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The Fairly OddParents follows the comedic adventures of Timmy Turner , a 10-year-old boy who overcomes typical kid obstacles with the help of his wand-wielding wish-granting fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. These wishes fix problems that include everything from an aggravating babysitter to difficult homework assignments. With their eagerness to help Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda always succeed in messing things up.

Genres: Comedy | Children
Station: Nicktoons (US)
Rating: 7.5/10 from 4 users
Status: Running
Start: 2001-03-30

The Fairly OddParents Season 7 Air Dates

S07E01 - Bad Heir Day Air Date: 06 July 2009 15:00 -

Mr. Crocker gets a hold of Poof and decides to groom him to be the heir to his "fame and fortune". Meanwhile, Timmy is panicking about losing Poof and looks for him in all off the places he took him.

S07E02 - Freaks and Greeks Air Date: 06 July 2009 15:00 -

Timmy wishes to be at a "real" toga party and ends up on Mt. Olympus with real gods, but when he accidentally destroys their home, they decide to party at Timmy's house instead.

S07E03 - Mice-Capades Air Date: 08 July 2009 15:00 -

When Poof watches too much of the violent classic "cat and mouse" cartoon, "Cheesy and Sleazy", he turns Timmy and Vicky into the characters from the show, and Timmy must find a way to get back to normal.

S07E04 - Formula For Disaster Air Date: 08 July 2009 15:00 -

Poof's refusal to take his medicine and Mr. Crocker's visit to the Turner residence to complain about Timmy's bad grades leads to chaos in the Turner household when Mr. and Mrs. Turner accidentally drink Poof's formula, causing them to fall into a deep sleep. The situation gets worse when his parents sign Timmy's life away into Crocker's military school, which he now has to get out of.

S07E05 - Birthday Bashed Air Date: 09 July 2009 15:00 -

Timmy looks forward to his birthday until Jorgen reminds him that each birthday draws him a year closer to losing his fairies; however, Timmy is not worried because his parents always forget his birthday, but he then panics when they seem to remember it this year.

S07E06 - Momnipresent Air Date: 09 July 2009 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Timmy's preparations for the party of the year are interrupted by his mother, who wants to spend some quality time with him. He then sneaks away every chance he gets to get the party ready.

S07E07 - Anti-Poof Air Date: 10 July 2009 15:00 -

Since all Fairies have an Anti-Fairy counterpart, it was only a matter of time until Poof's was born. Anti-Wanda gave birth to a square-shaped Anti-Fairy baby named Foop, and from the moment he was born, Foop is already even more intelligent and evil than his father, Anti-Cosmo, and turns on the Anti-Fairies by turning Anti-Fairy World into a colorful place. Soon after, Foop learns about the lack of fanfare surrounding his birth, and learns that his Fairy counterpart, Poof, was already born before him, stealing the title of first magic baby born in thousands of years. Foop now sets his sights on getting rid of Poof so that he will get all of the attention. Unfortunately for him and the rest of Anti-Fairy World, Timmy and his fairies have more than one trick up their sleeves.

S07E08 - Squirrely Puffs Air Date: 11 August 2009 15:00 -

It's a race between the Squirrel Scouts and the Cream Puffs to the top of Mount Doom. Timmy and his Dad's team must survive this harrowing challenge, or Mom, Tootie, and the girls will make them turn tail.

S07E09 - Add a Dad Air Date: 11 August 2009 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mr. Turner is very busy working; so busy, in fact, that whenever he and Timmy are doing something fun, Mr. Turner will be called off, abandoning his son. To fix this, Timmy finds a solution, to wish up many Dads, so that every time one of them has to leave he will have a replacement. However, when the Dads keep leaving, soon there are too many Dads that all want Timmy for themselves, leaving Timmy to have to remove them.

S07E10 - Fly Boy Air Date: 14 August 2009 15:00 -

Timmy and Poof want to watch a horror movie, but are forbidden by their parents to watch the movie. They soon get magically transformed into fly size, and a fly's head gets stuck on Timmy's body.

S07E11 - Temporary Fairy Air Date: 14 August 2009 15:00 -

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Cosmo and Wanda are too busy taking care of Poof to tend to an overly adventurous Timmy, so he wishes up a "temporary fairy". Timmy's temporary fairy--Jorgen--is more than happy to fulfill Timmy's wishes, especially the more dangerous ones.

S07E12 - Crocker Shocker Air Date: 28 September 2009 15:00 -

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Mr. Crocker is hypnotized into no longer believing in fairies. Unfortunately, it turns out his belief powered Fairy World's magic. Timmy and his godparents must now find a way to make Crocker believe again, or else Fairy World will lose magic and plummet out of the sky.

S07E13 - Super Zero Air Date: 28 September 2009 15:00 -

When Cosmo is expelled from the house because of being an annoyance to everyone, and he suddenly turns into a superhero after he is seen flying and saving Poof by the citizens of Dimmsdale.

S07E14 - Dadracadabra Air Date: 02 October 2009 15:00 -

Mr. Crocker suspects that Mr Turner is a fairy when Timmy and his fairies help him with his magic act, but they prove him wrong.

S07E15 - Timmy Turnip Air Date: 02 October 2009 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Timmy meets his grandparents, Grandpa Vlad and Grandma Gladys, who host a long and disgusting Yak-filled holiday at his house called "Yaksgiving". After a week of torment, Timmy foolishly wishes they never came to America--but then he finds himself back in Ustinkistan, his grandparents' native country, with no money or useful magic (every time he makes a wish, he receives turnips instead) to get back home.

