking the other way.

S03E16 - Man in a Hurry Air Date: 15 January 1963 02:30 -

After a businessman's car breaks down outside of Mayberry, he soon sees how rushed of a life he's been living after spending the day waiting for it to be fixed with Andy and his family.

S03E17 - High Noon in Mayberry Air Date: 22 January 1963 02:30 -

An ex-convict named Luke Comstock, who Andy wounded in an armed robbery attempt at a gas station contacts him, to let Andy know he's been released from jail and would like to meet him in person. Barney however, feels that Luke is out for revenge and urges Andy to leave town for a few days. When Andy refuses, Barney decides to take matters into his own hands and deputizes Gomer and Otis to provide protection to Andy. Little do they know, Luke comes back to express his gratitude to Andy for being sent to prison.

S03E18 - The Loaded Goat Air Date: 29 January 1963 02:30 -

The county is working on building an underpass just outside of Mayberry, and as a result, large amounts of dynamite is being used on the project. When a local farmer brings his goat to town while running some errands, the farmer, Mayor Stoner, Barney, and Andy get their hands full when the goat accidentally eats some dynamite that is being stored behind the courthouse. While they're deciding how to safely get the goat out of town, a drunken Otis shows up at the courthouse and throws a wrench in their plans.

S03E19 - Class Reunion Air Date: 05 February 1963 02:30 -

Andy is letting Barney store his old trunk in his garage. When the bottom of the trunk breaks open, they start going through Barney's old belongings and come across an old yearbook from their senior year at Mayberry Union High School. As they look through it, they decide to get together with some of their old classmates to organize a class reunion. When the big night approaches, Andy and Barney wonder if their old high school sweethearts decide to show up.

S03E20 - Rafe Hollister Sings Air Date: 12 February 1963 02:30 -

Mayberry's Ladies League is holding its annual concert and they're conducting auditions before the big event. When local farmer Rafe Hollister makes a delivery to the courthouse, he hears Barney practicing and asks what's going on. After Andy tells him about the competition, Barney starts gloating how he's got the audition wrapped up because of how much he's been practicing. At this, Rafe tells them that he's got a pretty good singing voice too, and asks if anybody can audition. He then invites himself to the audition, and much to Barney and Mayor Stoner's dismay, is chosen to represent the town at the concert.

S03E21 - Opie and the Spoiled Kid Air Date: 19 February 1963 02:30 -

There's a new kid in town that Opie starts to pal around with. However, when Opie sees Arnold with a new bike and hears him gloat about his large allowance that he doesn't have to do chores to earn, he tries to persuade Andy to triple his allowance and to do away with having to do chores. However, when Opie sees how Arnold reacts after having his bike taken away for breaking the rules, he realizes what's really important in life.

S03E22 - The Great Filling Station Robbery Air Date: 26 February 1963 02:30 -

After Andy talks Gomer into hiring Jimmy Morgan, a young man with a troubled past into working at the filling station to pay off an outstanding debt, a series of thefts take place. Convinced that Jimmy is guilty of the crime, Barney enlists Gomer's help in catching Jimmy red-handed. Andy on the other hand, suspects that there's more to the story and is impressed when Jimmy is able to clear his name.

S03E23 - Andy Discovers America Air Date: 05 March 1963 02:30 -

One morning at breakfast, Opie is lamenting having to do the history homework that his new teacher, "Old Lady Crump," assigned the class. When Andy jokingly empathizes about how he didn't like doing his history homework either when he was Opie's age, Opie takes it as an excuse to not do his homework. As a result, Andy and Miss Crump get off on the wrong foot when they first meet. Realizing his mistake, Andy works on getting Opie and his friends interested in learning about how this country came to be formed.

S03E24 - Aunt Bee's Medicine Man Air Date: 12 March 1963 02:30 -

S03E25 - The Darlings Are Coming Air Date: 19 March 1963 02:30 -

A musical mountain family called the Darlings arrive in Mayberry to pick up a young soldier set to marry the patriarch's daughter. However, it doesn't take long for Charlene to set her sights on Andy and would prefer to kick "Dud" to the curb, much to Briscoe's displeasure.

S03E26 - Andy's English Valet Air Date: 26 March 1963 02:30 -

Aunt Bee is out of town and as a result, Andy and Opie are out to fend for themselves while she's away. One day while at the courthouse, Andy crosses paths with Malcom Merriweather, an English valet who is on holiday in the United States, bicycling his way across the country. When Malcom gets in a fender-bender and causes a lot of damage, Andy has him work around the house in order to pay off the debt.

S03E27 - Barney's First Car Air Date: 02 April 1963 02:30 -

Barney decides to withdraw his life savings of three hundred dollars out of the bank to buy himself a used car. However, he gets more than he bargained for when the apparently nice old woman sold him a lemon. As a result, Andy does his best to help Barney get his money back, so he could get a more reliable used car.

S03E28 - The Rivals Air Date: 09 April 1963 02:30 -

When Opie develops a crush on a classmate named Karen, he's too shy to ask her out. Seeing the bind that he's in, both Thelma Lou and Barney go about giving him advice on how to work up the courage to ask her to the movies. Barney's advice works almost too well, and as a result, Opie's affections move from Karen to Thelma Lou. As a result, Thelma Lou, Barney, and Andy work together to find a way to convince Opie to ask Karen out.

S03E29 - A Wife for Andy Air Date: 16 April 1963 02:30 -

After watching Andy help Opie clean up following a schoolyard scuffle that results in a meeting with Miss Crump, Barney decides it's time for Andy to find a wife and a new mother for Opie. He then sets out with Thelma Lou's help to arrange a date for Andy with Miss Crump. However, when Helen announces that she doesn't know how to cook, and hopes to still teach if she ever gets married, Barney announces that he made a mistake in thinking he found the perfect woman for Andy. Andy however, disagrees with him, and lets Barney know that he plans to start dating Miss Crump.

S03E30 - Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Air Date: 23 April 1963 02:30 -

Andy and Barney are expecting a visit from a state official, looking to see what kind of supplies they need for the courthouse. However, when Opie comes in, with a pack of 11 hunting dogs in tow, Barney is worried that the official will think that the Mayberry courthouse is going to the dogs. As a result, they guys have to find a place to keep the dogs until after the official leaves.

S03E31 - Mountain Wedding Air Date: 30 April 1963 01:30 -

Briscoe Darling comes back to town with a problem he hopes Andy can fix: pesky Ernest T. Bass refuses to recognize Charlene and Dud's wedding and intends to make her his bride. Andy and Barney go up to the mountains to help keep Ernest T. at bay until the minister arrives so the couple can have a church wedding.

S03E32 - The Big House Air Date: 07 May 1963 01:30 -

Andy, Barney, Gomer, and Opie hear on the radio about a 4 bank robbers on the run from the State Police. When it is announced that 2 have been captured and will be temporarily held at the jail in the Mayberry Courthouse, Barney feels the need to bring in another deputy, and feels that Gomer is the best man for the job. The extra help soon appears to come in handy when Barney accidentally lets them escape, when Gomer inadvertently helps Andy recapture them and their partners.

The Andy Griffith Show Actors

Clint Howard(Leon)

Ron Howard(Opie Taylor)

Elinor Donahue(Ellie Walker)

Parley Baer(Mayor Stoner)

Jim Nabors(Gomer Pyle)

Andy Griffith(Andy Taylor)

Olan Soule(John Masters)

Bernard Fox(Malcolm Merriweather)

Howard Morris(Ernest T. Bass)

Don Knotts(Deputy Barney Fife)

Denver Pyle(Briscoe Darling)

George Lindsey(Goober Pyle)

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