S07E16 - One Man Banned Air Date: 16 October 2009 15:00 -

After Timmy is rejected from the school band, he wishes everyone would love his music. However, when Timmy gets his first taste of acclaim, Wanda has to stop him before he becomes completely fame-crazed.

S07E17 - Frenemy Mine Air Date: 16 October 2009 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

After Timmy saves Vicky's life after her attempt to torment him backfires, she is shunned by her fellow evil babysitters, and loses all of her friends. After Timmy suggests to her that she try being friendly, Vicky begins to smother Timmy with friendliness, and he must find a way to change her back to her mean self, since she will not let anyone else near him.

S07E18 - Double Oh Schnozmo Air Date: 05 April 2010 15:00 -

Cosmo's brother, Schnozmo, comes to visit, claiming to be a secret agent. When he turns out to be nothing but a wallet-stealing, dining and dashing con man, Cosmo is heartbroken. To restore Cosmo's faith in his brother, Wanda and Timmy force Schnozmo to take part in a fake mission.

S07E19 - Planet Poof Air Date: 05 April 2010 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Poof wants to play spaceship, but since everyone is busy, he goes off in search of a play partner. However, he winds up in Yugopotamia where the unappreciated and overworked Queen Jipjorrulac uses his cuteness to scare her family and subjects into catering to her every whim.

S07E20 - The Boss Of Me Air Date: 07 April 2010 15:00 -

When Timmy visits his dad's office, he wishes a pencil that will last forever so that his father will get in better standings with his mean boss, Mr. Ed Leadly. Later, however, when Mr. Leadly finds out that Timmy was the one who came up with the everlasting pencil, he makes Timmy the new boss and his first task is to fire his dad.

S07E21 - He Poofs, He Scores Air Date: 07 April 2010 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Timmy's soccer team, the Dimmsdale Victims, cannot beat Dinkleberg's team, The Dinkle Ducks, because Timmy is benched after one game. While eating his breakfast, however, Timmy accidentally swallows Poof, who enters Timmy's brain and uses magic to enhance Timmy's skills, turning him into an all-star soccer player. Now, Timmy must find a way to keep Cosmo and Wanda from finding Poof so that he can win the championship against Dinkleberg's team, or else they will take his magical powers away because Da Rules forbid cheating.

S07E22 - Play Date of Doom Air Date: 08 April 2010 15:00 -

Foop escapes from Abracatraz and, using a recording of Jorgen's voice, tricks Wanda into thinking that Jorgen has rehabilitated Foop and that the Anti-Fairy baby is ready for a play date with Poof. While Foop seems to have good intentions at first, as soon as Cosmo and Wanda turn their backs on him, Foop terrorizes Poof, and then cries and blames Poof when his parents return and threaten to throw his stars in his Good Boy chart in the trash. Timmy is the only one who can warn Cosmo and Wanda of Foop's true intentions, but his parents continue to pull Timmy away before he can speak; and if Poof keeps committing a crime and getting himself into trouble with the law, then he will be arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison--in Foop's inter-dimensional play pen of doom, anyway.

S07E23 - Teacher's Pet Air Date: 08 April 2010 15:00 -

Tired of A.J. being a suck-up to Mr. Crocker and getting good grades for it, Timmy wishes that he was the teacher's pet, but Poof turns him into Mr. Crocker's guinea pig. The problem worsens because Mr. Crocker is going to use guinea pig Timmy for his experiment, which is a genetic hybrid of different animals that create the ultimate Fairy-catching monster.

S07E24 - Chicken Poofs Air Date: 09 April 2010 15:00 -

Poof becomes sick with Chicken Poofs, an infectious fairy disease that turns him into a chicken and turns other people into chickens when he sneezes on them. Although Dr. Rip Studwell has the cure, Poof, afraid of the needle, runs away. Timmy and Cosmo must catch him and cure his illness before the whole of Dimmsdale is turned into chickens. Meanwhile, Dr. Rip Studwell and Wanda search a Fairy World temple for more medicine since all of it has been accidentally dropped.

S07E25 - Stupid Cupid Air Date: 09 April 2010 15:00 -

After being rejected yet again by Trixie, Timmy seeks help from Cupid, only to find he is unavailable as he is on vacation. Therefore, Timmy takes Cupid's bows and arrows and entrusts Cosmo into the temporary role of Cupid so he can make Trixie fall in love with him. Unfortunately, Cosmo messes everything up again by missing his shots and hitting the wrong targets, and soon Cosmo and Wanda, Mr. Turner and a dead rosebush, Mrs. Turner and Mr. Crocker are head over heels in love for each other. When Trixie is finally hit with the arrows and falls in love with Timmy, he realizes now has to save his mother before she becomes the new Mrs. Crocker.

S07E26 - Manic Mom Day Air Date: 18 September 2010 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Wanda swaps Timmy and his mother's brains for a day to make him realize a mother's life is not as easy as he thinks.

S07E27 - Crocker of Gold Air Date: 18 September 2010 15:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

After a near-death experience, Mr. Crocker decides to forget about fairies and starts to hunt Leprechauns, but when a leprechaun disguised Cosmo gives him the pot of gold from the McRough leprechaun clan, Wanda and Poof are taken hostage and Timmy and Cosmo must get it back.

The Fairly OddParents Actors

Tara Strong(Timmy Turner)

Daran Norris(Mr. Turner a.k.a. Dad)

Susan Blakeslee(Wanda)

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